Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blood Singer #1: Blood Song (2010)

Blood Song

Celia was a hired bodyguard, she protected important people from artists to royalties. her latest job was to guard a prince from terrorists. as difficult as the job was, the supernatural seemed to want the prince dead as well. when she was betrayed by her hirer, things got out of hand. comrades were dead and Celia was bit. since the transformation wasn't complete, Celia had not became a vampire, but an Abomination, neither human nor vampire. with her existence a threat, both human and supernatural wanted her dead. but with the help of some loyal friends, she ran from her creators while trying to find out more about the supernatural world.

Cat Adams were formed by 2 authors - C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp, writing as one. the book started out being quite complicated with plenty of technicality on weapons and description on structures. but as the story progressed and the action began, it was so captivating that i found myself being absorbed into the story and easily finished the book in that sitting. Celia was a tough chick, the type that one wouldn't really fall for in real life, nor was she particularly attractive as she stood among the guys, demanding equality. however, after she was transformed where she became weaker and more vulnerable, she also became much relatable and instantly lovable. i was completed hooked at this point and complete adored her.

author: Cat Adams
published: 2010
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Blood Singer series:
- Blood Song (2010)
- Siren Song (2010)
- Demon Song (2011)
- The Isis Collar (2012)
- The Eldritch Conspiracy (2013)
- To Dance With the Devil (2013)

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