Friday, July 05, 2013

Blood Singer #3: Demon Song (2011)

Demon Song

while Celia continued to cope with her urge to feed on human and avoid get turned into a full vampire, she was again confronted by the demon that continue to hold dangerous amount of interest in her. she purposefully arranged a weekend spa for Dawna, Emma and herself, just for a little stress released session, only to find trouble following her everywhere. the curse that was laid on her during childhood continued to follow her, opening up an ancient rift between the demonic dimension and earth that was sealed during the destruction of Atlantis. before all demons were released to threaten humanity, Celia had to fight alongside people with demonic experience, not everyone she could trust, to close the rift.

third book into the series continued to be absolutely entertaining and fast read. the pace reduced whenever lacking action, where one just had to held on slightly longer before any action erupted to swap one of their feet. romance wise, instead of focusing on either one of the male candidates, named Bruno and John, nor on the rivalry between the guys, it was refreshing to see a healthy competition going on, even more surprising to see how well they worked together willingly even outside crisis. as always, Celia was a tough chick, but often transformed into such a jelly when it came to the guys. she was uncharacteristically adorable at some point it was difficult not to love her for who she is.

author: Cat Adams
published: 2011
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Blood Singer series:
- Blood Song (2010)
- Siren Song (2010)
- Demon Song (2011)
- The Isis Collar (2012)
- The Eldritch Conspiracy (2013)
- To Dance With the Devil (2013)

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