Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Blood Singer #2: Siren Song (2010)

Siren Song

being an abomination that was neither human, vampire, nor siren had been new and difficult for Celia. but before she was able to adjust to her new lifestyle, she was summoned to the siren kingdom, a place she never knew existed until she reached the enchanting place herself. according to Queen Lopaka, she was a princess, a direct descendant of hers. with the knowledge of a new clairvoyant friend of hers, one of the sirens she met was a traitor that held the threat of destroying the already small population of sirens. being caught in the middle of the crisis, Celia was forced to take action as the enemy targeted her when the demon whom the traitor summoned took great interest in her.

second book into the series continued exactly where book 1 left off, where Celia had to deal with courts in the human world as well as the siren's. with her strength and determination, she got through one after another of these challenges until she reached the one that involved life and death. again, the story was so engaging that i could almost finished it in one sitting until the very last confrontation that seemed to drag on slightly. at this point, it was difficult to see who were truly her friends, or in disguise, targeting some benefits for themselves. both the first and second book were equally entertaining, where book 2 stood out furthermore by skipping its technicality.

author: Cat Adams
published: 2010
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Blood Singer series:
- Blood Song (2010)
- Siren Song (2010)
- Demon Song (2011)
- The Isis Collar (2012)
- The Eldritch Conspiracy (2013)
- To Dance With the Devil (2013)

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