Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Unbound #1: Blood Bound (2011)

Blood Bound

Liv was a blood-tracker. her ex-boyfriend, Cam was a name-tracker. being top in their categories, they had to ability to track down a person through their blood and name. the community was divided into 2 sides: one that operated under Jake Tower, another under Ruben Cavazo. while Cam was recruited by Tower, Liv was secretly recruited by Cavazo. one day, an old friend appeared in Liv's office, requesting for her to find her husband's killer while working together with Cam. the longer they were in the investigation together, they more they uncover about the organizations as well as about each other after spending 6 years apart.

first book into the series was quite a difficult read. there were moments i like the complicated romance between Liv and Cam, other times i found myself bored with the technicality of their organizations. despite the interesting abilities they had and the intense investigations they held, most of the pages were about their internal struggles. with Liv running out on Cam 6-years ago, Cam tracked down Liv for an explanation, which turned out that Elle, Liv's friend had a premonition that the couple would ended up killing each other in the future. the lameness of it was enough to make my jaw dropped.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Unbound series:
- Blood Bound (2011)
- Shadow Bound (2012)
- Oath Bound (2013)

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