Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unbound #3: Oath Bound (2013)

Oath Bound

after Jake died, his sister Julia took over the Tower syndicate. however, the will stated that all power went to Jake's eldest heir. Lynn was Jake's wife, their children were supposed to own the syndicate but they were both too young. hidden from even Jake's knowledge was Sera, his secret daughter hidden by her protective mother. unknown to Julia and Lynn, Sera was both a Jammer and a Blocker. seeking revenge brought her into the hands of Kris, a Traveller like his sister Kori, and Binder Kenley. together with Blinder Ian, Reader Anne, Seer Hadley, Tracker Liv and Cam, the mini group of mafia aimed to completely take down the Tower syndicate, as impossible as it may sound.

final book into the series turned out to be a blast and definitely the best among the three. Sera was raised in the outskirt, away from all syndicates, making her somewhat naive towards the dark lives of those involved. things got slightly complicated when she fell for her kidnapper, Kris. when things got sorted out and she realized she was in good hands, everything got even more interesting and intense, both action and romance wise. it was fun seeing the Daniels siblings bantered and depended on each other as much as their lives depended on it. humor was least expected but very much present throughout the book, making it an awesome experience to have.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Unbound series:
- Blood Bound (2011)
- Shadow Bound (2012)
- Oath Bound (2013)

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