Monday, September 09, 2013

Unbound #2: Shadow Bound (2012)

Shadow Bound

Kori was a Traveller, a shadow walker that travel instantly from one shadow to another. she was confined in the darkroom for 6 weeks after betraying her boss, leader of the Tower syndicate. after being released, Tower assigned her one final job, a chance for her to redeem herself and secure a future for her sister, Kenley. her mission was to recruit Ian, a powerful Blinder, who could create darkness out of nothing. Ian had no intention of joining any syndicate, he feigned interest for a chance to kill Kenley, a powerful Binder who was hidden by Tower for binding his contracts. once the Binder died, all contracts would be void. little was Ian prepared to fall for Kori.

while the first book - Blood Bound (2011) focused on Liv and Cam, who were blood and name Trackers, this installment focused on Kori and Ian, who were Traveller and Blinder. it was surprisingly intense to see from another person's perspective, whom originally was the enemy now became the victim. impressively, the way both books were written, it was absolutely impossible to not root for both of the main characters at all times. yet seeing the good guys becoming the bad guys in another person's perspective was proven to be emotionally complicated yet oddly satisfying.

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Unbound series:
- Blood Bound (2011)
- Shadow Bound (2012)
- Oath Bound (2013)

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