Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tag: Incremented Questions

was tagged by -akira- to answer his new self-created tag. the answers incremented by 1 for each of the question asked. an intense challenge !! but i ain't gonna back down.

  • 1 name?
    (1) levian

  • 2 nicknames?
    (1) levian
    (2) ady

  • 3 books you often read?
    (1) vampires/psychopath novels - the intense dark side triggers my curiosity.
    (2) self discoveries series - there are always more powerful skills to develop.
    (3) animals related encyclopedias - the fluffy thingies i can't resist to cuddle.

  • 4 things gained from blogging?
    (1) buddies - heart to heart friendships are the treasures of all time.
    (2) discoveries - am always curious with what i don't already know.
    (3) supports - emotional support is what i hungered the most.
    (4) appreciation - putting emotions into words clear out misty thoughts.

  • 5 favorite food?
    (1) japanese - can't say no to Unagi.
    (2) laksa sarawak - love flipping the town upside down in search of the best.
    (3) pork - roasted or stemmed, they still triggered taste buds.
    (4) western - more Cheese please.
    (5) instant noodles - quickest solution, as long as it is Spicy.

  • 6 favorite songs?
    (1) japanese
    (2) Jay (周杰伦)
    (3) Avril Lavigne
    (4) W-inds
    (5) Yui
    (6) anime's soundtracks

  • 7 places that you wish to go?
    (1) japan - where all perfections n fantasies blossom.
    (2) space - gundam is having its effect on me.
    (3) africa - for its wildlife experience.
    (4) egypt - for the mysterious mummies n pyramids.
    (5) america - to check out its advance cities.
    (6) a place where vampire exists.
    (7) a place where fantasies n imaginations has no boundaries.

  • 8 all-time favorite movies, dramas, or animes?
    (1) interview with the vampire - a dark story charmingly told.
    (2) Hannibal - unbeatable brilliant mind.
    (3) moulin rouge - the musical emotional adventure.
    (4) bleach, gundam - can never get enough of their actions.
    (5) simpsons - the playing of words.
    (6) house - another brilliant mind.
    (7) buffy, charmed - old time favorites.
    (8) powerpuff girls - sugar, spice, n everything nice.

  • 9 items that you wish to obtain?
    (1) happiness - wish to Own it so desperately.
    (2) mind - a brilliant mind is never too much to ask for.
    (3) heart - not physically, but the 2ways exchange of thoughts that really cares.
    (4) freedom - stop controlling my life.
    (5) balance - to find the center point of myself.
    (6) a car - just to get me around town.
    (7) anime? - but i usually only watch them once.
    (8) Kokonoe Rin - my missed out love.
    (9) vampires/psychopaths novels - collections n the contentment of new ideas.

  • 10 friends to pass this tag to?
    (1) rollakid
    (2) .. 10 people, seriously ?? not many enjoy tags .. n not many reply either .. *troubled* do You wanna play ??


  1. Glad to see you did the tag as well! Hehe... Well, I might create another interesting tag again...

    The rate of knowing you is increasing... Hehe...

  2. Avril Lavigne is one of the artist on the top of my list ^ ^ She rocks indeed! ^ ^ The Best Damn Thing ^ ^

    Well, tagging thingys is fun, esp when you get it from those you really like =) some questions enable us to know more about the one we pass our tag too, but too bad, I hate it when I got tagged, and not able to do it.

  3. Boy i was worrying about what to blog since I don't have much time to process my pictures from the other night...


  4. neither I. Coz lazy to play tag. XD

    but, the best things is what akira say. ^^

  5. Neither you what?

    So what did akira say that is best??
    You mean to say the rate of knowing levian is increasing is the best? Or is the creation of the tags the best things for you? Or the fact that levian did the tags is best?

    I dun tag because it feels like questions from some beauty contest. Might know about a person, but i guess you won't get to really KNOW the person from it.

  6. akira: except for the last question. :p i can't wait for till you create another one !!

    barbie: do you mean it feels like a drag ?? many seemed to share that same thought. i agree when you mentioned "especially when you get it from those you really like". it makes a whole lot difference indeed. ;)

    rollakid: n i won't be seeing you until your trip is over. お楽しいみに!

    jchan: i'm confused as well, what did akira said ?? "glad i did the tag" ??

    marcus: knowing a person took much effort. unfortunately, not many Care to have the effort. recently, i noticed that the similar frequency or channel thingy, really matters !! there are just some people .. you can't talk sense into them. not because you're not trying, it because they'll eventually ended up interpreting it another way round. n dang, its frustrating.

  7. Haha, I still can find lotsa "Vampire" sense inside the answers... Arr, your favorite!!!

  8. akira: wonder how long will i continue to believe in them. they are seriously, so Hot !! =3

  9. Haha, your next life, hmm, maybe can consider to be a vampire also... How about that? Hehe...

  10. akira: next life, herm .. but vampires aren't suppose to have many life once they transformed into the dark creatures. they live Forever, Immortal !! =3

  11. Woohoo, immortal ya? Sure will have Vampire Slayers, then you will have to run for your life... XD

  12. akira: i'll slay them all !! supposedly the older the vampires are, the stronger their power is. =3

  13. Woohoo, how cool!!! Let me be the director for the movie ya!!!

  14. akira: sure !! but somehow, i still believe they exist. *thinking thoughtfully*

  15. Hmm, maybe you can go to Romania for the searching? Is it Romania the 1st place to have vampire?

  16. akira: i believe they exist in older cities, especially in the europe. mysterious. ;)