Saturday, September 01, 2012

E.L. Pender #1: The Girls He Adored (2001)

The Girls He Adored

FBI agent Pender had been investigating the random disappearances of women across the country. among the women, their only common characteristic was their strawberry blond hair. Max was an intelligent killer who suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder. he staged a jailbreak and kidnapped Irene, his court-appointed psychiatrist. she was kept in a secluded shelter away from civilization. she analyzed Max's various personalities, some viewed her as his prisoner, and others his salvation. she knew enough to survive by playing along with his game of perversion. but soon, under all the layers she discovered a shattered background of a young boy.

Max was actually a very appealing character. mass amount of time was spent on building his character, especially the abusive childhood that played a huge role in shaping him into the monster that he eventually became. at some point, i felt sorry for him for losing so much innocence at such a young age. the storyline original and engaging, being fast paced made it an absolutely exciting read. its creepiness and goriness was a delicious treat to the mind. it was one thriller that kept things tense throughout the book, with no promising ending as the story slowly formed, but eventually everything came together, giving a satisfying end.

author: Jonathan Nasaw
published: 2001
genre: Mystery/Thriller

E.L. Pender series:
- The Girls He Adored (2001)
- Fear Itself (2003)
- Twenty Seven Bones (2004)
- When She Was Bad (2007)
- The Boys from Santa Cruz (2010)

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  1. I'd say Max was more sympathetic than appealing. Probably just a matter of degree.