Monday, September 17, 2012

E.L. Pender #5: The Boys from Santa Cruz (2010)

The Boys from Santa Cruz

after his dad shot himself to refuse being taken into custody and his stepmom committed suicide after burning their trailer down, Luke was left orphaned and homeless. the court sent him off to a juvenile program. but after several members of the group turned up dead, Luke became their number one suspect again. former agent Pender was assigned on the case, insisting on tracking the kid down before anyone else got hurt. but soon, he came across more clues about another psycho killer, who turned the case into a much more dangerous situation than it originally was.

Pender often reminded me of some giant bear in colorful clothes and checkered hat. the story took a decade to tell the story of Luke, where he was a 15-year-old teenager who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time for more than once, which landed him in a mental hospital that took things into their own hands and neutralize their psychopathic patients by adding chemicals into their daily dose. by the time he regained a clear mind, it was 10 years later. Pender was brought back into the old and unsolved case of Luke, which again, was led by his gut intuition. it was difficult not to be amused or entertained by Pender, a huge man with such humor and characteristic who always manage to catch the bad guy.

author: Jonathan Nasaw
published: 2010
genre: Mystery/Thriller

E.L. Pender series:
- The Girls He Adored (2001)
- Fear Itself (2003)
- Twenty Seven Bones (2004)
- When She Was Bad (2007)
- The Boys from Santa Cruz (2010)

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  1. So the psycho killer...actually followed the boy...killed people and made it look like he was the one doing it?