Thursday, September 13, 2012

E.L. Pender #4: When She Was Bad (2007)

When She Was Bad

Lyssy and Lily were both diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. Lyssy was sent to the mental institution where Dr. Al took a whole new approach of electrocution to subside the multiple personality in his patients. a few years had passed since Lyssy's other personality surfaced, Dr. Al was eager to announce his successful approach. but at the same time, Lily was sent into the institution by psychiatrist Irene and FBI agent Pender. Irene was Lyssy's last victim in The Girls He Adored (2001), which caused her to be terrified of Lyssy. Dr. Al introduced the duo to meet, creating a new friendship; but it was a deadlier move than a simple romance that they expect, at the cost of their lives.

When She Was Bad (2007) was like a twisted tale of romance. the story only started after they got together, with so many alternate personalities overlapping in one another, one could only imagine the fun it brought while the duo escape the institution, escaping the adults by of course, killing everyone in the house, and went on a murderous rampage across the country. Pender had to hunt down the duo, with the help of Irene. it was impossible to not get absorbed into the book. the intensity and adrenaline were absolutely delicious! due to its unique plot, When She Was Bad (2007) was by far the most fast read in the Pender series (2001-2010) and equally entertaining.

author: Jonathan Nasaw
published: 2007
genre: Mystery/Thriller

E.L. Pender series:
- The Girls He Adored (2001)
- Fear Itself (2003)
- Twenty Seven Bones (2004)
- When She Was Bad (2007)
- The Boys from Santa Cruz (2010)

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