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E.L. Pender #3: Twenty Seven Bones (2004)

Twenty Seven Bones

being retired doesn't stop FBI former agent Pender to stop jumping at the chance to help solve a gruesome series of murders. it was no ordinary murder, because the victims' right hand were missing. the local police tried to keep the existence of the serial killer under the radar, with the hope of solving the crime before the media came in. Pender was convinced that the killer was Apgard, the husband of the last victim, however he had yet seen the connection between Apgard and his neighbor. the Epps were a husband-and-wife team of archaeologists, often followed closely behind was Bennie, their Indonesian assistant. they believed that if they breathed in their victim's last breath, their life could be extended.

Twenty Seven Bones (2004) were absolutely fast paced, with the involvement of plenty characters from the neighborhood, which at first was confusing but soon became so intense and disturbing as it was so difficult to identify the killer when it could be anyone from the neighborhood. the tension continued to build itself towards the dramatic end, and the unexpected twists of events kept the tale exciting and alive until the very end. Apgard managed to turn from a nobody to a distasteful character in a short amount of time. he was the rich brat who often get what he wanted and later tried to get rid of what gave him the disadvantage.

author: Jonathan Nasaw
published: 2004
genre: Mystery/Thriller

E.L. Pender series:
- The Girls He Adored (2001)
- Fear Itself (2003)
- Twenty Seven Bones (2004)
- When She Was Bad (2007)
- The Boys from Santa Cruz (2010)

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