Sunday, July 15, 2007

Natural Gas

something caught my attention while i was riding the taxis in KL. instead of pumping petrol into the petrol tank, the taxi driver pump some stuff into his car hood. each time he pumped, he paid RM 3 to 5. as explained by devil, it is gas that they are pumping.

a research on the abbreviation, n i found out that "NGV" stands for "Natural Gas For Vehicles". Petronas had been promoting the use of natural gas as a cleaner fuel for transportations. NGV is an environmentally friendly fuel and has been proven to be lighter than air. this new discovery is kinda cool. environmental friendly too. *cheer on*


  1. haha.. for taxi only...
    wat i worry is when langgar will letup...

  2. oo will it ??
    im so noob .. hehe ..

  3. wow... cool... i nvr knew gok such thing? Through the NGV, the car can operate oredi ar?

  4. yup .. but it require consistent pumping .. it doesn't last as long as the petrol .. probably because the amount pumped wasn't that big ..

    n it wasn't as powerful as petrol either .. because the driver started pumping petrol when we were going up Genting ..