Sunday, October 28, 2007



have gotta put this up !! what a view~ :D

The Weight of "Trust".

not sure about your perspective, but i pretty much dislike the feeling of disappointment. it felt like a minor betrayal. though minor, still betrayal nonetheless .. i guess the core lies in waiting. the anxiousness grew, mirroring the period of time spent. when the bad news finally shows itself, it became almost unacceptable. emotions start tumbling down the hill .. devastated ..

had been persuading myself not to think that the world evolved around me. yet at times, i get fed up with flowery words - so beautiful yet most hurtful of all. n worst, it manage to corrode the trust little by little, ruining it unnoticeably. trust - that ain't easy to build even from the beginning. could it be any easier to regain a Lost one ??

i grew in a family that doesn't hold strongly to promises, nor trust. it is just some words to make us study. the mentioned rewards never exist other than verbally. it took me quite a few rebellious years to learn the cruel fact. reaching college, finally awaken, i realized that the accumulated rewards will never fall into my possession. from then, i stopped trusting, stop hoping. i learn to earn my own share of money instead, to get me what i want. it makes me a rather materialistic girl, but at least it is finally Real .. things start to exist because of my hard work ..

a positive view of this training or experience, whatever it may be called, is that it makes me independent, makes me stop hoping, but to reach out for "the impossible" myself. maybe that's the exact reason i find it hard to trust, doubting others for motives n hidden intentions .. to an extend that some find it absurd for me to take a whole year to trust one single person ..

or .. maybe it is just the movies having their effects on me, creating a dramatical me .. *shrugs*



to -Cometh- (n those who prefer dogs over cats .. :p), i hope you like Husky - one of the very few species of dogs that i love. falls hopelessly for its striking blue eyes especially .. ;)


a soothing night that makes it seems like eons we hadn't been as close. a night that reaches deep into my heart n caressed it affectionately. the world swirled around me in rainbow colors, little fairies gaily dressed in ribbons n laces, dancing playfully on the clouds. i closed my eyes, enjoying the melody of their cheerful giggles ..

a spell was silently casted on me. i was shielded n lost all the pressure accumulated from school. how hard it is for me to throwout the heavy burden in my mind, let it be one day or one minute. back on the ground, wherever i turn, it will be squatting at one of the corners, smirking at me without compassion.

though the dark alley isn't casted with warm lights, i believe god will see me through, guiding me along the dark uneven path. believing in his purpose of giving me the package, which has both good n bad, to hold on to ..

Shanghai Kiss (2007)

Shanghai Kiss

despite looking like Chinese, the 2 Chinese actor/actress (Ken n Kelly) are actually American actors. he spent most of his time picking up girls at bars. however, he does share an innocent relationship with 16-year-old girl. n she often comes off far more mature than he. upon receiving a notice that he has inherited his grandmother's house in Shanghai, he flew over n met a beautiful girl. it is difficult to exist comfortably between two cultures, n two women. before long he discovered where his future lies n who he will be sharing his future with. Ken started out in this movie, as a very annoying man. picking up girls, making lame jokes (that i can't find myself laughing along), he is nothing more than a typical jerk that has no respect for women. i kinda dragged myself to the end of the movie. but anyway, one thing is for sure - the movie has some pretty cool musics~

Saturday, October 27, 2007



a cute little fellow that i just happen to see on flickr. ain't possible to stop loving 'em .. :D

Racing Stripes (2005)

Racing Stripes

a baby zebra was accidentally left behind by a traveling circus. it was found by a horse trainer n his daughter named it Stripes. Stripes grew up believing that he is a racehorse. with the farm animals' help, he succeed in achieving his racing dream. this is a cute movie, often compared to the similar framework movie - Babe, where the animals talk to each other. not exactly an excellent movie, pretty much predictable. but it is definitely a light-hearted n comfortable movie .. despite using human voice for the animals, they actually did apply some real animal noises, which is very cool !! makes the film much more believing n enjoyable. animals with human voices are not exactly to my liking. i do prefer animals staying n behaving like animals. that's what makes them so cute !! watching the expressions of the animals are the best enjoyment of this film ..

Friday, October 26, 2007


last night in one of the cafe, a get-together was organized. few of our high school buddies was gathered just to catch up with each other.

watching n listening to them, i suddenly realize how people change overtime. since the last gathering, many had formed new concepts, new ways of living. one disagreed with another. loads of perceptions n opinions. at a certain point of the conversation, things almost got aggressively out of hand.

most of us still look like high schoolers, yet it has been quite a few years since then. some are working, some continued with higher education, some got married, some even have kids to care for. we struggle along the way, with what seemed right, intended to be good adults, yet not having any clue the exact definition of good.

like many our age, there are still loads we have yet to discover ..

Yellow (2006)


a Puerto Rican dancer in search of her dream. after her father's death, she left for New York. while struggling to find a dancing carrier, she got sidetracked n ended up working in a stripper club. an incident awaken her, reminded her of her original intention of coming to New York. she then continue striving for her dream, finally in the correct path, achieving success. not the most flashy film one would notice. yet it reaches deep into my soul. people that we meet in life that doesn't seem to matter, people that touch our hearts n change us, people that make us realized what is important in life. young n wild, we tend to search for a place to call our own, a place to belong. never did we realized we are never alone, we belonged to our family ..

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


despite being hurt from a cat fight last week, i'm more than happy that he has returned to his original self .. as mischievous as ever !! :D

A Melody Looking 缘邀知音 (2006)

A Melody Looking

this is Leon's first movie attempt. somehow, i don't quite understand it. is this even a movie ?? *puzzled* though it is said to be a Musical, but somehow (or at least in my imagination or from my past experience) Musical are suppose to be much more interesting n entertaining ?? maybe something like Disney's High School Musical ?? you won't find any sparkle or magic in this movie. the plot is scattered n the actings are not believing. it lacks of purpose. i dragged myself through it, doing other stuff while watching the movie simultaneously. i won't recommend the movie .. only watch it if you are a fan of Janice or Jill.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Efforts Overthrown.

i was recently challenged with the topic: "should cat eat leftover bones?".

another typical topic. ah well .. it is not the first time i was confronted with the exact same topic. it just gets pretty fed up trying to convince others, which i stop doing eventually. the truth will reveal itself (especially when incidents happen) ..

2 years back, just for the sake of my cat, aiming at giving him the very best of everything, i had researched much on basically anything - life, food, environment, behavior, you-name-it.

for these cumulative efforts, i firmly say that "these are the facts that i based on to raise n care for my cat". don't believe it if you must, but don't Judge me n fought me just because what i said is different than what you Think is right. did you put in as much effort with your judgment as i did with mine ?? did you spent as much time researching what you just threw at me ?? didn't you yourself showered my cat with praises when you are holding him ??

so you see, it is not the topic that triggers me, it is my efforts versus yours. regardless of my efforts, i was overthrown with your single Common Sense statement - "cat eats fish". my knowledge or research are not being respected just because it conflicted with your typical common sense thingy, it angers me unavoidably. yet contradictorily, you like what you see when you are holding my cat. how can anyone not be angry when their efforts are threw out the window n being laugh at in the review-mirror ?? *grunts*

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

The Bourne Ultimatum

this is the last of the Bourne Trilogy. the previous 2 are the thrilling set, the third served as the final installment. he has been running for the past 2 films, this is where it all ends. he was on the coattails of the ones who know everything, in search of his buried memories. Matt's performance was great, clearly portraying a troubled assassin, questioning his reasons to kill. the movie has nice plot, clear direction, good suspense, and some of the best actions. the director has been applying his "shaky camera" concept in the Bourne Trilogy, adding on to the suspense. it does not bother me much, for it actually makes us feel like we are in the film ourselves. n i found myself enjoying the ride n dodging the punches. this is by far, the best conclusion i've seen for any trilogy or sequel. everything was wrapped up nicely. the ending was satisfying as well. "happily every after" is all it matters, let it be 2 or even 4 hours of waiting ..

Gokusen 2 ごくせん 2 (2005)

Gokusen 2

this is the second series of Gokusen (ごくせん), therefore it is quite similar to the first. Yankumi is a female teacher assigned to teach the worst class -3D- in Kurokin Gakuen (黒金学園). in the last series(2002), it was ShiroKin Gakuen (白金学園). the only difference are the students. a new group of youngsters are gathered to form class 3D. another touching series of Gokusen, of how Yankumi guide her students n promise never to betray or leave them astray.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



has been a fan of Kadaj since 2006, after finished watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (released in 2005). can't help but to drool all over the town for him. i failed to find any posters or figurines of his. all i have, is his wallpaper on my desktop, staring at me intensely. *drools*

until last year, i received a present from devil -a set of poster printouts of Kadaj- !! almost jump hysterically in Pizza Hut. *chuckles* n lately i managed to find a small figurine. not authenticated nor original (only Prim3 -the true Otaku- can obtain figurines in his miles-long wish-list !!).

there are many sayings in "who is Kadaj" - Sephiroth reborn, Sephiroth cloned, Sephiroth's little brother, an agent of the silver-haired-villains .. ?? he's sleek, he's sexy, he's sadistic, he's shimmering in silver. he dresses in leather n fights with a dual blade katana (刀、かたな) - named "Souba". the main reason we slaver over him is: he's Hot !! n burning !! nothing else matters, really .. ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Decision Made.

while sitting in the car waiting for my sister, i'm overwhelmed by emotions all of a sudden. contemplating all these while, a decision was made right there, right then .. i no longer look forward to continue doubting n weighting every circumstances. all i wanna do right now is to free my mind, n wholeheartedly giving n taking everything in.

this is a decision that meant tons to me, a decision that affirms my commitment. a commitment -if succeed- will last for a lifetime. may god guide me in building my fairytale, making it a dream come true in near future ..

Brothers 兄弟 (2007)


五虎将” was formed in the 80's. the members are: Andy (刘德华), Felix (黄日华), Michael (苗侨伟), Ken (汤镇业), n Tony (梁朝伟). the reason Tony isn't joining the other 4 members for this movie, is because he was in “色·戒” (also named: lust, caution - 2007), which filmed at parallel timing. it is a Must Watch for Hong Kong movie lover. another movie that will probably become quite a classic .. the plot isn't complicated despite having multiple strong casts. it is about a chain of activities resulted from the death of a mob leader. n how it influence the relationship of two brothers (Michael n Eason). the rest of the casts are police inspectors (Andy n 林家栋), enemy (Ken) n buddy (Felix). i was impressed by Felix's performance in this film. although mostly he served as a background character, shadowy with his sunglasses thingy, but he outshone Michael by miles. Michael tried to be heroic as his character required him to. n it kinda annoyed me. pushing his close ones around without giving any reasonable explanation, he portrayed typical older generation adults !! *grunts*

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visualizing My Fairytale.

overthrown by an unexpected conversation. a conversation so normal, yet has such great Impact! on me.

in each other's embraces, he spoke seriously right beside my ear. i listened tentatively, his voice still buzzing in my head. he continued with every little details that crossed his mind. soon after, fairytale-like images started to form itself in my head - scenes that i wouldn't even dare to dream of. scenes that inspire me, motivate me ..

the future, without doubts, would carry much challenges. somehow, most conceivably blinded by joy, i welcome them with open arms. looking forward to tackle them one after another, with the aim of arriving at the Advance level.

what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

wasn't dare to give similar conversation much thought previously. afraid every dream bubble would burst, afraid to be buried n cloaked forever in disappointment, especially if i were to uncover that i was only daydreaming all along, n worst - daydreaming Alone .. *shaking it off* now lifted from all these tauting doubts, i felt contentment filling me. as light as a bird, i'm able to express myself openly at pleasure.

finally freeing my mind. n able to let it build its very own fairy tale. Yes, i Do believe in fairytale. i believe in the existence of "happily ever after" (with a little more consistent effort attached to it). i'm, after all, a 100% Disney "worshiper" ..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Matthew Medvedev

Matthew Medvedev

remember baby matthew from jackie's "Rob-B Hood (2006)" ?? looked through jackie's blog and found some recent photographs of his, sent by his mum to jackie. we were so in love with baby matthew back then. so adorable n eye-catching !! *snuggles*

Final Destination 3 (2006)

Final Destination 3

having watched the sequels, i would say FD3 lived up to its expectation. it is as gory as ever. but coming a long way since FD, the surprise factor dropped severely, i became rather accustomed to it. the most interesting part is again, how fate determined their death n discovering possible n pretty much unusual ways one can die. the movie's plot is quite thin as the previous. premonition, cheat death, then die one after another. the characters don't have strong charisma. another movie which focus on the thrill instead of the storyline. probably a great date movie though. the ending, however, kinda left your appetite hanging. i was left puzzled ..

Friday, October 19, 2007

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


yuki came home in the evening, yawling n growling in his throat. slumped to the floor, totally worn out. he had a fight, a bloody one. the side of his head was scratched n punctuated, n the front paws wounded. *heart aching*

Virtual Cats


used to be so delighted seeing these cute little animals running on my desktop. well i was a noobie back then. simple things don't fail to fascinate me. :p came across the virtual cats just now. can't help but to install them again. sure was fun luring them with my mouse cursor !! *excited*

here is the link for "neko" and "simba" ..

The Invisible (2007)

The Invisible

i was expecting a horror film when i watch the trailer. thought reluctant to watch at first, i was too driven by curiosity. n it turned out to be a correct choice !! it is a nice film to catch. both the characters were extremely believable. making the film eerie yet unexpectedly sweet. this is a supernatural thriller. he was a teenager who had a bright future until he was brutally attacked n left for dead. his only chance to live again is to figure out the mystery of what happened to him, before his body died. he found himself trapped between the world of the living and the dead, completely invisible. only she can felt his presence. there were so much depth and beauty in this movie than what was expected of it. for those who just want another horror film, you probably should skip it. this movie is for those who love deep, thought provoking, beautiful n emotional movies ..

Thursday, October 18, 2007


at last, i felt involved. i'm starting to be convinced that i'm part of this whole challenge. with god's strength, we had fought through the Novice level, thus able to advance to the Intermediate.

a whole new environment for my virtual activities, a companion to fill my heart with warmth - all are to my preference. how i hoped for this to last. for Eternity that seems so distant ..

once tripping n tumbling down the path, we are now up n running shoulder to shoulder. plenteous stumbling stones n obstacles to overcome, continue to fight for the slightest chance we can lay our hands on. as i foresee, this will be quite a journey to look forward to ..

Japanese Club.


our school's Japanese Club n Anime Club had an annual dinner this past Monday night, at Sanga Japanese Food (山河日本料理). regardless of contribution, the limited numbers of members that hang on till Level 3 in the Japanese Language class, had made me one of the seniors, as well as a committee member of the club. which i only found out during the certificate handout session.

the diner was Fully occupied by us. there were hardly any space to move around in !! the food was quite nice. average, though hardly buffet style as promised. but then again, it was the experience that matters. i'm honored to be sharing the same interest with this bunch of friends that i made, which i wouldn't know otherwise. a common interest that bound us together.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


but with me around, of course he won't have much peace. especially Not with that punk look !! :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

jackie, jones, jj..


The Seeker: The Dark is Rising (2007)

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

on his 14th birthday, when he is able to detect the signs, Alexander finds out that he is the last of a group of warriors - The Light - who have spent their lives fighting against evil - The Dark. he then travels through time to track down the signs that will enable him to confront the evil forces. i was told the movie was bad. with doubts, i stepped into the cinema. the trailer had been rather interesting for me. i wonder how bad is "bad" being defined here ?? finishing the movie, i gotta strongly disagree !! the movie was nice !! though not superb, but definitely Not in the bad category. it is a children fantasy movie, you can't expect fancy magics n overwhelming actions as in big production like Harry Potter. i used to be a big fan of children fantasy story books. stepping through time, exploring mysterious castles n enchanted forests. the movie is nothing close to be defined as bad. do not trust what you are being told. the greatest adventure here is to experience it yourself ..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Spectacular View.

a sudden instinct flowed through me. looking to my right, he had fallen asleep. the movie didn't seem entrancing anymore. i had a spectacular scene right next to me ..

how can i not fall for that perfect view ?? the slightly jumping eyelids belied the otherwise calm guise. fingers twitching periodically, exposing the fact that he ain't falling into a deep sleep. caressing him softly, stroking lightly to ease that twitching, my heart melts .. n softens ..

embracing nature..


pretty view from the mountain top ..

simply yet contented. happiness is all that matters .. :)

the trip to the mountain -Mount Matang (Kubah National Park)- was a trip that rewarded me generously. a trip that shows my strengths. n in return, gain me an increment of admiration n recognition from him. he showered me with kudos after kudos. approvals that i had been seeking high n low for.

Thank You -devil- for such a great weekend. a holiday that was made full use of, n tighten our bond further. it couldn't have been better .. *gratitude* :)


1. 以下这三种动物,哪一样是你最喜爱的?
(a) 猫    
(b) 鸟    
(c) 狗

2. 你最喜爱什麼颜色?
(a) 粉红色  
(b) 白色   
(c) 黑色

3. 列举一个与你相同性别的人之名字。

4. 列举一个与你相反性别的人之名字。

Sunday, October 14, 2007

night sky..


coming out from the cinema with the night sky falling in, we were spellbound by the view of the moon blending in the color of the sky. never had the sky felt so perfect, or maybe it was the precise timing of the evening fading n the night emerging.

another perfect day .. :)

hidden pond..


made a little trip to Mount Matang yesterday. to conquer it since it has been a while. there was this little pond at the beginning of the mountain trail. the entrance didn't look as attractive. it was totally ignored while we were on our way up.

curiosity stroked me at the end of the trip, passing the signboard for the second time. since we had time to spare, devil was dragged along by me n we explored the enchanted environment. it was like a Hidden Treasure !! n found !!

nature's beauty are mesmerizing indeed .. judge not the cover of a book, but what it holds within. treasure are hidden n awaits to be found .. :)

The Detective C+侦探 (2007)

The Detective

an average film. nice effects, decent plot. haven't seen Aaron in a movie for quite a while, i was quite surprised with his good performance in this film. each section or crime scene comes with at least one surprising occurrence. which i suppose the purpose is to keep the tension flowing, otherwise a boring film. but sooner or later, we got used to the "surprises" n the suspension kinda reduces. can't use the same trick more than twice i guess .. overall, the tension n suspension building was very rewarding. when everything was clarified at the end of the film, it makes us go "ohhh !! ". a film that you must not watch without the ending, else it pretty much left your appetite hanging in midair.

Friday, October 12, 2007

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


-my punk- was back for a nap yesterday afternoon, which is kinda rare. sat with him outside on the floor while he cuddled up comfortably beside me. he almost totally ignore me while i took photographs of him, both awake n napping. only managed to capture a few with him slightly opening his eyes to look at me. :D

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Resident Evil: Extinction

loved the starting scene !! pretty much game-liked environment. it was well-designed. very impressive when it was clones that they threw out. the plot for the third of the trilogy is rather simple n undefined. good actions, good fights, good kills, n nice effects. however, there weren't enough bloods n fight scenes. the film doesn't give an overview of the last 2 films like trilogies usually does. there wasn't time for any recap or background on members of the convoy. the film was better than expected.



went to a pet shop few days back, to get yuki's canned food supply. there is this hyper-active pup inside. loves to spread its paws widely across the floor. but seconds later, it will struggle to stand up, n again spread his paws just few steps further. it was hilarious !! i was chasing it around the shop, just to take a clearer shot of it. n this is by far the best i can come up with .. :p

Fly, Daddy, Fly 플라이 대디 (2006)

Fly, Daddy, Fly

a good film worth seeing. a story about a father attempts to get revenge from a boy who assaulted his daughter. the boy is a school boxing star - the boxing "champ". he tries to attack the boxing "champ" n is stopped by another boy, the only boy to ever defeat the boxing "champ". the introverted young man agrees to train the father to fight honorably against the the boxing "champ". n the man's training last for the whole winter vacation of their high school. the film is kinda predictable. totally following the formula. but it has some funny moments. the man was somehow the "clown" of the film. despite being exaggerated at times, he is trying hard to express himself. n successful in showing his strong will in hanging on. the film took some very good scenes n backgrounds (that is .. if the viewer is actually looking at things other than Jun-ki :p) .. the autumn, the tunnel, the school, even the street .. a film successfully allure others to visit Korea.

Thursday, October 11, 2007



抬起头,见到他低着头对我微微的笑着,眼里泛着温暖的光芒。脸颊发烫,我狼狈的避开他的直视。突然被他的手臂紧紧的搂着,头被强行的压在他的肩上。还来不及回神,就已经融化在他的怀里。他的肩膀好宽、胸膛好温暖,倚靠得我好舒服。想念,在还没离开之前就已经开始,聚积的好高、好厚。实在不想离开,好想就这样一直、一直躺下去 …

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

color of the sun..


sitting in the car, i love to look at the sky. especially the evening n night sky. the sun was setting soon. there goes another beautiful day .. may another great day comes. :)

Tag: The Age That I Wish to Go Back To

i was tagged by -宝茹-. has been a while since i was able to sit in front my computer desk, getting all comfy n Not doing my assignment. oh wait .. i need to continue my project later. *dizzy* lets just continue with the tag i owe 宝茹 for now.
*rewinding my thoughts in slow motion*

well, personally, everything that i've gone through so far ain't pointless. it is what makes me who i am. it is the experience that built the -me- the way i'm today. so .. no regrets so far.

just for the sake of the tag, lets review part of my not-so-interesting history ..

i was quite unhappy back in high school. the pressure of being a teacher's daughter for 11 years had finally got its tow on me. people expecting me for never-ending "this n that", while all i wanted is just to be an anonymous among the crowd.



poor -little birdie- was trapped inside devil's company's van. which he only found out after finishing his work at one of the clients' site. it must have flew in while he got off the van. little birdie was struggling hard to be free, flying n bumping itself into the windows. but soon freed after being noticed. no harm done. :)



经过重重的波折与挣扎,终于明白了问题的重心何在。非常欣慰问题终于被摊开,也因此能够对症下药和破解。清楚地感觉到了他的用心。然而,“放弃” 从不存在于我的字典里。放弃是逃避,而逃避只会让彼此再次被相同的事件给欺负玩弄。把难题连根拔起,一了百了了罢 !! 而更令人欣慰的是大家终于再次同心了。“放弃” 也从他的字典里被我狠狠地删除了。毕竟,那从来不是象征成功的解决方法。

虽仍然心酸,但这回并没上回来得心碎。再困难也好、再辛苦也好;从新开始也好、继续努力也好。该确定的是大家是否迈向同一个目标前进。一人一个想法,哪都到不了的,不是吗 ??

不自禁地把脸深埋在他的肩膀上。心顿时相吸着,距离突然拉近了。“还是这感觉最舒服”,他说。放在我背部的手,把我缠得更紧了。我明白,他也为了我们的事情,不知头痛心碎了多少遍,才会让 “放弃” 有机可乘,占据着他的思绪。压抑着呼吸,微微颤抖,我的眼泪开始不听话、悄悄地流了下来。

而那道可恶的墙,立即被我轰炸得稀里哗啦的 …

Monday, October 08, 2007



(photographs taken with my Moto v3x)

很甜、很香脆。它对我来说,意义更为重大。它代表了一份我一直以为自己得不到的接受与承认。心怀感激 …

Sunday, October 07, 2007



this is 猪猪, a stray at devil's workplace. it doesn't quite look like a stray, does it ?? rather close with devil. oh wait .. maybe it was because he kept luring it with food. :p

Saturday, October 06, 2007


一件意料不到的事情。令彼此措手不及之余,也狠狠地刺痛了彼此、深深地伤了彼此的心。以往的甜蜜突然烟消云散。朦朦胧胧的,储存于伸手不及的地方。顿时,再靠近的距离也突然变得陌生起来 … 指尖,也不再传达爱意了 …

墙,不但没有如愿的越变越薄,反而变得更厚、更稳固了。是双方的 “自我防卫” 在作弊。之前的努力,全工尽费。甜蜜,都被埋在心里最深处。纯粹剩下 “空虚” 自个儿在玩乐。

逼自己睁一只眼,闭一只眼。我不催,也不赶,但难免会感心急。当彼此都舔着自己的伤口辽伤的同时,只能让自己深信,“会回到那段美好的日子的” !! 自欺欺人也好,逃避现实也好,但若连 “希望” 和 “梦想” 都没了、努力也跟着少了,就会变成 “真正的烟消云散” 了 …

不行 !! 此考验,纯粹是个考验 !! 我们并不懦弱。会跨过的、会跨过这难关的、会的 …

Friday, October 05, 2007



to the world, you are just someone;
to a particular "someone", you might be their World ..

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thanks Again.

felt like i hasn't been blogging for quite a while. was totally buried in school project n assignments. yet when i referred back, the last post was actually composed yesterday morning. i'm so darned exaggerated .. :D

to more friends that follow my "fairy tales" n progresses closely -hiew, pui, delia- for the concerns !! *touched*

i'm doing much better now. the burden doesn't reduces itself, nor does the efforts. still tones of stuff to work on, n loads of efforts to put in. so much to recover, n so much to improve. life still goes on, regardless.

i will survive. as god hasn't stop lending me his strength ..



kissing all the pain away ..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


after a long night, the world didn't come to an end as i though it would. the sun still shines, the birds still sing. sarcastically, i'm left dazed. my eyes blurred. what will today bring ?? ..

it was different. different from the usual conflicts. where has "nothing can't be solve" gone ?? hammered with words that hurt more than knuckles. words that i convince myself are just blabbering anger. he didn't mean it .. he didn't mean it .. he didn't mean it .. or .. maybe he does ..

thank god this is not the end. thanks for the call. the call that meant more than the world. the call that gets me going n reassuring me that this is Not the end. a call that puts an end to the endless night ..

cloaked in sourness n heart aching. from the dimmed corner, struggling in search of the "light at the end of the tunnel". for a minute back then, i gave up. i actually thought of it. *shaking it off* no, it is sadness playing with my mind. negativity trying to conquer me.

though unable to stop the tears, though struggle to stay on the path, i will hang on. I Will. watch me .. *firmly*

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Single Eyelid

이준기 (李準基)

i find guys with single eyelid rather exotic n sexy. a charming feature own by mostly Asians.

双眼皮: double eyelid / double-fold eyelid
单眼皮: single eyelid / foldless eyelid


the small event that occurred at the court last night causes the concern among friends. though i doubt any of them will read this -since they are mostly gamers, none blogger- but there is still the urge to display my gratitude towards their concerns.
Thank You.
i despise placing myself in others' relationship problems. for i believe these problems, difficulties, conflicts, disagreements n sort, are merely playing a role in the growth of the relationship. n to grow meaning to face these challenges together. to build the trust n reliances along the way. to become one n form a stronger bond when these hurtful circumstances occurred.

right or wrong exists in a thin-line in conflicts, as both side holds the responsibilities for its occurrence. i hope we are given the chance to grow ourselves. n i do mean "ourselves" as in without anyone interfering or "offering help" .. *firmly* who is there to help us 24/7 ??

it is easy to be lovey-dovey n intimate when things are neutral - the happy times. yet when challenges occurred n threatens to shatter the relationship, 2 people are put to the test. how strong is their bond ?? how stable is their love ?? the relationship is at stake.

despite the hurtful feelings n moods, the aim is still to achieve a stabler relationship, a better understanding. feel it, talk about it, n get it over with. lets still hold hands while moving forward. i believe thats the attitude ..

Monday, October 01, 2007



Holding Hands.

2 days back, while walking through a crowded coffee shop, saw an old couple. both white-haired n wrinkled. not someone we would usually laid our eyes on. walking pass them, something about them caught me ..

they are holding hands. firmly n tightly. in a "locked to me" style. (read below for explanation)
Physical intimacy is part of fostering your bond with each other. Holding hands is an intricate part of your relationship. Whether you do it in private or public, holding hands doesn't only connect your emotions, but enhances it as well.

One of the most common types of holding hands is the “locked to me” way. Interlocking your fingers with hers. Do this by putting your palms together, as if in prayer. As your palms align, the fingers will naturally align.

As your relationship grows, you may discover other ways of holding hands, and those that will suit the both of you. The important thing is never letting go, for as long as your hands are together, you and her become one.
he lead her through the crowd. slowly and cautiously. looking back at her from time to time making sure she is doing alright. it touches my heart. for how many couples are still so loving, so tender n close to each other's heart when they are old ?? how many do we see around us ??

we may see Englishman holding hands quite often, but rarely among Chinese. maybe it is something we ought to remind ourselves of ..



this is again, an "advertisement" of a friend -jing- 's n his sister's cat. thanks lots for sharing !! :) is my blog gonna be called a "pets' blog" next ?? it had been called a "movies' blog", a "horoscopes' blog" before. adding to the list, anyone ?? ;)