Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

The Bourne Ultimatum

this is the last of the Bourne Trilogy. the previous 2 are the thrilling set, the third served as the final installment. he has been running for the past 2 films, this is where it all ends. he was on the coattails of the ones who know everything, in search of his buried memories. Matt's performance was great, clearly portraying a troubled assassin, questioning his reasons to kill. the movie has nice plot, clear direction, good suspense, and some of the best actions. the director has been applying his "shaky camera" concept in the Bourne Trilogy, adding on to the suspense. it does not bother me much, for it actually makes us feel like we are in the film ourselves. n i found myself enjoying the ride n dodging the punches. this is by far, the best conclusion i've seen for any trilogy or sequel. everything was wrapped up nicely. the ending was satisfying as well. "happily every after" is all it matters, let it be 2 or even 4 hours of waiting ..

some background on the movie:
- novel: Robert Ludlum
- director: Paul Greengrass
- released: 2007
- casts: Matt Damon, David Strathairn
- language: English
- genre: Action/Conspiracy

- Bourne Identity (2002)
- Bourne Supremacy (2004)
- Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
- The Bourne Legacy (2012)


  1. Another good review. You are really love watching movies .. :)

  2. this movie is quite great.
    try force my frens go watch with me lar. XD~

  3. sani: hehe thx. *blushed* yup yup movie rockz !! *excited* :D

    renge: i'm supporting you !! hehe. should probably watch it if you like intense actions n close battles. don't really matter if you didn't watch the first 2 of the Bourne Trilogy. :)