Friday, September 30, 2011

Abduction (2011)


Nathan lived with his parents Kevin n Mara. he often had nightmares watching a woman being murdered in front of him while he hid under the bed. with the same dream kept returning to haunt him, he consulted a psychiatrist, Dr. Bennet. one day, while partnered with Karen on a school assignment, they found a website that showed missing children, where a young boy named Steven Price looked exactly like him during childhood. he discovered that unlike his friends, he had only a few childhood photographs. sensing that there were more kept from him, he started looking for answers. he called the website owner, unaware that it was answered by Russian terrorists led by Kozlow. 2 men were sent to Nathan's house, Keven n Mara turned out to be special agents assigned to protect Nathan while pretending to be his parents. they were killed n Nathan escaped with Karen. their call to the police was intercepted by a CIA agent, Burton, who sent a team to pick them up. before the team arrived, Dr. Bennett appeared n revealed that Nathan's real father, Martin, was a CIA agent who stole from Kozlow a list of corrupted CIA agents, n Burton was one of those on the list. under Dr. Bennett's instructions, Nathan n Karen was on the run with both the CIA n Russian terrorists tight on their tail.

like most that watched the Twilight Saga (2008-2012), we went for Taylor Lautner, which very much proven to be a bad choice. the plot was complicated enough to make one truly awesome action film, but unfortunately it felt completely halfhearted. the film picked up its pace after much introduction on Nathan's life, rich kids, partying n getting drunk, boring school life, beautiful girl lived across the street with a bad boyfriend, n of course, having Taylor Lautner took off his shirt at the very beginning of the film to show off his body. to Taylor Lautner's credit, the action did look good because of his performance. tackling bigger size guy, fleeing bad guys diving in n out of crowds, we were fortunate for no shaky-cam technique was applied, else we would most probably left the cinema feeling nausea.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Abbey Dawn: Style 360


Avril joined New York Fashion Week on 12 September 2011, promoting her Abbey Dawn Spring 2012 collection with a runway fashion show. for the spring 2012 collection, Abbey Dawn introduced a broader collection, including dress, skirt, denim, footwear, wallets, purses, handbags, eyewear, n also men's collection. the event was however, by invitation only. the special focus of the show was also not about Avril but the Kardashian-Jenner siblings. Avril's current boyfriend, Brody Jenner's family are actively involved in the modeling industries. the latest n youngest addition, Kylie, 14, still a model in training, made her way down the runway in Abbey Dawn's outfits. with her modelling sisters, Kim, Kourtney, n Kendall, n of course, brother, Brody, watching from the front row. Kim's new husband, Kris Humphries also showed up to support.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Occult Academy (2010)

Occult Academy

Waldstein Academy was devoted to paranormal studies, thus often nicknamed as the Occult Academy. the anime started out with Maya returning to the academy to attend the funeral of her father, the principal. Fumiaki was a time agent sent from the future to prevent the apocalypse from happening. the prediction stated that the school will be the center. Maya was forced to team up with Fumiaki in search of the key that will trigger the apocalypse.

from its poster n plot, i expected a gothic n dark anime. though i was slightly disappointed to find it partial comedy, i wasn't completely let down by the anime. there weren't exactly enough depths as i would love it to be, but it wasn't completely lame either. despite her attitude problem, Maya was easy to love. her facial expressions showed everything from her annoyance to her embarrassment, made her Tsundere (ツンデレ) character absolutely fun to watch. however, Fumiaki remained irritating from the very beginning until the end. what i couldn't quite fathom, was why did the future send forth such a useless man to fend them off apocalypse? did they expect miracle or just someone to take their place in death n worth sacrificing if anything went wrong? the group that later gathered n became Maya's sidekicks were absolutely fascinating to watch, in fact they lighten up the whole series by making the fights against supernatural something natural to do!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yuki ゆき

Cat (SE Vivaz)

it has been eons since we took the initiative to sit around, lazing n chattering freely on the porch, enjoying the cool breeze in our face (n of course, killing some mosquitoes). Yuki came wandering about like he often does when anyone from the family went outside the house. he would snuck up behind us, meowing if he wanted some snacks, else looked around for a comfortable spot, particularly between us, where it was the warmest. it had always been, n still is, most difficult to capture a perfect photograph of him without him looking away from the camera lens or blinking his eyes non-stop at me. although in cat language, these eyes blinking signaled their relaxation around the people n environment that they are in. it is an act of communication, for cats don't blink to everyone, only to those they trusted. but still, it definitely made capturing their gazes harder by day.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Johnny English Reborn

Johnny had been undergoing intense training in a remote region until MI-7, the secret agency, discovered that international assassins were trying to kill the world leaders. as their secret agent, Johnny was summoned n assigned to stop these top assassins, who planned to kill all world's leaders n create chaos. he was given the latest tech gadgets n was forced to be familiarized with them within the shortest of time to take down the assassins. but of course, there were humor everywhere, even when he didn't mean for it to happen!

i was delighted to find out that he was back! i remembered enjoying the previous sequel: Johnny English (2003) even more than his Mr. Bean's series (1989-1995). his accidentally-saved-the-world style suit him perfectly! but still, all thanks to the familiar character we knew him from the Mr. Bean's series. the film was surprisingly fast paced, n it easily had everyone laughing just right after it started. the plot may not be the simplest, but it wasn't exactly difficult to follow either. there were many funny moments, also with enough serious moments to keep it on the ground. n the opening scenes, which imitated the classic James Bond themed, was absolutely eye-catching!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

happily he created havoc, enjoying the trouble he so generously created for others. having knew him for so long, she was a complete fool to believe he would be any better than who he used to be. she thought just by plainly believing n having faith in him, they could both earn some truthfulness n perhaps even sharing some sort of understanding that no one else had access to. but other than the chaos he proudly presented, there were also creations that he was not too shy to share. he bragged n he flaunted, making a spectacle of himself, roving n exhibiting his noble invention.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maria † Holic: Alive (2011)
まりあ†ほりっく あらいぶ

Maria Holic Alive

Kanako was a high school girl, attending the all-girls Catholic academy. however, Kanako was only interested in girls, who cannot stand being in the same room with boys, not to mention being touched. it was her second year in high school, she hoped to find a female partner. her ideal partner was Mariya, who was also her roommate, but he turned out to be a cross-dressing boy, n a sadistic one too. together with his maid Shinouji, he enjoyed torturing Kanoko by bringing unfortunate situation upon her.

though the series was commented to be quite popular, i found it difficult to enjoy. it tried to appear smart, with humors that created out of pervertedness. with Mariya n Shinouji against her, Kanoko constantly tried to find some ways to get them back, which of course never did turn out the way she intended it to be, or worst, backfired on herself. it was all thanked to her flight of fantasies that often came out of nowhere, n also her lack of luck. personally, i didn't feel any depths in the anime other than Mariya's sadistic characteristic, to purposely went against Kanoko.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Britney Spears: Till the World Ends (2011)

Till The World Ends

taken from Britney's seventh album Femme Fatale (2011), Till the World Ends (April 2011) was the second single after the album's lead single Hold It Against Me (January 2011). the song was a combination of dance-pop n electro-pop, with chant-like chorus. it was so catchy i was soon attracted to seek out its video after listening to it on the radio! there were also multiple remixes created from the song, a Bollywood remix done by Indian music producer, there was also a Femme Fatale remix that received many critics, some good n some bad.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0 (2011)

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Chef Huang was having difficulties keeping his restaurant opened due to the lack of customers. although he failed to prepare a dish that attracts customers, he was actually considered Hero Huang in the neighborhood. he often helped everyone who came asking for favors, no matter how insignificant it is. his biggest rival was a Malay lady that sold Nasi Lemak right across the street from his restaurant. when his restaurant was closed down due to the unpaid rental, he finally seek the Malay lady for help. she sent him on a journey, in search of experience n himself.

according to Namewee (Wee Meng Chee), Nasi Lemak 2.0 was his gift to Malaysia in conjunction with the National Day celebration. failed to request for any support financially from the government, they were stuck with barely 1 million, which make it even tougher to finish making the movie. after 2 years of hard work, the movie was finally released on the big screen earlier September 2011. the movie included languages, such as mandarin, multiple chinese dialects, bahasa malaysia, english n tamil. after many confrontations, the movie was finally admitted to be an 1Malaysia film. obviously the film wasn't one of those which would be rated highly of. like most young Malaysians, we knew Namewee from his effort to voice out thus far. we went to the cinema solely to support. basically, i enjoyed the film. it made use of some vulgar that we are familiar with, putting it into something so natural that one has to know it to notice it. i am no huge fan of such language, but the film does portrayed many truth of the people of Malaysia, such as introducing the people, the races, even going in depths by including the dialects while creating humor along the way. in overall, it was a fun film to watch if weren't judged too strictly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sea (SE Vivaz)

being accepted used to seemed so dreamy, so distant n impossible like it would never happen in the real world. especially not within such a short notice. but to her surprise, it did! it happened with her being absolutely wide awake. incapable of stopping him from further belittling himself, assuming fiercely that it was what she had in mind. as much as she dislike not clearing things up, she knew it was wiser to take a step back. she had learn through the hard way, to leave things the way it was, to not get offended when he got defensive. soon she was able to leave the place peacefully, happily enjoying the precious time they shared together.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Houkago no Pleiades (2011)

Houkago no Pleiades

after witnessing a star shower one night, Subaru went to the school like usual the very next day, but entered a room to find it turned into a strange magical garden. then she was led by a blob, which was later identified as Pleiadian, into the room, where she met with 4 other girls, one of them was her friend, Aoi. other than dressed in strange outfit, Subaru discovered that they were a magical group united by Pleiadian to recover the alien engine fragments, so that it can return back home. Subaru was the fifth members selected for this afterschool club.

the anime was a joint anime project with Subaru, a Japanese car manufacturer, thus having the main character named after the brand. however, the anime was a Mahou Shoujo (magical girl) series, nothing in relate with vehicles. the short series didn't spend much time introducing the characters, with magical beings hidden from everyone but the selected few. the room Subaru entered was supposed to be one of the classrooms, but with her being one of the selected ones, she could access the very same classroom yet ended up in a magical room. the idea had me fascinated. what appeared to be so simple turned out to be fairy satisfying as well!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Flower (SE Vivaz)

she was more than relieved to see his smile under such difficult situation. she had set out to pay her due, but she can't pull no miracle out of thin air. each day, every day, he became more n more dependable. out of motivation, out of encouragement she had not known. day after day, he grew faster than she thought possible. sometimes, she felt like she was the child instead, staying stagnant in one spot, waiting for an invisible tide to push her around. a tide that never seemed to come. cowered in fear, she shamelessly seek him for relief.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Conan the Barbarian

a group of sorcerers created a mask from the skulls of the dead kings, their daughters were sacrificed for their pure blood, giving power to the mask. after many battles, the group of sorcerers were finally defeated by the barbarians. the mask was destroyed n scattered across the land. shortly after, the leader of barbarian tribe was forced to save his unborn son by killing his wife during a battle. the baby, Conan grew into a skilled n violent warrior. one day, the village was attacked by the evil forces of a warlord who was reuniting the pieces of the mask to revive his dead wife, making himself powerful. Conan was the only survivor n he swore revenge.

the film was based on one of the popular childhood character we knew. originally, a series of Conan movies were planned in the 80's, much like James Bond franchise. Conan the Barbarian (1982) was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, followed by Conan the Destroyer (1984). however the third sequel of the trilogy, Conan the Conqueror (1987) was cancelled. the new Conan the Barbarian (2011) was unrelated to the trilogy. it took almost 10 years to bring Conan the Barbarian (2011) onto the big screen. i felt that Conan's character was somehow portrayed without an in depth understanding. in the film, it was so contradicted that he was portrayed as the good guy but often went over the boundaries or to the extremes just to accomplish his goals. the film felt rough, packed with sufficient actions n bloods, perhaps with the hope of getting away without building Conan's character? despite the brief introduction of the character, we still had fun catching up with the violent Conan we missed since childhood. it never did matter to us how forceful or bad Conan can be, for it is the that Conan we want!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rihanna: Cheers: Drink to That (2011)

Rihanna - Cheers (2011)

now why am i posting a video of Rihanna when i'm never a fan of hers? it's all because of Avril of course! check out more than 1 scene of Avril after 1:02 minute. the song was written by many popular songwriters, one of them Avril Lavigne. the song also inserted partially Avril's single "I'm With You", taken from her album Let Go (2002). in the meanwhile, stay tune for Avril's third single Wish You Were Here (2011) from her forth album Goodbye Lullaby (2011), possibly her last single from the album!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha (2011)

Hanasaku Iroha

the story centered around Ohana, a 16-year-old teenager from Tokyo, who was sent to live with her grandmother while her own mother eloped. Ohana's grandmother was the owner of an ancient hot spring inn located in the country, called Kissuisou. the moment she arrived at Kissuisou, Ohana was immediately put to work. she met with many different employees n customers at the inn. despite starting out feeling discouraged, Ohana managed to turn everything around by pushing her way through n finally entered everyone's life, being a part of Kissuisou.

at first glance, i actually expect an average anime, even its plot spelled average. but i was thrown completely off guard on how awesome Ohana was as a lead character! it had a fairly quick start, with sufficient background on Ohana's origin. her personalities truly sparkled, strong willed n eager to speak her mind. her grandmother started out showing a stern personalities, punishing her staffs mercilessly with every slight mistake made. but soon enough, she showed her motherly side, so responsible that it was a complete opposite of her daughter, Ohana's mother. Ohana's charm was her imperfection, struggling to put her life back in order after being thrown into a whole new environment.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

checking his reflection in the mirror, looking at the person staring intensely back at him. he had believed that it was true, believing it like it was his religion. he hadn't anticipate such twist from the event, he hadn't even anticipated any twist at all! burning his gaze into his feet, he knew it was time. time to put his feet back on the ground, time to make a decision n make everything right again. he had created miracle before, thus he shall just create it again this time. no pressure.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cars 2 (2011)

Cars 2

star racer, Lightning McQueen returned to Radiator Springs to reunite with his best friend Mater n girlfriend Sally. at the same time, a racing series called the "World Grand Prix" was announced to promote Allinol, an eco-friendly fuel. with Mater's intervention, Lightning was forced to enter the Grand Prix. things only gotten worst after Lightning agreed to take Mater with him n being repeatedly embarrassed in front of the crowd because of Mater. in the meanwhile, a group of old cars who owned the largest oil field in the world, was secretly plotting to use a weapon disguised as a television camera to ignite the race cars during the Grand Prix.

we were surprised to find out Cars (2006) was coming out with a sequel. what other story can they tell since it was all about racing? after watching the animation, we were first annoyed but later happy to see Mater outgrew his character n turned into a hero. but like most movies that came out with a sequel, Cars 2 (2011) was rated badly. however, i found it completely underrated! the story line tend to be more complicated than its previous sequel, i admit it wasn't exactly suitable for children either, but it managed to keep us absorbed into the story! especially with those absolutely colorful scenery.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Forest (SE Vivaz)

this time he left for good, or so he thought. believing that the gass is greener on the other side, he has yet learn to accept the truth that there will never be any place he will ever find perfect. despite the location, one bound to come across unpleasantness sooner or later. for non of us were meant to be a perfect fit together, not in a classroom, nor in an office, not even in a family. but we grew, not by ideally believing that things will fall perfectly into place, but by learning to tolerate n accepting one for who n what they are.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Mouryou no Hako (2008)

Mouryou no Hako (2008)

detective Kiba was instructed to investigate a strange case involving a girl hit by a train. a doctor was hired to restore the victim's health in an isolated hospital located in a jungle. a series of schoolgirls' murder took place right then, their limbs dismembered n put into boxes, waiting to be found. Kiba became more n more involved with the case when his train victim disappeared from the hospital n a ransom note was found. they feared for the worst, that she was kidnapped by the serial killer.

the anime started out being extremely dark n strange, giving pieces of explanations here n there that did not make much sense. it dragged on for more than half of the series before it finally started to make sense, which resulted to an unusual anime that was so absurdly dreamy yet so sinister to ignite our fear n interest. when i thought i finally understand what's going on n saw through everyone's hidden motives, i was surprised at the twist that has proven me wrong. it was an anime that kept one guessing until its very end.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Avril Lavigne: Wish You Were Here (2011)

Wish You Were Here (2011)

taken from her forth album Goodbye Lullaby (2011), Wish You Were Here (2011) was the third single after What The Hell (January 2011) n Smile (April 2011). it was one of the many songs written by Avril herself, n will be officially released at the end of September 2011. Avril also said that this might be the last single from Goodbye Lullaby. she further clarified that her tears in the music video were actually real! usually only got the chance to see her screaming n laughing, i can't believe seeing her cry actually made my heart ache, again almost bringing tears to my eyes, making her so much more beautiful n real.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunshine (2007)

Sunshine (2007)

50 years into the future, as the sun began to die, so was the earth. the astronauts were sent into the universe to revive the sun. a movie with an interesting concept though it was quite obvious a cheap production, thus lack of realism. i was told that the movie very bad, therefore became a must watch to judge it myself. it wasn't completely bad, though we could use a little more actions to spice it up.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Teaser: Ouran High School Host Club (2011)
桜蘭高校ホスト部 Live-Action Drama

Ouran High School Host Club

starting from July 2011, TBS started broadcasting the Live-Action Drama for Ouran High School Host Club, a popular anime released in 2006. the story was about a girl from an ordinary family, named Haruhi, who just joined Ouran Academy, where most of its students came from wealthy families. on her first day, she accidentally broke an expensive vase at the school'd Host Club. to pay for her debt, Haruhi was forced to join the club n cross-dressed as a male student. at the club, male students catered for the female students, treating them like customers. together with other handsome hosts, her high school life turned out to be anything but ordinary.

i still remembered enjoying its anime n laughing my head off throughout its airing. it was absolutely enjoying! i fear that the Live-Action might be over exaggerated since it was taken straight from its anime/manga, but it shall not stop me from watching the Drama myself to have a complete picture of it!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (2010)

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorm

a space colony called Laplace was destroyed during a ceremony. the "Laplace's Box" was said to be capable of restoring the future or destroy the world. Princess Audrey aimed to pay a visit to Vist, who currently held the item in his possession. she believes that the Sleeves, a group of Neo Zeon group will initiate war with it. during her journey, she was rescued by Banagher. Banagher was a boy living in the space colonies. at the same time, a battle broke out between the Sleeves n Londo Bell. the colony was immediately evacuated. while searching for Audrey, Banagher met Vist, fatally wounded in the cockpit of the Unicorn Gundam, the Gundam that the Federation managed to complete after collecting data from Full Frontal (leader of Neo Zeon)'s Sinanju. before death, Vist set Unicorn to only recognize Banagher as its pilot.

unlike Gundam Seed (2002) or Gundam 00 (2008-2010), Gundam Unicorn had a very old-school feel to it, where its politics n wars was much more serious than the current trends of anime. Audrey was a character that most likely had a hidden identity n past that caused her to strive so hard to stop the war from being initiated. Unicorn had so much history in it, with characters that went missing like Char, the leader that looked so much like Full Frontal; or Amuro Ray, whom in someway resembled Banagher in this sequel. it went way back into the past, too complicated for amateur viewers like us. however it was those histories that made this OVA (Original Video Animation) so appealing to the "professional" otaku (おたく).

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Starfish (SE Vivaz)

he was bossy n often giving out some sort of minacious aura, sometimes even boastful n unpleasantly inflexible. but he was also dependable n tremendously independent, solving undesirable problems with the least expected solution, causing jaws to drop every single time. like most with a complicated characteristic, he easily stood out, frequently drawing gazes from the opposite gender as well as the same gender. some with delighted admiration, others with unpleasant jealousy. none of these he took notice of, confidently brushing aside the attentions that he so easily drew.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Death Race (2008)

Death Race (2008)

with the word "Death" attached, this is definitely not the typical car racing film. the plot may seemed obvious, but do hang on tight for the Ride! the uniqueness of the film lies on the thin line of unexpectedness, managed to have me thrilled through out the film.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Linkin Park: A Thousand Horizon (2011)

A Thousand Horizon

Good Smile Company is hosting "A Thousand Horizon" event as part of its 10th anniversary celebration n also as a charity to support the victims of the Japan Earthquake disaster earlier this year. instead of Avril's support for the "Comfort for Kids" program, part of the profit of "A Thousand Horizon" will be donated to the "Music for Relief" organization, which will also benefit the children affected by the disaster. the event will be held at the NicoFarre event hall in Tokyo on 9th September 2011. the company will create Nendoroid (ねんどろいど) figures out of the 6 members of Linkin Park. in addition to the deformed Nendoroid figures, there will also be special Linkin Park Be@rbricks, threeA toys, t-shirts n iPhone 4 cases.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Arakawa under the Bridge × Bridge (2010)
荒川アンダー ザ ブリッジ×ブリッジ

Arakawa under the Bridge × Bridge

the story continued as Ric met a lovely homeless girl named Nino, n started living at the riverbank of Arakawa River. Ric was an elite, capable of accomplishing many things all by himself. his father since young, taught him to never be indebted to anyone. after accepting Nino's request, he started living with a bunch of homeless people at Arakawa, which he soon learned that they were a combination of strange people. he had to put up with them, while building his n Nino's love with their constant interference. but once he did, it was an irreplaceable friendship that nothing can replace.

the anime, like its First Season (April 2010), made absolutely no sense yet still made perfect sense at the same time, with clever metaphors n pop-culture references. we loved it! instead of ruining the series with a second season, we were thrilled to enjoy a continuation of where it was left off. it was best to follow the series from its very first season to capture the role played by each character, Nino who claimed that she was a Venusian, Sanchou who was the village chief that claimed to be a 620-year-old Kappa (河童), Sister who was a war veteran cross-dressed in nuns clothing, Star who was a horrible singer wearing a mask in the shape of a star, n many more. the series was awesome for those who wishes to sit back n enjoy some comedy. it was much more in depth than typical comedies. n when it comes to Ric n Nino's romance, it was out of the ordinary yet so sweet!

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

hastily he censured everyone that he found unpleasant in his very viewpoint. in spite of the great opposite of character, between him n her was a steady friendship. she was blunt, loved to have everything out in the open; he was clever, at the same time reserved. his manners, though well-bred, were far from inviting like hers. he dislike seeing her often blinded by the folly n innocence of others, but did nothing more than growling silently behind her when it took place. he was able to see far clearer than her, yet not once did she notice his hostility building up against her so-called friends.


Friday, September 02, 2011

Stealth (2005)

Stealth (2005)

a fighter jet was developed, piloted by an artificial intelligence computer. but when the computer have a mind of its own, human pilots have to stop it before a war was started. an interesting idea though lack of realism, making it rather average.

in the future, the Navy created a top-secret military program to quietly counter the International terrorists. the program allowed new technologies to be tested. 3 attack jets were impressive speed n stealth capabilities were introduced as the Talon series. among the 400 pilots, only 3 were chosen: a hotshot Lieutenant Ben, a philosophical Lieutenant Henry, n a tomboyish Lieutenant Kara. other than them, the Navy also hired Dr. Keith to develop an Artificial Intelligent to pilot one of the jets. the AI followed them on missions ever since. it learned from their miss n success n soon take over the operation itself, defying orders.

the film targeted the male audiences, however it didn't successfully captured their vote. n another effort was by putting Jessica Biel in it. it was an even larger mistake, for the only reason she was in an all-guys movie was obviously as eye candy. the film was too predictable to impressed, there were way too many films with similar storyline. the special effects however, were beautifully done, especially the missiles n jets.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Sunset (SE Vivaz)

he ought not expect everyone to respond nor react the exact way he expected them to. she had her way getting through to certain people yet it had never been easy even after she finally figured it out. one may need lectures, another may need to be screamed at, some might need to lose everything before they started to really listen. there were also those who only learn from mistakes n experiences. she was one among the latter. for it doesn't matter whichever approach, it was a channel worth exploring. however, one cannot expect to help another that do not wish to help themselves. it will be long before he can fully comprehend these concepts. but on the bright side, never is ever too late for anyone.