Friday, November 30, 2012

I Love You to Death (2012)

I Love You to Death

Ash faced too much death in her life. the recent death was her boyfriend Sam. previously was her brother, father, mother, even grandparents. she was consumed by grief and loneliness, feeling so guilty over their deaths. she became withdrawn, spending days reliving the nightmares and fearing for those she came to connect with. then she met Luke, who was so interested in her. despite Ash trying to push him away, Luke stayed and slowly entered her life. at some point, she was forced to face the truth, she had fallen for him.

the tragedies were seriously too over the top! it was not only exaggerated but ridiculous that i found it impossible to connect with Ash. the story traveled between Ash's current life, that was working at a cafe and spending off days at home, and her past, elaborating especially on each and every of the death of her loved ones. it was maddeningly frustrating to read and it took me forever to finish! i had to force myself to read until the end, just to see if it was Ash or Luke that died. honestly, i was slightly disappointed that she didn't.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kimi to Boku 2 (2012)
君と僕 2

Kimi to Boku 2

Kaname, Shun, and the twins, Yuta and Yuki had been childhood friends since kindergarten. Chizuru joined them after being transferred and together the 5 friends made school life all the more lively as they became 3rd year students. the story followed their everyday life as it was filled with misadventure and love.

like its first sequel - Kimi to Boku (2011), Kimi to Boku 2 (2012) was absolutely adorable. every storyline made me happy, feeling completely connected to the characters, feeling their every emotions. visually, there was a slight change, but nothing too much compared to Kimi to Boku (2011). it was still simple and refreshing, with a storyline so captivating one wouldn't even mind or notice the small changes. it was definitely enjoyable following the boys through their daily encounter. nothing too much but always enough to make one laugh along with it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet Madness (2012)

Sweet Madness

Angeles was an orphanage, for the past few years she lived on her own. after leaving the orphanage, her sister Raven went to live at another part of the town. one night she came pouncing on her door, mumbling about someone chasing after her. days later, she was visited by a demon called Madness. he toyed with her mind, fooling her and confusing her with his tricks, making her his thing. desperate to be free of fear, Angeles had to seek for help without killing anyone along the way.

Sweet Madness (2012) was very engaging for the very few chapters. the conversation between Angeles and Madness was somewhat predictable, sometimes reducing the tension thus less absorbing at times. at some point, Madness was just empty threats, not being as scary as he was portrayed to be. but since the novel was written by an amateur author, it was as good as it gets. i enjoyed Sweet Madness (2012) in overall. the experience however, could be better with a happy ending. after chasing the story from head to toe, having Angeles fell under Madness' control just completely ruined the satisfaction.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (2012)

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Nyaruko was from the outer space, somewhere unknown to humankind. she met with Mahiro, her only human friend on earth. however at the same time, the powerful ones from myths were coming to earth, targeting Nyaruko and Mahiro. Mahiro was utterly clueless about Nyaruko's true nature. despite his love for peace, he was dragged into crisis after crisis by Nyaruko. to make things interesting, the myths characters often took the appearance of a cute girl or boy.

despite the beautiful visual, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (2012) was somewhat typical. there were no special plot, just some random events thrown together. the comedies were overused and repetitive, making it tiring at some point. the strength of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (2012) probably laid within its characters. they were memorable and each unique in their own style. it can be entertaining if the focus was on looking at the beautiful characters and visuals, while paying less attention to its storyline.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Sea of Tranquility (2012)

The Sea of Tranquility

Nastya arrived at a new town, with the purpose of getting through high school without anyone knowing about her past and to make the boy who took everything from her pay. with everyone dead in his family, Josh only wanted to be left alone to his passion of furniture building. everyone had no problem giving him space, until the arrival of Nastya. the night she showed up at his garage, his life was anything but peaceful. the more he got to know her, the more mysterious she seemed. as their relationship intensified, unanswered questions began to pile up, with everything threatened to fall apart.

The Sea of Tranquility (2012) was a slow-paced romance between a lonely boy and an emotionally fragile girl, with the presence and miracle of second chances. despite its pace, the story was engaging and intriguing. the emotions alone was enough to drain me of my thoughts and tears. it was easy to get caught up and utterly swept away into an emotional storm, but with a storyline so rich that it was like i had experienced it myself. the relationship between Nastya and Josh was so beautiful and dramatic that every little details contributed to the emotionally intense world that the book created.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Taburakashi: Daikou Joyuugyou Maki (2012)

Taburakashi: Daikou Joyuugyou Maki

Maki had a huge debt after the theater company closed down and broken up the group. she went for an audition at OR Corporation, a suspicious looking company that hired contract actors. the President tested Maki's talent and decided to hire her as their actress. Maki soon learned that her stage now was in the real world, where the company would send their actors into the daily lives of its client by request. she found herself playing various roles, including murdered victim, new wife, even a corpse, in order to assist the investigation that often led to insurance fraud.

Maki was an interesting character to look at. despite being serious looking, she was put into absurd situation where she had to save herself or at least adapt into the circumstances in order to blend into her role. it was sometimes hilarious, other times eerie to look at. but as she played more and more roles, her character became even more engaging and her growth reassuring. the storyline of Taburakashi (2012) was so unique that it hooked me until the very last role she was put in. she could drew laughter at the most unlikely moment and easily held my interest throughout the series.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

She Lies Twisted (2012)

She Lies Twisted

death followed Neil everywhere. first her father, then mother, then her twin sister Jessica. now it had taken away the only person she could rely on, her best friend Boyd. she now lived in her Grandmother's house, but unfortunately Grandma Willow was too senile to even recognized Neil, where she was often found lost in her own world. overwhelmed with sadness, Neil went to the beach with the hope of saying her last goodbye to Boyd. but before she knew it, she was pushed from the cliff, plunging into the rocks, by a form that took the appearance of Jessica.

She Lies Twisted (2012) was somewhat tragic and dark, but inspiring and unique. the paranormal aspect of life after death was surprisingly original and engaging. there were quite an amount of emotional moments for Neil, though most of them repetitive. it can be frustrating but in one way or another, helped in building the atmosphere and feelings towards each character as it was seen in Neil's eyes. she was a character easy to relate to, but slightly too depressive to be lovable. James was there to provide a little romance and friendship for the story.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (2012)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Shizuku was a book worm, she had little interest in everything other than her grades. one day, she was asked to bring some handouts to Haru, the boy seated next to her but was currently suspended due to being in a fight. because of that, Haru mistakenly assumed Shizuku a friend. despite the fight, Haru had a innocent personality, who also had growing feelings towards Shizuku. soon she realized that he was more than what he seemed, having to decide how far she would let Haru into her life.

having both romance and comedy in one show definitely made the experience entertaining. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (2012) was the perfect example. Shizuku and Haru made a very unique duo. they were both loners, extremely different in their own ways. the combination itself was enough to had one laugh their heart out. they blurted out everything on their mind, speaking their mind, which made the awkwardness so adorable and lovable. it reminds me so much of Toradora (2008), perhaps a little Dragon Crisis (2011) and Acchi Kocchi (2012).

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I, Emma Freke (2010)

I, Emma Freke

Emma was a 12-year-old, but her six feet tall figure gave her a hard time, her bright red hair made her stood out, while her name Emma Freke, if read slowly became "Am a Freak" only made matter worst. she was an outcast in school, often being laughed at. she was raised by her mother Donatella, a 47-year-old that dated more often than possible, leaving Emma behind to take care of her bead shop. one day, she received an invitation to attend the Frekes' family reunion. while she was too tall, too pale to the others, she was actually considered the prettiest among the Frekes. soon Emma discovered that Donatella wasn't as bad a mother as she thought, there were far more terrible situation at the reunion.

I, Emma Freke (2010) was an easy read. Emma was an awkward child, but absolutely lovable. having to take care of herself and the adults around her, she matured much more sooner than an average 12-year-old. her redeeming her self-esteem while meeting with relatives she never once knew exist, was somewhat ironic. the story was often entertaining and humorous, especially coming from friends of Emma, who were often outgoing and cheerful, while completely adored Emma. the journey of watching Emma grew into herself was so delightful and heartwarming that it made I, Emma Freke (2010) an absolutely pleasant read.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toshi Densetsu no Onna (2012)

Toshi Densetsu no Onna

Otonashi was obsessed with urban legends (toshi densetsu). she become a detective to establish proof of the involvement of urban legends in criminal cases. she was assigned to the investigation team led by Tannai. whenever a new case was assigned to their team, she would first consider its association with urban legend. when formal investigation appeared to be wrong, she would slipped out from work and proceed with her own investigation, dragging Katsuura along and angered Tannai at the same time.

as dark or eerie as the urban legend that Otonashi concluded to have a connection with the case that she was investigating, investigations was always fun whenever she was involved. her characteristic outshone the common investigators with her insisting on wearing colorful clothing, short skirts or pants, and high heels. she would ran from one scene to another, as fast as her heels allowed her to, while having forensics Katsuura following closely behind, like a good puppy. they were absolutely adorable to watch.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Into the Deep (2012)

Into the Deep

Ivy was best friends with Christy, Tiana, and Eliza. their midnight party by the pool side landed her under the water, almost drown, and hit her head under the water. when she woke up, she discovered that she had the ability to listen to people's thoughts. due the the ability, she was able to truly see who her real friends were. she got closer to Brant, a delinquent who was a far better friend that anyone expected. at the same time, she heard a thought that wanted the death of every student on campus. with the help of Brant, she had to figure out whose secret planning it was, and stop them before it was too late.

Into the Deep (2012) was an entertaining read. it stood out for being so different and intriguing. Ivy was a seemingly innocent character until she obtained the ability to read thoughts. she went through the struggle of containing the ability to acceptance, which finally put it to good use. romance wise, she was so perfect with Brant that made them delicious to look at. him helping her with her ability came somewhat on the right timing, which was when her ability drew her crazy yet she failed to confine her secret to anyone else. the bombing was completely unpredictable and became an almost interesting side plot. Ivy's growth was obvious, from being a follower, she transformed into someone that could handle big happenings without crumbling like she expect herself to. there were so much going on that there were no dull moments in Into the Deep (2012).

Monday, November 19, 2012

Street Fighter (1994)

Street Fighter (1994)

Street Fighter (1994) was based loosely on its video games by Capcom. Allied Nations was a military force led by General Bison, the drug lord. via a live TV broadcast, Bison demanded Colonel Guile, the regional commander, to secure a ransom for the hostages he captured while hold Guile accountable. Guile's assistant, Cammy was able to partially trace Bison's signal, determining his hideout. Bison planned to make full use of the the hostages to help him concur the world. Guile sought out more men to help him crush Bison's hideout.

many claimed the film to be bad, but from what we saw from its video games, i would say it represented the game fairly well! it wasn't believable but nor was the game, which in our view, made the film interesting! unfortunately there weren't much CGI or sleek costumes back in the 90s, which made the satisfaction of watching the game characters came to live slightly insufficient.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 Weeks (2012)

10 Weeks

Kay-Kay had new Alex since she was nine, attending summer camp. he had always been her friend, leading her and understanding her more than anyone else. now that she turned nineteen, Alex had became something more, but he was forty. she way she wanted him had her struggle whether giving her heart will be worth risking her future over. Jody wasn't the type of girl who went after the good-looking guys, she enjoyed the company of her steady boyfriend that she had been together for years. but when he dumped her out of the blue and the hot Irish bartender seemed interested in getting to know her, the summer became anything but expected. Sam had bad experience with love. meeting Nate, the perfect guy for her was terrifying. she ran, but he followed with texts and finally forced his way back into her life, forcing her to confront her fear by opening her heart.

though everything took place during that 10 weeks of summer camp, it was actually 3 separate romance. all 3 girls were different and had their own strength. Kay-Kay was the most daring of all, flaunting everything she had just to tease Alex. Alex failing to reveal that he had an ex-wife threw Kay-Kay off her balance but soon regained it as she was unable to bear with the thought of losing him. Jody was the only virgin among the girls, causing her to be often teased. getting the hot guy was never her intention, yet her firm personality drew him in. Sam was the one that had the perfect guy. being dancers, they fit into each others' arm so perfectly that it was painful to see them spending time apart. while it was fun to read about these romances, it could be even more engaging if they had more connection between them.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hot Chelle Rae: Honestly (2012)


Honestly (2012) was the third single of Hot Chelle Rae's second album Whatever (2011). it was released in March 2012. the previous 2 singles were Tonight Tonight (2011) and I Like It Like That (2011). the video was released also in March 2012, featuring Ashley Benson from tv series Pretty Little Liars. the song had a lively feel to it. although i couldn't find myself fully enjoying its lyrics, i definitely enjoyed its cheerful beat.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Keeping Secrets #2: Saving Zoë (2007)

Saving Zoë

Echo was an avarage teenage going through high school, but also dealing with the murder of her sister Zoë. Zoë was the one who held their family together, the loud and outspoken, beautiful and full of life sister, who was a complete opposite of Echo. the tragedy changed everything, her family had fallen apart, crumbling under the pressure. one day Marc, Zoë's boyfriend showed up with her diary. out of curiosity, Echo started reading and learned that her sister led a secret life that no one could have guessed.

even though i was expecting, even hoping for something major to be recorded inside Zoë's diary, it turned out Zoë was just another teenager that partied too much and wanted to be someone famous. this part of her was hidden so well that even Echo failed to notice. while Echo attempt to hang onto Marc just to feel close to Zoë, Marc did the same, both equally lost and refused to move on. Saving Zoë (2007) wasn't about literally saving Zoë from being murder, but just revealing what impact her death did to those she left behind. despite trying to be touching and engaging, the plot was as dull as Faking 19 (2005). it took way too long to reveal that there were actually nothing much going on for the whole book. 2 bad books in a row, i truly prefer Alyson Noel in her absolutely delicious Immortals series (2009-2010) than these aimless teen novels.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Penelope (2006)


generations ago, a witch placed a curse on the Wilhern family after their son broke his promise of marrying her pregnant daughter. the curse was on the next daughter of the family to have the face of a pig. after 5 generations of sons, Penelope was born with the curse. the curse can be lifted if someone could learn to love her, which her mother interpreted as a marriage with the royal blood.

as silly and predictable as the story was, a fairy tale twist made the film highly entertaining. being brought up blaming her weird appearance on the curse and being locked up in a house, Penelope wasn't given a chance to love herself. but once she left and mingled among the commoners, she started to appreciate herself while seeing the bigger world. the experience turned her into a charming and lovable character, which made the film so much fun to watch.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Answer~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan (2012)

Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan

the police was expected to swiftly solve cases. but when crime scenes detectives responded to those expectations, they sometimes jumped to a wrong conclusions. Shinkai was newly assigned to the Evidence Verification Section, where they were given the responsibility to prevent incorrect convictions sentenced by the crime scenes detectives. before Shinkai came, the department only corrected typographical errors before approving the documents. but the moment Shinkai became their leader, her sharp minded personality insisted on verifying every single case themselves. when suspicions were found, she would overturned the case and find the true criminals.

being outspoken and intolerable, Shinkai outshone even the crime scenes detectives. while her team was originally comfortable staying in the office, never had any experience whatsoever on the field, she brought them out into the world for investigations that eventually built up their characteristic and sensitiveness. professionalism was also brought onto the table frequently, proving that just because the detectives were the best in their department and jobs, it still doesn't mean that they were always correct. while Shinkai was glittering in the spotlight, her team was her comedic support. they were fun and impressive to watch, struggling with their very best effort to get the truth out in the open, where their hard work would eventually paid off, earning them the satisfaction of being recognized as competent officers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brave 10 (2012)

Brave 10

a young ninja named Saizou was seeking out the meaning and direction of his life when he encountered Isanami, a miko assaulted by assassins. he saved her and escorted her to her destination by being her temporary bodyguard. when they arrived at a protected territory of Sanada, he met with Sasuke, leader of a famous ninja group. Sanada had be gathering 10 warriors known as the Brave 10, who they believed to have the power to change history. as they continued to gather the members, Isanami's mysterious power awakened.

the historical background of the anime was sophisticated. fights were usually stretched from 1 to 2 episodes, though necessary to elaborate on its story. the plot was fairly predictable, storyline not entirely in depth. the first episode were the whole anime's strongest point, where Saizou and his skills and attitude being captivating and promising. unfortunately the focus slowly faded away and gradually he became an uninteresting character. time were spent so much on introducing each of the 10 characters, making it long-winded if not seemingly unimportant.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Keeping Secrets #1: Faking 19 (2005)

Faking 19

17-year-old Alex was beautiful and smart, and also the best friend of M, the most popular girl in school, so rich and perfect. bored with the small town they were in, they often drove to LA for its delicious night life. often pretended to be 19, they hit it off with guys. the last trip introduced them to 2 rich guys, Trevor and Connor, working for the music industry. Alex couldn't believe her luck, for she was secretly struggling with her failing grades, her divorced father had refused to pay for college despite her losing the scholarship. the adventure was initially fun, but soon circumstances arose and Alex was forced to reevaluate her friendship with M, who hid more secrets by building bigger and bigger lies.

Alex was a complicated character. she started out being indifferent about school, failing grades and skipping classes, which she wasn't before. she used to be the top, a straight-A student with scholarships waiting for her to graduate. the reason that she changed was undisclosed, which was quite frustrating. Faking 19 (2005) went on and on about their trips to LA, different guys, different clubs, same scenario that always ended them in someone's bed! unfortunately clubs and drugs never did seem appealing enough to be glamorous for me, thus the failed attempt to beautify their trips and adventures. that alone was enough to make the story to go stale.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zombieland (2009)


the story took place in a time when the world was taken over by zombies. a college student managed to survive by being extremely careful while avoiding public places. he decided to travel to Ohio to see whether his parents are alive. he met with a wandering survivor on the highway. then another 2 girls at the grocery store, who tricked them into surrendering their weapons and taking their vehicle. a truce was soon formed between the 4 and they traveled together while taking down zombies.

the film wasn't brilliant but it was entertaining enough. it stood out for being different, especially for being one of the very first zombie comedy we came across. unfortunately, we weren't able to find ourselves enjoying it. flesh-eating zombies had always been one of the best characters used in horror, sometimes even difficult to make believable. with a little blood here and there, the zombies in Zombieland (2009) felt like an insult. the plot random and lacked of depth.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Angela 张韶涵: Visible Wings 有形的翅膀 (2012)

Visible Wings

3 years after her previous album, Angela came out with her 5th album Visible Wings (有形的翅膀). it was released in October 2012, together with the released of multiple MVs, including 最近好嗎 in Sept 2012, 淋雨一直走 and 有形的翅膀 in Oct 2012. the first single for Visible Wings (2012) was That Girl (2012). despite her daring outfit and change for That Girl (2012) MV, she returned to her innocent self for the remaining MVs. all 3 MVs were taken in Rome, having either the theme of heartbreak, romance, or just plain cheerfulness.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai 2 Maku (2012)
探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ 第2幕

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai 2 Maku

taken place in a future world, humans used Toys that granted them superhuman abilities, such as telekinesis and mind reading ability. this led to some minor crimes and the Toy-using detectives had to track down the offenders and bring them to justice. Opera ran a detective agency named Milky Holmes, together with 4 cheerful and energetic girls to help her out. Sheryl, Nero, Elly and Cordelia were the most popular students at Holmes Detective Academy. using their Toys and teamwork, the four girls were able to solve many cases.

there were plenty of random humor in the anime, some unfortunately, were not so funny at all. as suspected, the plot was far from being too serious with itself, mostly spontaneous if not redundant. the unique personalities of each character was what made the anime interesting. however, the repetitiveness of the humor only furthermore killed the already lacking storyline.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Raft (2012)

The Raft

Robie often flew between Midway Atoll, where her biologist parents lived, and Honolulu, where her aunt Jilian lived. her trip was cut short when aunt Jilian had to travel to LA for work. decided since she knew the pilot Larry personally, she would get on the next flight home without contacting her parents, since the satellite phone was down. she got to know Max, the new co-pilot on board. but during their flight, turbulence hit and the plane crashed. being thrown into the sea, Max pulled her onto the emergency raft and they were set adrift with no sign of help on the way.

despite the limitation of its plot, The Raft (2012) managed to hold my interest until the very last page. there were points where Robie would go on and on about some birds, or sharks, or even a dinner at home. but it wasn't too much or unbearable since these scenes and knowledge sort of bound us to Robie, grounding her as a real person, which eventually grew on us. the moment an unexpected twist was revealed, it was so creepy that i had to recall everything that happened to see if it make sense. when it did, it sent goosebumps all over my body. that was deliciously good! i got immensely absorbed into the book, especially the emotionally helpless parts, yet she would do something out of our expectation and somehow survived.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Robotropolis (2011)


a group of reporters were broadcasting a new facility that was maintained by robots. but when one of the robots went out of control and started to kill humans who defy them, the reporters found themselves in dangerous position. the robots started to hunt down humans, killing everyone that they came in contact with, generally labeling humans to be a threat.

despite being a thriller, the film lacked suspense and creativity. nor was their fear or emotional presentation enough to engage us. there weren't any in depth storyline, the rest of the film after the first human was shot, were mostly repetitive. running, screaming, fire everywhere, more running. it wasn't even believable. it truly can't get any worst.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Fun: Some Nights (2012)

Some Nights

the single Some Nights (2012) was taken from the second album of pop band Fun, where the album was also named Some Nights (2012). while he album was released in February 2012, the single was in June 2012. the album's first single was We Are Young, released in September 2011. their previous and first album was named Aim and Ignite (2009). the 3 members of Fun were originally from The Format, Anathallo and Steel Train. while The Format and Anathallo were disbanded, Steel Train still existed until this very day.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Pokemon Best Wishes! (2010)

Pokemon Best Wishes!

from Kanto, Satoshi headed to the Unova region with Pikachu. during his journey, he met a new rival, a trainer named Trip. but at the same time, he gained new travelling companions named Iris and Cilan. Iris was from a town well known for its Dragon Pokemon, while Cilan was a Pokemon specialist. together, they met with the region's Professor Juniper.

out of curiosity, i caught a few episodes of Pokemon Best Wishes! (2010) just for the feel of it. as expected, the repetitiveness was there. the trio traveled into a new region and fought through tournaments with their Pokemon. the most exciting scenes for any Pokemon series, was always its tournaments despite the repetitiveness. while one wouldn't grow attached to the trio, i definitely grew attached to their Pokemons.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape (2012)

Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape

the day Lucy got her PhD was the day Paul broke up with her, admitting having another relationship. she hung out with Will and Jen, whom she had been best friends with for ages. they were so involved in each others' life that it was difficult to imagine going through the heartbreak alone. but out of the blue, Lucy signed them up for the Extreme Adventure Race that Paul was passionate about, at first was to get Paul back, but soon became a mission to rediscover her confidence. at the same time, she was offered a place in a popular research university, possibly leaving the college where they currently taught.

Lucy was at a dramatic point of her life, where everything doesn't went as it was expected to, but taking drastic turns for a completely different direction instead. Will and Jen were truly the miracles of her life, the guardian angels that we all desperately needed. from wanting Paul back for herself to pushing him out of her life, Lucy's growth made her inspiring and lovable. but of course, without Will and Jen there to banter and force the truth out of her, Lucy wouldn't be such interesting character. Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape (2012) was often humorous, even at critical or supposedly nerve-wrecking moments, making it somewhat sweet and relieving at the same time. it was a fast and absolutely adorable read.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

Monsters vs Aliens

Susan was hit by a meteorite on her wedding day, absorbing some of the substance that caused her to grow into a giant. the military captured her and placed her together with some other monster in a top secret prison. when an alien named Gallaxhar detected the substance, he arrived to collect Susan. a robot was deployed and it destroyed everything in sight. Susan and her monster friends was the town's only hope of winning against the alien.

the animation was hilarious! it was fun, imaginative, fast paced and had many entertaining characters that created many good laughs. the monsters, though looking neither beautiful nor alluring, had absolutely lovable personalities that soon had us rooting for them. the clever dialogues and exaggerated actions turned out to be a perfect combination, creating a mood so unique that made the animation so much fun.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Kelly Clarkson: Dark Side (2012)

Dark Side

from Kelly Clarkson's fifth album "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" (2011), "Mr. Know It All" (2011) was released in September 2011 as its first single, Stronger (2012) released in January 2012 as its second single, and Dark Side (2012) being its third single, released in Jun 2012. the video was released in May 2012. its theme focused on Acceptance, with bullying, drugs and alcohol abuse, lack of confidence due to physical appearances, and other struggles in life. Dark Side (2012) had received many positive reviews, praising that Kelly Clarkson's vocal performance was absolutely haunting and breathtaking.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 (2012)
ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ シーズン2

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2

Ash, Iris and Dent continued travelling through the Isshu region with their Pokemon, while Satoshi participated in his league challenge. in the meanwhile, Team Rocket and Giovanni captured a legendary Pokemon name Meloetta by applying various plots.

having watched Pokemon as a child, i returned watching Best Wishes (2012), feeling nostalgic as i remembered Misty and Brock, whom unfortunately were no longer hanging with Ash. comparing Iris with Misty and Trip with Brock was a painful experience. other than being unattractive, they were loud. fortunately, it got better as i got used to their characters and felt less annoyed along the way. but to be honest, it has gotten more and more difficult to watch a children anime and felt as impressed as we did back then.