Saturday, November 10, 2012

Angela 张韶涵: Visible Wings 有形的翅膀 (2012)

Visible Wings

3 years after her previous album, Angela came out with her 5th album Visible Wings (有形的翅膀). it was released in October 2012, together with the released of multiple MVs, including 最近好嗎 in Sept 2012, 淋雨一直走 and 有形的翅膀 in Oct 2012. the first single for Visible Wings (2012) was That Girl (2012). despite her daring outfit and change for That Girl (2012) MV, she returned to her innocent self for the remaining MVs. all 3 MVs were taken in Rome, having either the theme of heartbreak, romance, or just plain cheerfulness.

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