Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl (2015)

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Sunshine never fit in wherever she went. moving to a new town with her mother, she was reluctant coming face to face with a seemingly haunted house. her mother wouldn’t believe that the house was haunted no matter how many times she tried to convince or find evidence of it to show her. In her new school, she met with Nolan, a guy that believed her and together, they research on the house and its invisible resident, even possible residents.

the book was a huge magnet from its very first page. Sunshine was such a special character that it was impossible not to root for her. as curios as I was and hope to uncover the mystery soonest possible, I found myself enjoying every moment of it, questioning every little clue thrown in my way. what seemed like a simple ghost story turned out to be a whole new introduction of an interesting paranormal being named Luisearch. while I found learning about a whole new being tedious, I was pleased with how the story turned out to be, especially the cliffhanger in the end, which signified a possible second installment.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We Were Liars (2014)

We Were Liars

Cadence, Mirren, Johnny, and Gat were best friends. but that was before Cadence had an accident. only in her underwear, she hit her head on the rock under the river and was found laying, shivering by the shore hours later. since then, her divorced parents had tried to give her space, allowing her to regain her memories naturally. her father brought her all over the world; while her mother brought her back to the town where she grew up in. with her old friends, she slowly regained her memories and found out about the truth behind her accident.

with quite a numerous of characters to follow, the book was quite a tedious read. half way through the book I still couldn’t root for its characters, not even the Cadence. It always felt like everyone had a secret agenda, something wrong with how they behave or even with what they said. when all finally became clear and the mystery solved, things became clear. by the end of the book, I still haven’t fell for any of the characters and was pleased to come to the very last page. despite finally knowing the truth, there were little satisfaction, only time to move onto the next book.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Entertaining Angels (2014)

Entertaining Angels

Sam was a far too ordinary teenager that wanted to keep her grades up until graduation. everything changed when she was one day, kidnapped by a serial killer. she escaped, but not without help. her savior was an angel wielding a flaming sword. despite how hard she tried to continue living her life, she couldn’t get the angel out of her head. her parents sent her to a psychiatrist when she mentioned being saved by an angel. but when danger continued seeking her out, it only furthered confirmed the existence of the angel and how it protected her from the demons that were coming for her.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. I started out the book struggling to get absorbed into its story, overwhelmed over Sam’s experience with the serial killer, finding it difficult to picture anything that she was going through. half way through the book, I started to feel pleased that I stayed with the story instead of giving up on it. the chase became much more intense after I got to know Sam even better after her traumatic encounter with the serial killer. to add icing on the cake, the book finally introduced the mysterious angel. the tough personality only added to his deliciousness. I was glad to have enjoyed Sam’s relationship with Terem, it was both light and intense at the same time, which had me appreciate it even more.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Divided #1: Divided (2014)


Arya had lived with the tribe for all her life. they often changed location due to the horrifying Hunters, who killed every survivor that they came across. the tribe lived in constant fear, avoiding the Hunters on all cost. from her childhood memories, Arya remembered having a twin sister Kayra, whom she assumed had died with her parents. When she found out that Kayra was alive and living in a safe haven, known as the Compound, Arya was determined to seek her out. the twins secretly held telepathic ability, being able to communicate with each other with their mind. however, once they fell in love, their ability would be lost.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book was surprisingly engaging the moment I started turning the pages. the unfamiliar backdrop took some getting used to, but Arya was a character so charismatic that I rooted for her after only a hand full of paragraphs. Kai’s character however, wasn’t as lovable for being all heroic and sacrificing. it was so captivating to see if Arya would choose Kai over Kayra. Kayra’s side of the story was far more familiar when it came to post-apocalyptic backdrops. she was equally relatable and intriguing compared to her twin. I was pleased to have picked out the book, it was so entertaining that I was able to enjoy some delicious goose bumps along the way.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

In Your Dreams #4: Beyond Your Dreams (2014)

Beyond Your Dreams

Kieran went through with the treatment for his peculiar condition and was left with amnesia, its side effect. unlike his friend, Cooper who went through the same thing but regained his memories in just a few weeks, Kieran’s came back only little after months. Zip, his girlfriend before he lost his memories, struggled along with him, trying to deal with his condition. but it was a situation that tested their relationship, pushing them towards breakup. while Zip tried to focus on her basketball to lessen the pain, she had an injury that stopped her from playing basketball anymore.

I received free e-books from the author in exchange for reviews. last book of the series was the most natural among the four. It was like any other romance, where the duo got to know each other and slowly getting close, lastly fell in love all over again. unlike the previous 3 books, this installment had little to no surprises. fortunately it was still an easy read. the happy ending added to the satisfaction of the overall series, putting a perfect closure to the lengthy storyline.

Friday, May 15, 2015

In Your Dreams #3: Before You Sleep (2014)

Before You Sleep

ever since Kieran stop being able to see into the future, he had been worried that his death was near. trying to convince him otherwise, his girlfriend, Zip tried to engage him into enrolling for college like the rest of them. one of his best friends, Cooper who had the same diagnose as him, went through with a new treatment that put him under in a coma and woken with an amnesia. but weeks into his recoveries, Cooper regained his memories and finally lived a life not falling asleep without intending to. seeing the bright side, Kieran decided to take the chance as well, accepting the treatment.

I received free e-books from the author in exchange for reviews. like all its previous installments, the book took its time elaborating every moment in details, other than the critical ones. plenty of time was spent on minor happenings, even repetitively on certain conversations, which all together had me skipped lines just to get to the main plot. fortunately, with enough curiosity, I managed to finish the book, not without struggles, but not without satisfaction as well. the story had gotten interesting during the last quarter of the book, where it was no longer about the duo not being able to keep their hands off each other, but about the unknown of the treatment.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

In Your Dreams #2: As You Wake (2013)

As You Wake

right before Zip left for her father's place in Chicago for the holiday as it had been over the years ever since her parents divorced, Kieran decided to run away from home. despite Zip's effort to do everything she could to escape from the trip in searching for her boyfriend, her mother was determined to follow the rules set years ago. however, the adults' plan didn't go according to plan when Kayla decided to "kidnap" Zip from Zip's father and drove themselves all the way to North Carolina, where Kieran's journal showed he would be.

I received free e-books from the author in exchange for reviews. I dove into the book with high expectations and was greeted with a somewhat distracting graduation. fortunately, after the slight drag, I was pleased to have the chance to spend time with my two favorite characters, Zip and Kayla. the road trip was such a feast, with delicious back stories especially about Kayla that I looked forward so much during the read of book one. definitely much more appealing than the repetitive parental talks Zip had with her parents. I didn’t enjoy the increased number of people having conditions like Kieran, but am still intrigued with the direction the story was going to take for its next installment.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Insanity (2014)


Forest was a foster kid who worked at Lincoln Hospital, a mental institution. the hospital was a crossway, where paranormal activities took place on a daily basis. but to earn some money for college, Forest had to forced herself through the routine just to be closer to her dreams. one night, in the underground tunnel, an agent of the Devil appeared to banish the wandering spirits. Levi had been on the job forever, under the guidance of his grandmother Imogene. the duo met for the first time and formed an unlikely bond of light and darkness.

the book was a fast and absolutely captivating read. it was impossible to put down the moment I started it. Forest and Levi were characters so beautiful that that I found myself rooted for them the very first minute I got to know them a little more. there were some slight struggles during the transition between reading from one character’s perspective than another. but when the story piece together just as perfectly, it bore no bad effect towards the book. it was surprising to see that even a story as haunting and paranormal as this was able to come off perfect for a romance. the book was an entertaining as well as satisfying experience.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Cahill Witch Chronicles #3: Sisters' Fate (2014)

Sisters' Fate

with Finn’s memories of Cath erased, Cath was determined to protect more of those whom she cared for. after rescuing girls, witches and non-witches from the asylum, the Brotherhood captured some escaped patients as well. when a public execution was in place, Cath and a few witches got together to create an illusion fire, causing the people and the Brothers to run, while Cath and her friends helped the patients escape. despite some unavoidable deaths, it was a success. with advices from her sister and friends, Cath decided to tell Finn the truth, about the day his memories was erased.

third and last book into the series, the book was rewardingly entertaining. I enjoyed many moments between Cath and Finn, especially her raw angers that made her a human and very much relatable, especially if compared to an average and perfect main character. her struggles made me appreciate her effort and hard work, how she threw herself out there, giving all she had just to help one single person. I had mixed emotions towards Tess, a supposedly perfect character. her reluctance to tell Cath her visions, as well as her urge to still protect Maura. Maura on the other hand I found difficult to hate. as the pages progressed, she transformed from a distasteful character into a pitiful character. I enjoyed the twist of the prophecy the most, the killing that supposedly took place on a certain character took a huge turn and the spotlight was shifted to an unexpected candidate instead. It was most satisfying to find the perfect end to their relationship, which turned out to be so much more rewarding than I imagined.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Cahill Witch Chronicles #2: Star Cursed (2013)

Star Cursed

on the surface, the Sisterhood seemed to be serving the god like the Brotherhood; but secretly, while the Brotherhood hunted witches throughout the land, the Sisterhood recruited only witches. desperate for Cate to join them, the Sisterhood assigned Elena into the Cahill family, with the intention of recruiting all three sisters. Cate surprised everyone by joining the Sisterhood in exchange for their freedom. however, one of her sister, Maura, was determined to join the Sisterhood. to further complicate things, when one of Cate’s friend was arrested for using magic, Cate had to risk everyone she loved to save her friend.

second book into the series was slightly less intriguing compared to the first book. but it was nonetheless an easy read as curiosity still got a better hold of me. It was most interesting to see how the three sisters would turn out to be. according to the prophecy, one of the sister would become the enemy, which was very much visible throughout the pages. as much as I found Maura more and more distasteful, I was also waiting for them to proof the prophecy wrong. since according to Tess, it was very much possible to change the outcome of any foreseen vision. with fingers-crossed, I hope to enjoy the last installment that should be the most interesting amongst the three books.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Cahill Witch Chronicles #1: Born Wicked (2012)

Born Wicked

the story took place during a time where witchery was forbidden. Cate, Maura, and Tess were three sisters, also three witches. as rare as it was for a family to have more than one witch, the three sisters were all witches, which caused Cate to believe that they were the sisters mentioned in the prophecy. threatened by the prophecy, the Brotherhood continued to capture and kill witches. as the eldest, Cate vowed to protect her sisters from the Brotherhood, while secretly taught them spells. also at the age of marriage, Cate was forced to make a decision, whether to wed or join the Sisterhood.

the book was a fast and easy read. Cate was a character very easy to root for, the storyline was captivating and often curiosity got the best of me, pushing and pulling me forward. I found myself flipping the pages eagerly wanting to know what happen next. despite the seemingly complicated plot and its subplots, I was surprised to never once got lost in it, but only hunger for more details. the book ended with an unexpected twist as well as a delicious cliffhanger that immediately pulled me towards its second installment.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Worldwalker #1: Trial by Fire (2014)

Trial by Fire

Lily was a high school student, with grave sickness and allergies that threatened to kill her any minute. but she pushed her way through classes, trying to enjoy every moment she had with the new relationship she had with Tristan, who was originally her best friend and recently, boyfriend. when one of the guys slipped alcohol into her drinks during a party, her allergies took charged and she had a seizure right in front of everyone. a voice in her head spoke to her, asking for her permission, which she granted. instantly she found herself waking up in a different place, a place where she met Lilian, her other self.

the book had a slow start, taking its time to have us experience her normal high school life. the seemingly ordinary plot suddenly took a twist and transformed into an historical/futuristic story. as uninterested as I was with historical/science fictions, I found myself hooked with her bizarre encounters that I continued obediently through the pages in hope of finding out where the story was heading. despite the complications, it was so intriguing to learn more about willstones and how fragile they were; the intimate connection it held between itself and its owner, also how one person should never handle another person’s willstones. It was surprisingly satisfying every time I found myself in Lily’s shoes, experiencing what she was experiencing, transmitting the power as well as getting drowned in the unique sensation. the goose bumps turned out to be the most rewarding and welcoming sensation throughout the book.

Friday, May 08, 2015

The Ghost House Saga #1: Ghost House (2014)

Ghost House

Chloe just recently lost her mother. her ability to see ghosts stayed hidden for the last 10 years of her life. but after her mother’s death, Chloe started to see them again, some more ghastly than the other. to have some time alone, her father sent Chloe and her brother, Rory, to live with their grandmother in a country estate in England. but on the very first day Chloe reached Grange Hall, she met with a mysterious stranger. Alexander was supposedly dead, keeping dark secrets of the Grange Hall but held a lifelike presence that fooled even Chloe. as they gotten to know each other more, it awaken Isobel, the vengeful spirit of Alexander’s lover who would destroyed anyone who threatened to take him from her.

the book took its sweet time to elaborate on every single little details. although it gave precise description of its backdrops and characters, it got a little repetitive and tend to drag the focus a little more than usual. the idea of having Chloe being able to see ghosts to its utmost details were the most intriguing attraction of the book. it was understandable but still a little disappointing to find her shutting them off instead of interacting with most of those that appeared to her. I found myself skipping lines just to get to the juicy part, reading only paragraphs or conversations every now and then just to not miss the main direction the story was heading. the intimacy between Chloe and Alexander was also too cheesy to my liking, making it less believable and engaging that even half way through the book I found it difficult to root for them.