Friday, May 15, 2015

In Your Dreams #3: Before You Sleep (2014)

Before You Sleep

ever since Kieran stop being able to see into the future, he had been worried that his death was near. trying to convince him otherwise, his girlfriend, Zip tried to engage him into enrolling for college like the rest of them. one of his best friends, Cooper who had the same diagnose as him, went through with a new treatment that put him under in a coma and woken with an amnesia. but weeks into his recoveries, Cooper regained his memories and finally lived a life not falling asleep without intending to. seeing the bright side, Kieran decided to take the chance as well, accepting the treatment.

I received free e-books from the author in exchange for reviews. like all its previous installments, the book took its time elaborating every moment in details, other than the critical ones. plenty of time was spent on minor happenings, even repetitively on certain conversations, which all together had me skipped lines just to get to the main plot. fortunately, with enough curiosity, I managed to finish the book, not without struggles, but not without satisfaction as well. the story had gotten interesting during the last quarter of the book, where it was no longer about the duo not being able to keep their hands off each other, but about the unknown of the treatment.

author: Amy Martin
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal

In Your Dreams series:
- In Your Dreams (2012)
- As You Wake (2013)
- Before You Sleep (2014)
- Beyond Your Dreams (2014)

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