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time to sleep .. *snuggle*



Sukeban Deka: Codename = Asamiya Saki スケバン刑事 コードネーム=麻宮サキ (2006)

Sukeban Deka: Codename = Asamiya Saki

the film is taken from a manga (Japanese comic), named "Sukeban Deka" (スケバン刑事). teenage detective - Asamiya Saki (麻宮 サキ) - is back on the screen, with her schoolgirl uniform and skull-cracking yo-yo skills.

Contract Lover 合约情人 (2007)

Contract Lover

as the title as mentioned, they started out as contract lovers. Rickie needed Fan to act rude n sexy, so that his family will oppose. n asked him to find a better girlfriend, which is Kate. there are of course comedy. some involved sexual jokes, which turned out to be quite impolite n annoying. wonder where is the "funny" part in it. for it seems more like making fun of others. *thoughts* a typical love story. everything is expected. no surprised, no heart-touching scene. just plain comedy. came out from the cinema feeling kinda "empty". hm .. *speechless*


一、有两颗鸡蛋,一颗生的,一颗熟的。有四个地方让你放鸡蛋,那请问你会将蛋放在哪里???(可以放在同一个地方,也可以放不同地方,但必须记住 "生" 和 "熟" 分别放在哪里喔!)
1. 树上
2. 水中
3. 土中
4. 口袋中

1. 用美妙的歌声使人心醉
2. 模仿对方恋人的声音
3. 散发迷人的树香
4. 利用飞翔在它周围的小鸟使者
5. 什么都不做,只是静静等待好奇的人走过来

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

independence day..


telecommunication company

31st August is Malaysia's Independence Day (Hari Merdeka).

this year - 2007 - it will be the 50th anniversary of its independence from the British colonial rule. there are excessive amounts of flags being displayed, especially in town area. a sign of loving the country? hm ..

Spam Comment.

another spam comment on my previous post - "listener" that we need ..

it goes:
Dear Friend,
A group of researchers at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, are investigating effects of Weblogs on “Social Capital”. Therefore, they have designed an online survey. By participating in this survey you will help researches in “Management Information Systems” and “Sociology”. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this survey. It will take 5 to 12 minutes of your time.
Your participation is greatly appreciated. You will find the survey at the following link. This group has already done another study on Weblogs effects on “Social Interactions” and “Trust”. To obtain a copy of the previous study brief report of findings you can email Reza Vaezi at
hm .. what? mumble mumble .. hardly believable. not gonna attend to it. *shrug*



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Listener" that We Need.

sometimes when problems arises, all we (girls) need, is just to have someone to talk to. someone that listens. we don't exactly need someone to help us solve the problem. but just need someone to be there. someone who pays attention n does listen tentatively.

guys seem to have problem listening. for it is in their instinct to "solve the problem". i guess that is why lesbian does formed. because girls understand exactly what girls need. n a lot of conflicts are easily avoided.

ah well .. it is a "challenge" to work things out i guess .. *shrug*

like i was told - to "remember the light at the other end of the tunnel". all problems lead to a better tomorrow.

SE W580i


nothing special about this mobile? wait till you hold it !! i wasn't attracted when i was shown the picture of it. but when it was in my hand, can't stop drooling over it.

this is a Walkman phone. there is this cool feature, called the "Shake Control". flick the mobile phone to control games or skip and shuffle between tracks.

love the color "Urban Grey" the most. have a similar feel with my current mobile - Motorola v690. had it since 2004. ancient huh. still love it "truly, madly, deeply" though ..

all so metallic .. *drools*

Monday, August 27, 2007


sometimes, all it needs is a possibility ..

Marie Antoinette (2006)

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was born an Archduchess of Austria. at the age of 14 she married Louis XVI of France. she became the Queen of France at the age of 19. she was later blamed for not having produced an heir. pressure continues on all sides for her to become pregnant, but Louis XVI seems unwilling to do more than sleep beside her. she later had 3 children. 1 died n she was left with 2 - 1 girl, 1 boy - while they flee the country from angry mobs. the film was an eye-candy. the background was royal n ancient. the costumes n gowns were flowing n beautiful. it was slightly modern despite the plot being historical. the director - Sofia Coppola - mentioned: "it is not a lesson of history. it is an interpretation documented, but carried by my desire for covering the subject differently." she did a beautiful job in making history interesting.

Skinwalkers (2007)


Yee nadlooshi - The Navajo (largest Native American tribe in North America) term for 'Skinwalker': "Human beings, who, through the blood of other humans, have gained supernatural powers." the movie is about werewolves. despite the cool poster, i was disappointed. not exactly satisfying, toward my preference. the werewolves were designed to be neither pretty, believing nor mysterious. werewolves were suppose to be largely n firmly built. their upper body should be wider than normal human beings. n they have legs of the wolves. they walk with a hunched back, the way a wolf would probably walk if they were to stand upright. but i suppose it is difficult to make human being as believing as in that form. n so we were left with "humans that are sticked with fur" throughout this film. get my point of being "unsatisfying"?

arctic fox..


Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus)

definitely a beautiful creature .. *snuggles* :)

Give n Take.

my motto used to be "treat others how they treat you". when others give 50%, i would return 50%. but does it have to be this way? no, of course it doesn't. we are reserved, afraid of being "hurt", afraid of being rejected. the other person may be waiting for us to "give" too. while we were all waiting, what will happen? probably nothing, n probably never ..

actually .. if i were to give 50% first. the chance of getting 50% or more back, is higher. that is, if compared to waiting for another person to give first.

had been trying this for quite a while - i may not be happy all the time, but tried to consciously keep a smile on my face. for my smile may influence another person, lighten their day. n that person in return, may influence me as well, making my day. complicated?

well, i'm not faking it or something. but to be down or gloom, doesn't quite help anything at all. instead of dwelling in it, why not take a leap out of the pit? having face problem doesn't mean to dwell in our "complaints" or "unluckiness", but to solve it n learn from it.

previously, i was told to make a choice, n practice it. i was warned that it will be difficult to maintain it. i now feel it. in every choice that i made, consistently practicing those choices has been a pain. but i believe once it has become a habit, it will be profitable not to others, but to ourselves.

have an open heart, n you may find happiness that lies close by ..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

cyclops kitten..


Cyclops or Cy

disturbing indeed .. *shivers* this kitten, a Ragdoll breed, was born with only one eye and no nose. named Cy - short for Cyclops. it was a ragdoll kitten that has genetic mutation (holoprosencephalic). Cy died after living for one day (December 28 - 29, 2005). It was one of two in the litter, and its sibling was born normal and healthy. some said that she is the "official symbol of atheism (belief that there is no God)". some said that she is some sort of "divine symbol (devoted to God, sacred)". but either way, she has taken on a life of her own, n lived her day.


met with a friend recently, that received treatment n chemotherapy after being confirmed having a Stage I cancer. she had problems with the lymph nodes in her bodies. medical terms that i do not quite understand. but lymph nodes are use to filter n destroy bacterias n viruses.

looking at her makes me feel depressed n gloomed. life was nearly drained out of her. although she still looks as cheerful as before, but she wasn't as lively anymore. tiredness took over her. she bent over like an old lady. yet she is merely one year older than me.

it makes me realized how lucky we were to feel healthy and lively. while we were so trapped in our own "problems" n whining, others are suffering and fighting for their lives. how important it is for us to be thankful ..

think of all the beauty still left around us, n be happy ..

Friday, August 24, 2007

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

DOA: Dead or Alive

the idea for the film is taken from a video game series. therefore the fighting skills, flying n jumping, are pretty much comic/game-like. no bloody scenes. every fights scenes that involve these girls are perfect, painless, sexy n beautiful. by the way, the main focus of this film is not the martial arts. it is the girls. pretty n perfect girls that kick hard. the fighters are invited to DOA - an invitational martial arts contest. n they have to beat the other 7 contestants. they were the final 4, until they found out their skills will be "downloaded" by the contest organizer (the bad guy in this case). n these skills will be sell to buyers from all around the world. sounds pretty comic-like huh? the movie is a recommendation if you are looking for "pretty girls that fights". this is not a movie for martial arts n actions. overall, it is an average, pretty, n entertaining movie.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Secret 不能说的·秘密 (2007)


hm .. this is not a film that i can finish explaining in one short paragraph. this film is written, directed, starred by Jay himself. at the age of 28 (January 18, 1979), we've gotta admit his achievements. after watching this film, my mind was racing. what else is in his head ?!! for those who told me this film was boring, for having too many conversations, i guess i've gotta thank them. i expect less out of this film because of them. n there is where the "wow" comes from. like the poster had made us feel, it is a romance. a twisted romance. or to be more accurate, a twisted storyline for a romance. but in a good way of course. i was impressed with the storyline the most. at many points when we thought it was "the end", it wasn't. the final scene is what really concluded everything beautifully. n makes us go "aw..". n filled our heart with warmth. this film is definitely a recommendation, even to non-Jay fans. he will not be directing any more movies for the following 3 years. so catch it while you can.


嫉妒,就是承认自己不如人 ..

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

Rush Hour 3

the main cast of this movie has gotta be Chris. he is so hilarious n exaggerated. n it wasn't until the stage of annoyance. (well maybe erm .. some part is. *ehem*) i wouldn't recommend this movie to Jackie's fan. to me, he seemed more like a comedy assistant to Chris. his kung-fus weren't put into full action as well. but this is Hollywood. so i guess it is not surprising that Asians are mostly placed as either supporting casts, or villains. overall, this is just an average film, but still enjoyable. it is a pity that most of its better humors were used in the trailer. so there weren't many new laughs to expect. the France taxi driver (Yvan Attal) however, was a darn cool cast! from being "anti-American", to becoming the "American Spy", n finally "taking all the glory in the end". he outshone the other supporting casts like a piece of cake! unexpected indeed ..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sunset ray..


around 6pm yesterday, there were people coming to our housing area, spraying the anti-mosquito, gas-form thingy. the house is immediately filled with the white gas.

felt like i'm in some sort of containment, while i "bath" in the gas .. :D

when the gas lessen, the ray of the sunset suddenly became extremely visible in the living room. it was so beautiful n mesmerizing ..

can't help but to let my "natural instinct" take over, n run for my camera the following second. ;)

dog on-tow..


worth a thought .. (in the meanwhile, can i give it a hug?)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz

a big cop in a small town, Simon sees murders and conspiracies ("collisions" as he called them), where the local cops see "accidents". with his partner, Nick, they soon discover that not everything in Sandford is quite what it seems. it is as funny as it is brutal. the characters are massively exaggerated. with comic-like actions. the first half an hour seems a little slow. but necessary for the understanding of the later half of the movie. n its definitely worth the wait! to me personally, this British film is kinda impressive. there were bloody scene for the "accidents" n "collision" thingy. it is far more gory than what we would expect for a comedy. overall, an above-average n enjoyable film.

Sunday, August 19, 2007



innocent little fellow .. a Rottweiler pup. who would though it would become as "cool" as the following? still pretty nevertheless.. can't help but wanna jump on it. :) *hugs*

Saturday, August 18, 2007

save our sumatran rhinos..


there are 5 types of rhinoceros. "Sumatran rhino" is the only rhino species found in Malaysia. it is seriously endangered with only an estimated of 300 left in the world. Honda initiated the "Honda – WWF Rhino Rescue Project" to save the Sumatran Rhino, since 2006. Nuffnang had recently started getting involve. bloggers too are prompted to lend a helping hand. as the blogging community has become more n more powerful over the years. to be a part of this activity, bloggers just need to embed the logo to their blog. help rescue these poor rhinos .. :(

Friday, August 17, 2007


inspired by one of the book that i just finished reading. one of the best ways to feel happy n content, is by "not asking too much" from others.

in a lot of situations, especially toward people that are closer to us, we tend to "expect" them to behave in some ways, to satisfy us. which we later become disappointed n depressed when they do not have the same thought, or share the same interest.

the problem is barely ever from the situations that we faced in life. it is the perspective that we stand. when we started using our own perspective to "measure" others, the balance is immediately tilted.

why not change our perspective to their perspective? put ourselves in their shoes. understand what is it exactly that they meant.

it may not solve the problem. but might help in expanding our thoughts. instead of drilling in the "judgmental" n negative emotions, n restricting our analyzing abilities.

threat them as strangers, or merely friends. for we do not "ask for more" from strangers n friends.

angry at someone? Stop! are we "expecting" them to threat us otherwise?

Gokusen ごくせん (2002)


Yankumi (as her students nicknamed her) is the 4th generation heir to the Ooedo (大江户一家) , a notorious yakuza (mafia) clan. training her since young, to be ready for fights n any similar situations. in ShiroKin Gakuen (白金高等学院), 3D is where all the worst students are placed. students that are expected not to graduate .. until she came. the best n most touching part of this drama, is when Yankumi never gives up on her student when the going gets tough. she trusted them. n thus, may not make them better student, but definitely better human being.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


another cool night ..
soothing, calming n comforting ..
a great night for sleep ..
also a great night for rushing project documents (not!) .. :p

nanite ~ sleep tight .. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fracture (2007)


i had always been a fan of Anthony. he is always able to portray a believing character. he once said "I am able to play monsters well. I understand monsters. I understand madmen." n its true. watch "Hannibal" n you will understand. n beware! as you might fall in love with Anthony, as well as the character - Hannibal Lecter, as i did. as the title n tagline had said "I shot my wife. Prove it.". basically tells the whole story. compare to other thrillers, it is quite slow paced n relaxed. yet watching the movie, you might enjoy a little surprise n humor here n there. amusingly, Anthony did it with a straight face, just as he did with Hannibal's character. you might enjoy the movie if you enjoy Anthony's style. or maybe enjoy looking at Ryan? haha. Ryan's character was more like being toss around n played by Anthony's. but of course in this film, the "good guys" win. yet, the "bad guys" outshone the "good guys" .. again ..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


打球的当儿,朋友突然告诉我:“你有他的影子” ,让我震惊了一会儿。是好事,还是坏事?他的指导、带领、教诲,让我有了配合他的能力。因此自个儿也不自觉地有了他的 “影子” 和 “味道”。虽未完整,却实实在在的显示了配合与不配合之间的差异。这是时间的证明。不能茫然看着光阴飞逝,而无动于衷。它不能被忽视,不能被搁置。别把一切视为理所当然。因为一切的一切,都需要努力、坚持与互动。而打球,也只是万中之一的努力。


Kungfu Actors

these are the actors that knew n train real Kung Fu. most of them started learning martial arts at a young age. which its charm n attitude is later portrayed in a shake of their fists.

1) Andy (安志杰)
- born: May 11, 1976
- origin: Rhode Island, USA (美国)
- filmography: Invisible Target (男儿本色), New Police Story (新警察故事), Star Runner (少年阿虎), Black Mask 2: City of Masks (黑侠II)

Monday, August 13, 2007



因为我有一群关心我、体谅我、明白我 、纵容我、支撑我的朋友。

从小小的一件事件中,突然发现,不知从何时开始,他们已从陌生人,变成了 “我的” 朋友。会在我遇困时,二话不说,挺身而出为我解难。小小的举动,却让我感动不已。生活有了他们显得格外精彩。


Flash Point 导火线 (2007)

Flash Point

Wilson is the director of multiple action movie, such as Dragon Tiger Gate (龙虎门), SPL (杀破狼). this film has the extreme effect of kungfu as his previous films. which makes it very entertaining. the speed of the punches n kicks makes the movie flows in a quick pace. Donnie, Collin n Xingyu are the main focus of this movie. their have actual skills in kungfu. it is so impressive that i can't keep my eyes of them when they fight. Donnie n Collin are more eye-catching as they appear in more films previously. thanks to devil for introducing Xingyu, which appear mostly as supporting-actor.

(continue to actors who know real KungFu .. )

Disappointment? Forgiveness.

suppose to hang out this morning, with friends that will soon leave for overseas. getting up early, preparing for it. n received an sms during the process. "the outing is canceled" ..

what the ..

the world seems to evolve around her. n everyone else have to listen to her? (d'oh!) should get used to her by now. the rest of us were so disappointed. but it is not the first time she did this. so .. *shrug*

the chance for the whole bunch to hang out together is getting slimmer n slimmer as time creep up on us silently. as hard as it is to gather everyone at a same time, i guess we just have to bear with her.

whether to blame or to forgive her is our own perspective n choice. forgiveness is difficult. yet why dwell on what we can't change? it is purely pointless blaming her for who she IS. but the thing that we CAN do, is not to let ourselves be the person that she is.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bishonen 美少年の恋 (1998)


the film has quite a lot of relationship between its characters. but it all leads back to daniel n stephen. stephen, in this movie, is a male prostitute. daniel is a clerk, n later a policeman. the film focused a lot on emotions, which is quite surprising. for usually only female characters has many emotions attached. ultimately, the film is perhaps best enjoyed by women audiences, as the men are exceptionally beautiful to an almost maddening degree. pretty comic-like.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SPL 杀破狼 (2005)


like most films by donnie, SPL is as intense. wujing didn't appear as one of the main actors. yet his appearance is the most disturbing. the first scene he came out, jumping over the steel bar with the white dagger in his hand, is breath-taking !! *drools* donnie's fight scene with wujing, n later sammo was intense. in a blink of an eye, there are more blood spilled. there wasn't a boring moment in this movie. the fights n killings were so furious that causes me to doubt for a second or two, whether they are really hurt. a huge recommendation for action lovers. *thumbs up*

Simply Actors 戏王之王 (2007)

Simply Actors

the movie n its actors feels like "clowns" n fools to me. a little annoying n disgusting if i should critic. comedies n comedians doesn't have to sink this low to attract attention. well anyway ..

the movie is about undercover cops having lousy acting skill n got killed during a mission. n therefore one of the worst cop, chim, was send to the acting school as a trial. where he meet charlene, a softcore porn actress. n their friendship formed. the movie is too lengthy. there is a part where it finally meant something. it happens when chim's 8 years relationship with his girlfriend collapse. he then exchange a heart-to-heart conversation with charlene. we are finally exposed to the core of these 2 lead characters. chim later finds true inspiration from a janitor (Anthony 黃秋生). "only by wading into real life can one get in touch with the true soul of performance". this is where the story starts to get interesting. he then uses what he saw on the street, together with the group of acting students, they save one of their father form a life n death situation. but then .. what's with the one hour plus that we got pushed around? trying to say that acting school is useless? *blurred*

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Simpsons Movie (2007)

The Simpsons Movie

"the simpsons" had always been entertaining for me. the movie version, to me, is just a longer version of the series. n Matt makes it bigger n "world" thingy related. overall a pretty entertaining show.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


hasn't been blogging since last friday. as i had been working for 12 hours per day until yesterday. *pant*

i was helping out at my sister's bridal shop. it is currently UNIMAS's graduation season. graduates n their families came into the shop like swarms of bees. more active during evening than day time though. haha.

as imaginable, it is hectic. doesn't feel the least bit exhaustion while the process is still on-going. but at the end of the day, finding my energy level totally drained. even the late dinners seemed to take so much energy to complete.

as bad as it sounds, i enjoyed it a lot. the mood between everyone working was light, harmony. we were always laughing about stuff in between these hectic routines. it was hectic yet contenting.

i seemed to focus a lot on contentment lately. feeling content .. happy .. n joy ..