Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Everneath #1.5: Neverfall (2012)


when Nikki’s six months came to an end, she escaped being claimed by the Tunnels when Jack took her place. Initially Cole hoped to have Nikki all to himself because he was the only choice Nikki ever had to escape the Tunnels. however, the love between Nikki and Jack was so strong that Nikki declined Cole’s help and decided to face her own fate. Jack’s sacrificing came as a surprise to everyone, including Nikki. Cole witnessed everything and was shocked with the direction everything was heading. with Nikki surviving the Feed, he was keen to find out reason behind it, no matter the cost.

as much as I enjoyed reading about Nikki, Jack and Cole, I felt slightly dragged by this installment. It was written in Cole’s point of view, about his pain of being rejected by Nikki as well as refusing to admit his feelings towards Nikki. thus his obsession with the mysteries behind Nikki’s surviving. the dungeon he was kept in was quite a piece of work! it not only got to him, it got into my head as well, making me felt every bit as disgusted as he was. while it was entertaining enough to follow Cole’s side of the story, I can’t wait for it to end, just so I can continued reading about how Nikki’s life was turning out to be, especially after surviving the ordeal and most importantly, losing Jack.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Everneath #1: Everneath (2012)


after a painful encounter with her boyfriend, Jack, Nikki left with Cole, an Everliving, into the Everneath, an underworld that absorbed her of her energy. the Everlivings were required to bring in Forfeits periodically. It was often someone from the D.O.P (Daughters of Persephone) but Nikki wasn’t one of them, she happened to be looking for an escape when the Everlivings were returning to the Everneath. however, no matter how young the Forfeits were when they were brought into the Everneath, they returned old. miraculously, Nikki survived and returned just the way she was. but she had only six months to say her goodbyes, before the Everneath claim her again for good.

the book was an absolutely addictive read. Nikki was a character so easy to root for. the mysteries circling the Everneath and its Everlivings started out slightly complicated, but by putting myself in Nikki’s shoes, I soon caught up with its history as well as the reason why Nikki was so special. both Cole and Jack were so frustrating to watch, yet so likable at some other times. although I wanted Nikki to end up with Jack, her original boyfriend; I couldn’t find myself hating Cole, which was rare since the third wheel often got to me. i was surprised when I reached the end of the book as I was so absorbed I failed to notice it approaching. fortunately, I had the next book lined up and ready for another addictive read.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sovereign #2: The Offering (2014)

The Offering

after escaping the colony, Cori survived the wilderness with Dylan’s help and knowledge. she was pursued by the colony’s armies, which in returned attracted the Savages’ attention. the Saveges easily destroyed the small army and forcefully brought Cori and Dylan back to their hideout. with an army sent to retrieve the duo, the Savages were certain that there must be something valuable about the duo. Cori managed to gain the trust of their leader, Tyce, and they continued their journey, reaching a colony called Mercy, where they met with the most unexpected surprise.

I received the free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. I was unable to pry myself from the book since its very first page. while I initially thought Cori could finally settled down with a far more normal life with Dylan, I was of course, dead wrong. the adventure definitely doesn’t stop there. joining the Savages was another whole new storyline to follow, which I was even more absorbed compared to the prison life within the colony. half way through the book however, the story started involving science and medical, which I was not a huge fan of. again, I pulled myself through just to get to the juicy part, knowing all the painful details has got to pay off in the end, just like the previous installment did.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sovereign #1: Sovereign (2012)


Cori had been held captive since she was seven. The war had destroyed most of the world, forcing the last civilization to form a new colony. she lived with all the other underage children, separated based on their genders. she only had a few months left before she was to join the adults, serving the colony as a Guard due to her physical capabilities. the problem was, Cori longed for freedom and often broke the laws purposely. she spent her last underage year planning for an escape, however the death of their leather shortened the amount of time, forcing her to put her plan on hold.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book started out slightly overwhelming, with more than enough information about the colony as well as its history, which I found myself skipping lines just to get to the juicy part. action wise, it was very captivating that I often held my breath following Cori’s encounters. I feared for her although I didn’t appreciate her provoking dangerous people, but it definitely made her tough character more perceivable. after the introduction, the plot started going uphill, which had me flew through the pages easily. since then, Cori became increasingly relatable and soon won my heart. no matter how cheesy it was for her to enjoy touching after being forbidden to do so for so many years, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy every moment of it. with a beautiful twist at the end of the story, the seemingly perfect ending became a huge cliffhanger, which had me grateful to already have my hands on the second installment.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Troubled Times #2: Power's Out (2013)

Power's Out

after leaving the house her father left for her, Nairne went on a journey with Paul, in search for a safe haven. they moved constantly, sometimes meeting people, sometimes sleeping in the woods. one day, they came across a community led by Arthur. when Nairne offered to fix their turbine, she was offered a place within the community, which Paul was troubled over since everyone had to earn their place there and he had nothing to offer. while the duo struggled in their own ways to fit in, they were terrified to find out that Stevie didn’t die from the confrontation against his boss. now he is coming after the duo with an intent to kill.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the second book was far more interesting compared to the first installment. although the pace was equally slow, i flew through the pages and enjoying every moment of it. I was surprised to have fallen for some seemingly common supporting characters. Nairne’s growth was also visible, her ability to kill made her even more relatable and lovable, especially when compared to being all heroic like most book would choose to be. having compassion towards the enemy was so predictable, so when Nairne actually killed, I found myself rooting for a hundred percent since it was all about survival after all. The perfect ending had me looking forward to the next installment very much, wondering about the direction the next book would choose to take.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Troubled Times #1: Water's Edge (2012)

Water's Edge

Nairne was a smart young girl that under her father’s guidance was good with growing crops and raising some chickens and pigs. with the climate changing and flash flood happening in the city, Nairne and her father, Daniel, and brother, Zane, prepared their house to accommodate a family who needed a place to stay. Paul and her parents moved in with Nairne. they were unused to the country lives and struggled quite a bit before they got accustomed to it. however, Nairne suspected that Paul’s father, Garrick, was up to no good. especially when her father confronted Garrick, their lives were in danger.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book was very evenly pace, even during its climaxes. It was an intriguing read but slower than I would have really enjoyed. fortunately, due to many of the unsolved cases, I traversed through the pages out of curiosity, just to see the end of it, particularly the ones involving Daniel’s death and Zane’s disappearance. I was satisfied when I finally saw how these cases were settled. It was painful to see them destroying the power and water supply, but it did seem sensible to choose survival over being targeted all the time. the plot in general was rarely what I came across, which was very much the attraction the book held.

Monday, October 13, 2014

School of Deaths (2014)

School of Deaths

Suzie was just another typical girl until she started losing weight. her parents thought she was anorexic no matter how hard she tried to stuff herself. they brought her to doctors but to no avail. one day, she was swooped to an alternate dimension, where she was forced to attend the College of Deaths. she were to train to bring souls from the living to the hereafter. she can only return to the land of the living after passing her first year in the college, though many of the people she met here told her how impossible it was. to further complicate the terrifying situation she was thrown into, she was the only female Death in a million years, where the first female Death was so powerful she brought war upon her people.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. I enjoyed the general idea of putting an average girl into the absurd environment, forcing her to be tough while pushing her to the limit. such heroin were often so lovable that it was difficult not to root for. however, there was not enough character development to make me fall for Suzie, only sufficient information on her background for us to comprehend her emotions as well as reactions. the pace of the story was also slightly slow, making it duller than it really was. but fortunately, curiosity got me through the book. I was pleased to have stuck with the book until the very end, where some of the mysteries and questions I had were finally answered.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Girl from the Well (2014)

The Girl from the Well

the story followed a young girl, murdered in a well many years ago. she wasn’t able to pass through, thus seeking the world, hunting for child killers, helping other dead children to pass through. one day, a young boy moved into town. Tarquin had strange tattoos all over his body, said to be put there by his mother since he was five. his mother was put into an asylum, for she screamed whenever she saw her son. what the normal people couldn’t see, was a masked woman hiding behind the boy, revealing herself only through mirrors. the girl killed in the well followed Tarquin, figuring out his secrets while trying to save his life.

the book was an absolutely delicious read. it was easy to read, fast pace, and very captivating. Tarquin was quite a character. particularly matured for his age, having the ability to see ghosts. it was easy to sympathize with his situation, where his mother kept the masked woman in him, doing all she can to make sure the woman couldn’t escape, but also putting her son in the spot. her determination had others labeled her insane, broke Tarquin’s heart. the girl killed in the well was another very interesting character. while we see the world through her eyes, it was also difficult to learn more about her, which pretty much stirred up more curiosity along the way! the book was definitely a fun read, something I don’t ever remember coming across. now that I’m in love with the style, i will start looking out for the author’s book in the future.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wolfling #2: Lone Girl (2014)

Lone Girl

Rose ran away from home with her lover Tom. being her formal teacher and almost twice her age, Tom was being hunted by the law for kidnapping his student. the duo was initially determined to make their relationship work despite being on the run, but when Rose secretly kept a smart phone in her possession, she ruined the trust Tom had for her. after a painful decision, Tom decided to leave Rose, freed her from the danger he put her in. the duo later met at the Silver Moon facility. It was originally advertised to be a free environment for all werewolves to live. but upon arrival, they realized that it was a facility that experimented on the werewolves.

having loved the first installment, I was slightly disappointed the moment the story ended up in a facility. while being on the run presented potentially interesting happenings, the labs often went down one path. after the introductions of different groups of werewolves, I allowed myself to hope. different interactions could create different outcomes, but unfortunately, that aspect wasn’t explored and I was led down the exact hallway that a typical plot usually ended up in when it came to labs and experiments. despite the lack of surprises, the book remained a fast read and had me interested in the coming installment nonetheless.

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Sanctuary (2012)

My Sanctuary

Dot was a young girl who grew up in a Catholic orphanage. her parents put her in it after discovering that her father sexually abused her. she grew up with plenty to say but no one to say it to. one day, a new orphan joined the orphanage. Kenny was a smart kid. Dot decided to take him under her wings, calling him her baby. she often brought him to her sanctuary, a secret place where she kept to herself and now shared with Kenny. the duo bonded and became family against the cruelty of the orphanage.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book was a short and very fast read. Dot was a character so adorable that it was impossible not to root for her. her relationship with Kenny was pure and heartwarming; while Billy on the other hand, took advantage of her, just like her father did. for such a short story, I was surprised to find it painful to see how she turned out in the end. as captivating as her character was, I certainly didn’t expect to fall so deeply for her. such abuses were so often kept a secret from the adults, making it impossible for anyone but the children themselves to know the truth while trying to figure out how to handle such serious issues. Dot was definitely one of those sad cases, making me appreciate the security and warmth that bathed me since birth.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Watcher #1: The Watcher (2013)

The Watcher

Mia was always fascinated with ancient civilizations. she often dreamt of wings and someone trying to steal them. one day, she started seeing shadowy creatures that appeared out of thin air, attacking her. the new guy in school, Michael was always on the spot, seemingly rescuing her. as much as Mia tried to confront Michael for what he knew about these incidents, Michael claimed to know nothing about it. soon, images of the past started appearing to Mia, evoking feelings she had towards Michael. in the past, she was in love with Michael, an angel that descended from heaven for her.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. as captivating as the book started out to be, it took quite a while for it to become interesting. the mystery dragged on, circling around the shadowy creatures and Michael’s secretive appearance. before any confusion was cleared, came Damiel. I was no huge fan of romance, which was perhaps what made the triangle love story so painful to bear. fortunately, the overall idea was enough to pull me through the pages, allowed me to hang on until the very end.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Doppelgangers #2: On The Run (2014)

On The Run

after Citrus found herself in a weird situation where some of her friends and herself had a doppelganger, she was captured and woke up in a cell with her friends all looking at her. they formed an escape plan that failed terribly until doppel-Aedan decided to help them. Citrus and her friends were on the run ever since. having found out that the Aedan that she was with all these while was a doppelganger instead of the real Aedan was such a shock, but did nothing to stop how Citrus felt towards him. his offering to help only further complicated the situation.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. soon after the book started, their escaping journey started as well. it was such a hectic experience, I almost felt as tired as Citrus and her gang. every night they stopped for a goodnight rest, they received a call from doppel-Aedan telling them to run, that the doppelgangers found their location. soon, they suspected that the bump on their back was a tracking device for them to be tracked. it was only natural for things to get spiced up from there onwards. despite the tedious repetition, the book remained a fast read. it was impossible to not get absorbed completely into the storyline. the only downside of the book in comparison to its previous installment, was how little time were now spent on character developments. most of the time, I found myself doubting one character then another. while I was originally rooting for Citrus for her bravery and often taking initiative to be the lab rat when everyone else was hiding in fear; I was also annoyed with some small decisions of hers, such as rescuing whoever she felt pity towards. her levelheadedness was just odd at times, like her maturity could go up and down. fortunately the pace was extremely fast, giving me little chance to get further frustrated over more found reasons. the cliffhanger on the other hand, was truly a mind-blowing twists!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

E #1: E (2014)


Eden woke up in a metal box, with no memories. she pushed herself forward, scavenging for food and collecting coins with the hope of changing her current situation. starved and threatened, she did all she could just to survive. one thing led to another, she ended up at a card game, fighting against the dangerous people. Apollon was there, a guy who secretly understood what she was going through. upon winning the game, he brought Eden back to their shelter, shared among a handful of people. together they formed an unlikely family, supporting each other through the harsh lifestyle.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. when I started reading the book, I was skeptic for I was no huge fan of highly detailed descriptions that tend to go on and on, losing me along the way. but as I progressed further down the page, I soon found myself hypnotized by the exact details and fell head over toes over Eden. despite the highly imaginary backdrop, Eden made everything relatable. I felt her pain and fear, shedding tears while she bawled her eyes out. every time I was forced to part with the book, my mind remained in it, as if I was walking the same street she walked, visiting the same bar she frequented. her relationship with the men she met were such mysteries, Jonah and Apollon, even Matt was a very attractive character. although being labeled as the villain, like Eden, I couldn’t find myself to hate him. I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on the second book. this is most probably one of those series that i will find myself reading until the very end.

The Doppelgangers #1: Doppelganger (2012)


Citrus was a good girl with good grades. she loved to read and never did something bad. but one day, she woke up late, which was very unusual for her. she rushed to school, just in time for her test in third period before she noticed herself already sitting inside the classroom. the girl looked completely like her, even dressed and act like her, but there were something off about her. before she was able to decide whether to confront her doppelganger or to run away, she met Aedan, her long time crush, who also found himself in the exact situation. the duo decided to rescue those they could and find out what the doppelgangers were after.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the moment I started reading the book, despite how the words tend to run over one another, I couldn’t put it down. it was absolutely addictive! Citrus was an average girl whose life suddenly seemed so much more adventurous after the danger started. she was so in luck when her crush was the other person who realized the truth and decided to stay together for safety measures. the plot was such a crazy idea and I was so in love with it! the twists only added to the deliciousness of it. I was very pleased to have the second installment in my possession already when I reached the end of the book, especially when it stopped with such a huge cliffhanger.

Monday, October 06, 2014

The Dark Chronicles #1: Ensuing Darkness (2014)

Ensuing Darkness

Kota lived in a small town. she spent her free time partying, hunting and hanging with the guys, but she was looking hard for something new. one day, the Peters family moved into their town, bringing good looking guys with them. the boys were great dancers, their mother the school dance instructor. bad with dancing, Kota and her best friend Sue, were forced into training for the coming ball dancing competition. that was when they met with the Peters’ twins, Connelly and Ivan.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book started out overloading me with its mass amount of names that I found myself skipping lines just to get to the action that it seemed to be in the middle of. caused by skipping names, I was momentarily confused when the focus switched to Kota. It took me a while to realize that the main character had switched to a girl. the characters did little to hold my attention, especially not the romance; the main thing that kept me going was its mystery. I just couldn’t get to the reason that the main characters were shocking each another quick enough. the pace was slightly too slow to my likings, perhaps because more time were spent on developing their relationships instead. every time the action finally surfaced, I was pleased to have stick with the book until the very end.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Sham (2014)

The Sham

Emily came from a small town, known locally as The Sham. one day, she met a strange boy, Jack. together they rescued a young boy from a group of bullies. since then they had been getting to know each other, forming an odd relationship. Jack had a peculiar condition with his body, he was constantly eating and he had trouble remembering his past. for months, painted signs were seen across the town, signs that according to Jack, meant something bad is happening. when the police think that Jack is a Sham himself and is coming for him, Emily decided to protect Jack, going against everyone she knew, even her family.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. when I was first warned of the contain of the book for being gory and extreme, I underestimated the severeness of it. at more than one point, I found myself gagging, nauseous over the details of the book. but fortunately, it was far from enough to stop me from flying through the pages with anticipation, so completely intrigued. half way through the book, I found myself getting lost and was determined to drag myself through it. the pace wasn’t as smooth as I hoped for it to be, perhaps even a little too complicated to my likings. it felt like everything was all over the place, even my sanity was lost along the way. I was pleased to have hung onto the book until the very end, finally able to enjoy the beauty of it, however little there were.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Empyrean Key (2014)

The Empyrean Key

Jahna was raised in a small town, spending her days with her close friends. they hoped to collect enough money to venture into the city. Jahna had the ability of prophecy and telepathy. however, being banished, her mother refused to help her nurture her abilities. only after Jahna discovered her powerful lineage did she realized her strength. with the king dying, the neighboring country planned to take advantage of the situation. when Jahna found out that she had the power to protect their land, she set out on a journey to discover her birthright.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange of a review. I wasn’t a huge fan for the historical genre but was intrigued by the magical part of it. the first half of the book was mostly unimportant, though it helped to introduce a character more thoroughly, it still seemed unnecessary. I almost gave up reading because of it but was pleased to held onto the book, even though it took me quite a while to finally get into the story. when I finally did, I couldn’t put the book down. the story only truly started when their town was attacked and the story started to become increasingly captivating. curiosity had me flying through the pages with anticipation ever since.