Saturday, October 18, 2014

Troubled Times #1: Water's Edge (2012)

Water's Edge

Nairne was a smart young girl that under her father’s guidance was good with growing crops and raising some chickens and pigs. with the climate changing and flash flood happening in the city, Nairne and her father, Daniel, and brother, Zane, prepared their house to accommodate a family who needed a place to stay. Paul and her parents moved in with Nairne. they were unused to the country lives and struggled quite a bit before they got accustomed to it. however, Nairne suspected that Paul’s father, Garrick, was up to no good. especially when her father confronted Garrick, their lives were in danger.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book was very evenly pace, even during its climaxes. It was an intriguing read but slower than I would have really enjoyed. fortunately, due to many of the unsolved cases, I traversed through the pages out of curiosity, just to see the end of it, particularly the ones involving Daniel’s death and Zane’s disappearance. I was satisfied when I finally saw how these cases were settled. It was painful to see them destroying the power and water supply, but it did seem sensible to choose survival over being targeted all the time. the plot in general was rarely what I came across, which was very much the attraction the book held.

author: Rachel Meehan
published: 2012
genre: Science Fiction

Troubled Times series:
- Water's Edge (2012)
- Power's Out (2013)
- Earth’s Descent (TBA)

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