Monday, December 31, 2007

end of 2007..

2007 had been a rather Pressured yet Rewarding year for me.

pressure 1: School (status: waiting for results)
- the fyp (final year project) had been my greatest fear. reason being it required 1 year, which failing means to repeat the whole scary Year.

pressure 2: Relationship (status: solved for now)
- for those who follows my fairy tale, would clearly know that i was severely drained n struggled to maintain it.

pressure 3: Parents (status: still working on it)
- although having a small family, i had always been trying to get everyone involved in each other's life. the fact that the older generations like to use the excuse "children don't need to know too much" pretty much blocked us off their radar, which is kinda sad ..

sunset in singapore..


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bleach ブリーチ


hot spring..


it is located a little further from Borneo Highland. a mini-sized, pretty much undeveloped area maintained by locals.

the so-called hot spring, is actually part of a river, flowing with icy cold water from the mountains. heat rosed from within the grounds, causing part of the river water to be heated up. by trapping these warm water, the "hot spring" is formed.

lets just call it the "Mini Onsen (温泉)" .. :D

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

i prefer AVP (2004) compared to AVP:R (2007). for those who catch AVP would roughly know what is to be expected for this episode; else, this would just be "another alien-thriller-thingy" flick. the humans characters did not teamed up with the Predator as in AVP (2004), they merely served as the alien-delivery system (to "help" deliver cute n squeaking alien babies) .. one of the ship, which contained Alien specimens, crashed into planet Earth. one Predator came to rectify the situation. the Aliens started attacking humans, breeding new Aliens from them. those who spotted the Predator are skinned alive. the war between Aliens and the Predator exterminates human species ..

Saturday, December 29, 2007



had lunch at a Malay shop few days ago, the kitty went around giving "watery eyes signal" meowing for food. nicely coated little "beggar" .. :p

I Am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend

i was first told it was a zombie flick. if you are expecting Resident Evil's slow-moving, brainless zombies, you are in for a ride !! they are so much livelier, active, n Intelligent. yup, "Intelligent" i repeat .. which makes it much more interesting !! with the original intention to cure cancer, it somehow turned into a world-dominating-virus. he was the last man on earth, a hero, a scientist, a sole survivor in 2012. immune to the virus, he dedicated his life seeking for cure. he too tracked down the "Darkseekers" - the infected humans.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


我曾是如此的的干脆利落,为何如今却一直犹豫不决 ??

あたまごちゃちゃで ..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007



one of the meals in China was taken at a restaurant, where a pup "patrolled" the bicycle-park (instead of car-park .. :p) very loyally. it belongs to one of the chef, the franticly waving tail says it all .. ;)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas eve..


the Christmas decorations had become charmingly beautiful compared to the previous years. Christmas trees are exaggeratedly n uniquely designed, yet still represent Christmas itself .. :)

Merry Xmas !! :)



Boulevard (Kuching branch) was opened exactly 3 days ago, on the 22th December 2007. it was seriously crowded !! the car park was a mess .. :p

Monday, December 24, 2007

blue christmas..


this is my Bluest Christmas ever for the past 20+ years .. but i'm wishing everyone else the Very Best nonetheless !! (especially those who visited my blog .. *trailed with evil laughter* :p)

enjoy the season celebration !!

Merry Xmas !! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


-jing- had been "complaining" (:p) awfully lot lately, about me not posting any new photographs of my yuki. so here goes none other than my adorable punk .. :)

sprite in China..



another forward mail that draw tears into my eyes .. had been crying awfully lots lately. *sigh*
title: little Signs that show how much you care.

1) When she pushes or hit you [hug her tight]
2) When she starts cursing at you [say i love you]
3) When you break her heart [the pain never really goes away]
4) When she's quiet [hold her hand and ask her what's wrong]
5) When she ignores you [act cute so she'll notice you]
6) When she stares at your mouth [smile .. then kiss her]
7) When she pulls away [pull her back]
8) When you see her at her worst [tell her you love her and she still looks amazing]

The Warlords 投名狀 (2007)

The Warlords

3 sworn brothers decide to stand up for themselves. instead of being robbers, they join the army to earn respect n never go hungry, yet were betrayed and toyed by the government, n they ended up killing among themselves. there goes the "brotherhood loyalty (义气)" thingy .. i suppose most China's war films have similar plots, yet i can't help to hope for a more rewarding ending. the battle scenes were overwhelming, so are the killing n slashing. felt the blood n urge to join in the fight.

Friday, December 21, 2007



thanks to - bunny, xian (sorry for the not-so-positive words), oni, jing (bullying or cheering me to be exact ??) - whom constantly cheer me on, allowing me to slowly regain my confidence, n believing in miracles. though i'm eager to resolve this issue, one way or the other; i'll stick to my plan of staying low for now, refraining, restraining myself .. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ..

Pigs (2007)


the tagline - "26 girls. 26 letters in the alphabet. 1 campus legend." - pretty much explains it all. i would say the movie is "kinda typical" for an American high school comedy. n obviously it is about sex. *raised eyebrow* he is a "ladies' man", slept with the girls with surnames of different alphabets, n ended up falling in love with the last alphabet, 'X'. their money n pride are on the line. her phrase at the end of the film "all men are pigs" explains the title. not that i agree or anything, but .. she's got him bad !! *chuckled*

Thursday, December 20, 2007

above the clouds..


the flight from Singapore to China (云南) took about 3 hours. in the meanwhile, i took some photographs while sitting next to the plane's window .. :)

北京 2008 mascots..


(贝贝)(晶晶)、(欢欢)、(迎迎)、(妮妮) ..

Tag: Linky Love Train

i was tagged by -Sani- for the ride of the Linky Love Train. i just have to add my name to the list n let it grow, simple as that !! - - blogginginmypyjamas - Chinneeq - Dora-zooropazoo - Babyshern - HiPnCooLMoMMa - Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts - When Silence Speaks - Dancing in Midlife Tune - Underneath it All - I am Dzoi - Hobbies and Such - moms.....check nyo - Choc Mint Girl - Amel's Realm - My Thoughts - Rusin Roundup - Juliana's Site - Max - Rooms of My Heart - Mariuca - NAFASG©™ - Sani-Journal - Levian - A Great Pleasure - MondayMorningPower - LadyJava's Lounge - Colin aka Cotojo

The Nanny Diaries (2007)

The Nanny Diaries

a plot of typical rich family problem - dad having affair, mum too busy being perfect, spoiled child n nannies that come n goes. this time, he is the responsibility of a young, unexperienced nanny. a New Jersey girl, who graduated from college, dreams of becoming an anthropologist (studies of humanity). she took a job as a nanny, only too soon have reality crashed in. she has to look after a spoil n difficult 5-year old. along the way, attachment n beautiful friendship developed ..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


was hanging by a thread n critically lost in emotions. a sudden detection of a feeble warmth, caused confusion to surface that very instant ..

耐える ..

Bleach ブリーチ


Dragon War 디워 (2007)

Dragon War

D-War is a 2007 South Korean film. straight forward plot, a rather simple action film. not exactly a recommendation. the pythons n dragon looks kinda cool during the final battle. n the Korean legend was clearly specified at the beginning of the film, but the rest are more of a blur. i had no idea what is biting what most of the time ..

kitty n sakura..


perfect photos of kitties n sakura .. ;)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)

Alvin and the Chipmunks

I Love It !! despite how others criticized that "it can be better", i still Love it !! a Huge recommendation for all Alvin n the Chipmunks fans. Alvin n the Chipmunks (no, they are Not Disney's Chip n Dale ..) had been one of my favorites during childhood, created by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. in 1958. the adorable trio -Alvin, Simon n Theodore- always managed to capture my heart with their funky beats n rhythms, causing me to shake n nod non-stop. the plot of the flick is simple n straight to the point, similar to their animations; however you can be sure that the boys' watery eyes n bushy tails never failed to lose their touch on the soft side of our heart ..

Cardcaptor Sakura カードキャプターさくら

Cardcaptor Sakura

Sunday, December 16, 2007


i guess i'm too Naive to be still believing in miracles.

幸福は消える ..

Tag: Christmas Tag

i was tagged by -Sani- to answer the question: What are the 5 gifts you would buy for yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?

*imagination runs amok, trailed by evil laughter*

1. a car
- definitely the first gift i would get myself, whenever i can afford it.

The Golden Compass (2007)

The Golden Compass

a fantastic fantasy adventure. i love the feeling portrayed by this film. the ending was quite disappointing as our suspension was built along the way throughout the movie, looking forward to the "perfect ending", n it didn't happen. but the adventure was mesmerizing nonetheless. the final scene's battle between the Gyptians, Witches, Ice Bears n Magesterium were so grand n overwhelming. Dakota presents all the curiosity n the courage of a child. n Nicole is sinister n stunningly beautiful.

Daemon are the soul of a human in physical form. they shape-shifts into different animal forms until they settled, which will be the final form of the child's soul. amazing little creatures that caught my attention. the film-makers did a Great job with them. they are so full of life n rarely ever static, they are Alive !!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


i'm not exactly sure what the OpenID fuss is about. but personally, i find being able to link to my blog from the comments that i posted, to be pretty useful !! instead of linking to my blogger profile page.

first, create an account at OpenID. then access Phydeaux3 for a set of code.

just copy n paste the codes into the "head" of your template. change the XXXXXXX's to your OpenID name.

while commenting, if I choose "Any OpenID" from the dropdown, I can put in as the URL. It will then show as the link in the comment.

now link to your blog (from the comments you posted) just a snap away !!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Enchanted (2007)


an extremely mesmerizing film !! it was Perfect! for a fairytale lover like me. though others find it hard to believe, many flaws here n there, i bounced excitedly in my seat throughout the film. now more than ever, i believe in fairytale n the existence of "happily ever after" .. this is a classic Disney fairytale collides with modern-day New York City. a story about a fairytale princess who is thrust into present-day by an evil queen. soon after her arrival, Giselle begins to change her views on life n love after meeting a lawyer. can a storybook view of romance survive in the real world?







Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

Pan's Labyrinth

i was expecting a much more innocent fantasy, yet at times i find myself frowning at some very disturbing images that just can't be over soon enough. it bothered me deeply. fairy tales are beautiful beings, not as forcible as it was portrayed in this movie. *depressed* there weren't much mystical creatures either. only 3 to be exact, the faun, the fairies n the eyes-on-the-palms monster. n they don't come out often enough !! by the way, the faun - the guy with big horns n goat legs- was more convincing to be the "bad guy", instead of good.

in Roman mythology, Fauns are place-spirits (genii - Latin word for a guardian spirit) of the untamed woodland. they have horns n goat-like hooves. fauns resemble goats below the waist n humans above. fauns are gentler than the satyr. Satyr in Greek mythology, said to have human legs n a horse tail, other than goat-like hooves.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Speed Test


thanks to -jing- for introducing the fun Speed Test. discover if you are a slowpoke or speedster ..









you'll be amazed with how many PigS there are in -jing- 's car !! this is one of the innocent ones. so adorable .. :D

Confession of Pain 伤城 (2006)

Confession of Pain

the two men are in complete opposites from one another in character. while they were still friends, their bond was strong. up until the final scene, where their real characters revealed. this is story of friendship, revenge, loss n sacrifices made in achieving one's goals. the movie is draped in deep melancholy, strong moodiness is filled throughout the storyline. though it showed little suspension, it is still recommended.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007







Christmas: Fate/Stay Night フェイト/ステイナイト

Fate/Stay Night

中国: 云南之九乡..



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

中国: 云南之昆明..



Monday, December 10, 2007

Tag: 你被点名了

我被 -little Pooh-, -jchan- 和 -Cherry- 点了名,必须回答以下的问题.

1. 小时候的理想是什么? 当个动物园的兽医。(那时非常向往和大大只、毛茸茸的动物抱在一块儿。其实现在还是挺向往的…嘻!)

2. 喜欢雨天还是晴天?为什么? 雨天,因为它让我感觉很舒服,能松懈下来。

3. 最喜欢的颜色? 红色(是个很有生气的颜色)。

4. 如果有机会的话,你最想对你的他说些什么? “能多疼我一些吗…”

5. 你最想去哪个地方? 为什么? 日本,因为很想体验一下那里的文化。(再说,我是个哈日族…嘻!)

6. 最受不了自己哪个缺点? 过于情绪化。

7. 如果有不开心的事情,你会怎么办? 看戏(逃避到戏的情节中), 或出去走走(越远越好)。

Christmas: Carnival Phantasm カーニバル・ファンタズム


Return to Halloweentown (2006)

Return to Halloweentown

it wasn't as magical as i though it would be. there are too many people-in-masks. let's just say they use cheap makeup for once. the creatures - dwarf, zombie or whatever they are suppose to be - are totally unbelievable. i was kinda disappointed. not a recommendation .. this movie is the fourth installment in the Disney Channel movie "Halloweentown" series. in this sequel, she attended the Witch University with her brother. with the help of her friends n family, she must defeat the evil forces trying to control her family's magic n uncover the secret of an ancient prophecy.