Friday, November 30, 2007


longed to be cherished, to be needed. don't wanna be merely a responsibility. who has god destined to fill my love ?? *astray*

幸せになりたい ..

Christmas: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Hitman (2007)


i'm a fan of Hitman's game. it can't get any more exciting than seeing the guy on screen !! his look wasn't quite what i expected, but as the movie flows along i got pretty accustomed to him. n he kinda smile more often than i expected too. haha. probably should reduce that to make the elite assassin's role more believing. the black coat n red tie are so familiarly fashionable. the starting music was Brilliant! n simply beautifully mesmerizing. *deeply impressed* (this particular music is used in the official site as well.) though the film progressed in an expected way, i pretty much enjoyed it. tedious details are spared. conspiracies, investigations n gunfights. definitely a recommendation for Hitman's fan ..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


sitting in one of the corners, bundled in my thick Disney jacket, cool air from the central air-con surrounds me. chilled, i'm buried in papers covered in words, with printed slides filled with notes, n a few colorful highlighters.

whispers rosed from across the room now n then, pencil scribbling on paper surface, fingers dancing across laptop keystrokes. on the other side of the transparent window, some were sitting on the desk, some where talking n laughing at their shared-jokes. the library had rarely been half as filled.

though often distracted by the slightest movements, it seemed to be the only reminder of my existence in the real world. trapped in the world of my mind, my thoughts drifted along with the thick notes, covered in purple n yellow ..

Tag: Desktop


i was tagged by -Imagica- to reveal my desktop. my desktop are pretty simple. i love to have the icons "leaving my desktop alone". those remaining 2 would definitely be removed if it weren't forcibly set by default. well, since everything else is within reach (start > all programs). as for the wallpaper, i fancy anime's mostly, most preferable to be darker in color.

Saikano 最終兵器彼女 Live-Action (2006)

Saikano Live-Action

the anime -Saikano- has always been one of my favorite. unusual plot, in sync with a love story that is way too cool. accidentally stumbled upon the movie, n to my preference .. the anime is much more overwhelming. this is probably caused by its theme. a girl that is transformed into the final weapon. despite how hard they applied the 3D technology, it felt like some part missing. the weapon doesn't quite "connect" to her as in the anime, doesn't feel like it is really a part of her. or maybe it is because the anime portrayed it way too well.

Monday, November 26, 2007

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


our Indian neighbour had been awfully loud lately. yuki was reluctant to come home at night. when he does, he was uptight n uneasy ..

School Days スクールデイズ (2007)

School Days

the anime was introduced by -Prim3-. it started off well, pretty much your average anime - romance between high schoolers. i was dead wrong. for such a cute anime, this is definitely one of the very Twisted one !! with blood n violence. yes, i've just warned you. but it might still be a recommendation if you want something different.

Lust, Caution 色,戒 (2007)

Lust, Caution

though it is considered to be a sad story, but the love is nonetheless beautiful. for once, a diamond ring meant much more than its physical price tag. the "lust" part wasn't quite impressive, but the "caution" part was definitely worth a ride. heart dangling most of the time. there are so much emotions packed in just one scene - hatred, anger, revenge, loneliness, redemption, love.

the movie took place in Shanghai, during the World War II. she was a patriotic drama committee, which believed he was a Japanese collaborator. together with the drama society, they tried to assassinate him. the closer she got to her dangerous prey, she finds her very identity being pushed to the limit, n her heart surrendering ..

Sunday, November 25, 2007



thanks to -bunny- for introducing one hot advertisement. creativity sure is delightful.

Beowulf (2007)


Beowulf is an old English heroic Poem, author unknown. its creation dates between the 8-11th century. it is considered one of the treasures of England. the manuscript can be seen here: link.

i was caught off guard with the animation n went on one stupendous ride !! you've gotta sit in the cinema for this ride. the killing n slashing, the growling in pouncing, everything was just hair's breadth away. the plot n fights was tight, though simple n easily understood, it never once bored me. i was cheering all along, totally involved. this ancient tale addressed all the crossroads we encounter in life - love, betrayal, religion, honesty n loyalty. a warrior -Beowulf- fought and defeated the monster who terrorized the town. seeking for the monster's nest, he found the monster's mother. she seduced him into give him a new son. his "son" then came back to kill him when years passed ..

Friday, November 23, 2007

blue sky..


kinda look like a drawing instead of photo .. :p
(photograph taken with my Moto v3x)

Tag: My 8 Facts

i was tagged by -shiera-, -meatball- n -lis- simultaneously, to reveal 8 facts about myself ..
  1. i'm a huge vampire fan despite my appearance. as gory as horror movies portray them, they are still as classy, as elegant, as mystical n as seductive as they can get.

  2. being a Disney "worshiper", i believe in fairytale n "happily ever after". i believe that after every battle there will be something worth savoring. god made us go through all the difficulties n in return will give us something much more valuable.

  3. my greatest addiction n getaway is movies. like that ain't obvious enough ..

  4. i find self-discovery very interesting. the most interesting class i've joined was "Professional Issues in IT". though the subject had an "IT" word but it started out as a self-discovery class. in a "know yourself better before trying to know others" kinda way.

The Lake House (2006)

The Lake House

introduced by -lilian- to be one of the best Keanu's movies, n she was right. though i'm no big fan of keanu, but the plot itself speaks the loudest. it is definitely out of the ordinary with additional tasty twists here n there. though the first impression of the movie would most probably be "just another romance flick", it is one Magically impressive flick !! when 2 people "connect", the bond between them can be so pure n simple as to stir hearts in heaven. when they connect in all the right places, but at all the wrong times, heaven weeps for broken hearts. to heal these broken hearts, heaven breaks time .. yes, what kept them apart was Time. 2 years after 2 years of waiting, they finally overcome the toughest obstacle. for the agonizing suspensions, the ending was relievedly beautiful.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

puppy love..


Bee Movie (2007)

Bee Movie

it was quite a ride !! one adventure i would love to be a part of !! the visual effect of the animation was awesome. the bee hive interior, n most importantly, the flight scenes!, were simply breathtaking !! i was totally spellbound n "flying" along .. involving some familiar characters like Sting, Oprah Winfrey n Larry King was a clever add. it lightens up the scenes further, making it funnier than it would have been. n there is the pollen jocks !! love 'em. a bunch of macho guys, whom are the only ones permissioned to leave the hive, collecting nectars. the way they operate was way cool. Barry has just graduated from college. disappointed to find out about his lone career choice - making honey. he then made a trip outside the hive. saved by Vanessa, a florist in New York, their relationship blossoms. discovering that humans steal their honey, he subsequently decided to sue them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tag: Health

I was tagged by -sani-.
1. what is your definition of ‘healthy eating’? - increase the nutrient, reduce the junk.

2. do you exercise on a regular basis? - yup, minimum weekly. maximum once every 2 days. what is your favorite form of exercise? - i enjoy exercises that stretch me out n make me sweat a lot. one of my favorites is dance. least favorite? - exercise that required me to be hung upside down ?? haha. can't think of anything else.

3. do you take vitamin supplements? - yup. some sort of fish oil thingy .. ask my mum .. 
4. can you tell that your body is getting older? if so, how? - yup. basically just feel it ??
5. would you call yourself healthy? - definitely trying hard to be. at least i haven't been sick for quite a while.

Impy's Island (2006)

Impy's Island

this is a German computer-animated feature film. it was said that "it is difficult for anybody who didn’t grow up in Germany to appreciate the story's impact". Urmel -the dinosaur- (or Impy in the English version) has became the official mascot of Germany’s national ice-hockey team. this animation is quite average. of course it wasn't even close to Disney's or Pixar's Happy Feet, Finding Nemo etc. it was a more more simpler version of those. Impy talked ruder then i expected for a kid's animation. *chuckles* but the actions are of course very adorable. definitely an enjoyable n relaxing animation.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Senses Cleared.

as difficult as things get, the fyp (final year project) had finally come to an end. he said "all of you will at least pass", which after translated into simple English, would be "you probably won't get HD (higer distinction) or D (distinction)". but the torment finally ended. 2007 had been an extremely long year to endure ..

what a Wise Man once mentioned, about half a year ago, was indeed right. doesn't matter how hard it gets along the way, you just have to focus n hang on till the end, remembering the light at the end of the tunnel.

at that time, it seemed absurd to even believe there is an exit to this tunnel. but now that the struggle has almost reached its end, things fall neatly into place. my clouded senses are once again cleared, the tunnel's exit has become unmistakably visible ..

Where the Truth Lies (2005)

Where the Truth Lies

she is a journalist trying to uncover the truth behind the breakup of a comedy duo, after they found a girl dead in their hotel room. though both had alibis n neither was accused, the truth of the incident finally surfaced when she got too involved with them. somehow, everything works n nothing works for the movie. it was presented in a storytelling way, where a male or female voice was heard throughout the film. i sat patiently, listening tentatively until the scrolling text that addressed the end of the film appeared. the scenes and costumes are elegantly beautiful, maybe in 1900+. but when the big picture cleared n every little details are revealed, there weren't much impressiveness in the plot as i hoped. kinda disappointing as the film did progress in a very interesting manner. won't really recommend the film, unless you enjoy literature kinda movie, which progress slowly n reveal the details bits by bits, n sitting through the anxiousness.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Laptop Stolen

attention, mortals .. cometh's laptop was stolen !!

sure is one heartless n greedy fellow whoever that was. as always, it is the data that matters. keep the laptop but return the data if you may ..

HP COMPAQ V3000 series

serial number: S2CE6470S97
color: Black
location: near 3rd mile and Saberkas (Kuching)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Avril Lavigne: Hot (2007)

Avril Lavigne: Hot

have you ever listen to somebody's music -without watching the music video- n found that it still has the effect of inspiring you as overwhelmingly ?? well, she has that exact effect on me. the video is simply a tool to amplify it. :D

enjoying this post with some of the known avril fan: n.c.yathindran, lukxiufung, aron wong, vincent boey, hiew, imagica, beck lim, wersp .. :)

Accepted (2006)


being rejected from every college n pressures given by parents, he decided to create a fictitious university - South Harmon Institute of Technology. with the help of his friends, they fooled their parents. when their deception works too well, every other college rejects started to apply to his school. he then must find a way to provide the actual education n future that his friends n the other students deserves. introduced by -Pui- to be a very entertaining comedy. honestly, i was least attracted in the first place. from the posters n plots, it seemed like just another typical American teen movie - with beers, drugs, parties, sexual jokes, yada yada yada .. but i was dead wrong. the movie was purely original !! i've not seen such plot before n it totally freshens me up. its funny without being completely idiotic, flirtatious without being too offensive, cursing without the f-word hanging on the side of everyone's mouth. the movie simply does a great job lighten up the mood in a room. the movie is a recommendation if you're looking for a simple movie with a good laugh.

Monday, November 12, 2007

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


he got back, gave his hungry-meowing-signal n waited for his personal buffet to be served. apparently just woke up somewhere else. yawning, stretching, started grooming himself, n totally ignored me, again. i'm not even the least threat huh. ;) he loves me .. he loves me ..

Invincible (2006)


Vince Papale is a former professional American football player. the movie - by Disney - is based on his true story. the new coach of the Eagles (an American football team) - Dick Vermeil - announced holding open tryouts. Vince Papale reluctantly gave a try. against all odds, he manages to make the team n had a three year career as a professional football player. not exactly a flashy film to catch. seriously, the first impression of this film was just dirty. its all mud n sweat. the music however caught my attention firsthand. simply classic !! *thumbs up* it took some times to build a good understanding at the beginning of the movie. but it helps a lot in getting the audiences involved as the movie progress. Mark played a strong n determined character. even though i hardly know how American football works, i was actually cheering for him !!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stage Cleared.

walking through the crowd hand in hand, rain brushed upon my face, i was finally at ease. the intense afternoon finally declared an end. relieved. the night soothed the tension, symbolized the start of another ongoing phase, another new stage waited to be cleared.

the afternoon's heated conversation, though aided mutual understanding, yet was never the best ground to start conflicting. the aftermath is nothing more than hours n hours of heartache. the further we drifted apart, the harder it is to see the big picture n where we are heading with the displeasing matter.

as essential as a recovery period is, i suppose being involved pretty much leveled it, balanced it out. restlessness hence lose grip of me. i'm once again, freed from anxiety ..



a very pleasant weather in the evening. pleasant as in very windy with rain approaching any time soon. my favorite weather of all. it excites me as the cool breeze stroked my cheeks harshly. my hair flowed behind me as i walked around the garden, drown in the soothing breeze ..

spotted additional members of plants n ended up snapping photos of them to be shared later. :)

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain

all these while i thought "brokeback" means a gay relationship. but d'oh .. its like a totally misinterpreted phrase. Brokeback is actually just the name of a mountain used in this film - a place where the 2 guys hang out at, a place they can be free. its simply hilarious how people misuse the phrase to represent gay. the film has some seriously awesome backgrounds !! the mountains, the ranch, the horses, the river, even the sheep, nature has never been as inviting. a raw, powerful love story of two young men. a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, who meet while being sent to work together herding sheep in the isolated, harsh grasslands in Brokeback Mountain. they formed an unusual bond. the season ended n they parted ways, only to realize the depth of their feelings. thus begins a long affair that they desperately hide from those around them. a steaming n beautiful love story, which simultaneously proven to be devastating n bitter .. i was pretty impressed n moved by the movie. it kinda introduce something utterly new, daring us to be indifferent. a bittersweet yearning for that impossible n unfinished love they shared. gay or straight, love is as difficult nonetheless. so many things in life are trivia if compared. cherish n having faith while holding on, is by far the best we can do for any relationship. maybe its time to overlook that little trifles that has been bothering you. it sure cleared mine ..

Saturday, November 10, 2007



"free candy floss for everyone .."

somehow, the bundled clouds kinda resemble the candy floss .. wanna reach out to grab it so bad !! n let it melt in my mouth ..

30 Days of Night (2007)

30 Days of Night

another intense vampire movie !! but sadly, it has the typical plot of vampires being the bad guys. i guess making them the good guys is a real challenge after all .. brutal, sinister, violence, gory, bloody, vicious - the film has basically everything one seeks in an intense horror film. the snow greatly enhanced the spilled blood, making it more visible than it already is .. Barrow, a town in Alaska, was hidden from the sun for 30 days during winter every year. a group of thirsty vampires wandered into the isolated town, running amok n started feasting on its townsfolk. the remaining survivors, lead by Josh - a sheriff, tried to hide out the 30 days of horror. before realized, i was holding my breath throughout the film, afraid to make any sound n caused the remaining survivors to be noticed by the vampires. helplessly watching the vampires pounce n jump the victims, i tried yet failed to shift my sight away from the screen. the movie sure caused my skin to jump all over the place !! *mixed emotions of excitement n fear* one obvious flaw however, which i can't seems to get my head around, is the little girl. when the adults were transforming into vampires, their speech somehow gotten slower n they stammer. the little girl on the other hand, totally transformed yet speaks surprisingly fluent English. "i'm done with this toy (sucking the blood of one of the victims), do you want to play with me?" *shivers while recalling the scene* overall, this is a Great horror flick. sure causes you stare at shadowy corners, prepare to flee when anyone, or anything, jumps out. though having typical plot, i walked away pleasantly surprised. What a Ride !!

Friday, November 09, 2007


was taking my night off as usual n abruptly discover comforts in familiarity. with friend or lover whom we hung around for so long, we tend to get so accustomed to each other, thus impulsively taking everything for granted.

stopping in pace n looked over my shoulder, i suddenly conceived the importance of these foreign stages. we had come so far n it sure ain't child's play. how easy can it possibly be for someone to transform from a total stranger to someone so close to us ??

the ability to be oneself, portrays the distance between 2 people. i therefore treasure the most, the feeling of being able to express - a clear sign of familiarity. remove all phony acts or pretended make-believes. let it be expressing happiness, sadness or even anger. free to be who we are, free to be Me ..

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


he is actually facing the inside of the house. watching us walking around, meowing at us, n wondering why is there no one to attend to him. such an Attention Seeker !! :D

House of Wax (2005)

House of Wax

a group of college kids on their way to a football game decided to camp out for the night. upon waking the next morning they went to the small town of Ambrose, which seems strange on the surface, for a broken car part. the town is where the truly gruesome mayhem begins. creepy villains, excessive violence. the movie is not too scary, but it does a great job turning my stomach inside out. the house made of wax is a truly impressive artwork used in this film !! the wax figures are so believing that you can't help but fear that one of them will turn n jump at you. i probably won't look at wax figures the same way again .. *sweat*

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

night sky..


the night sky falling in ..
(photograph taken with my Moto v3x)

was on my way home from school, totally worn out. the color of the sky caught me. just wanna share a minute of peaceful mind with y'all .. :)

The Girl Next Door (2004)

The Girl Next Door

they are at the crossroads in their life. he is a likable guy, whom is about to graduate from high school. she is the "girl next door", who turned out to be working for the adult film industry. well, like most teen comedy, there are large amount of immature perspectives, sex fantasies, vulgars n even drugs involved. generally, the movie is quite funny, a bit silly, n at times sweet. a rather smart n charming teen comedy.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

night view..


took a walk by the riverbank -of the Sarawak river- last week, while giving myself a night off. didn't have a great camera but still finds the views pretty mesmerizing .. ;)

Britney Spears: Blackout (2007)

Britney Spears: Blackout

in case you're thinking i'm her fan or supporter .. that's not exactly the case .. i mean, hey, we watched her since she started her entertainment career. lets be fair n give her a break, quit criticizing her music for her private life. its like 2 totally different thing ?? enjoying her music ain't gonna mean that we are agreeing to her lifestyle anyway .. *shrugs*

the album is recommended if you like music with beats n basses .. despite what others had commented n critiqued about her private life, i pretty much enjoy this album of hers. it got me bobbing my head to its rhythms, enjoying its beats to the fullest ..

Ice Princess (2005)

Ice Princess

another beautiful Walt Disney production. what more can i say ?? i've always been a huge fan of Disney. cartoons, animations, movies, you name it. it always manage to give me such an overwhelming comfort. like no matter where or when, you'll always feel belonged .. most of all, i love the theme of the movie - winter, ice. such fairy-like settings. though i don't think ice skating would be as easy as she made it seemed like. but i pretty much enjoy the movie !! the way she implied the physics simply "rocks" (probably need to watch the movie to catch this phrase .. ). the movie is about a girl realizing n achieving her dream. rebellious years, mother-daughter relationships. she is a brilliant girl, very good in physics as her mum trained her to be. she soon discover that going to Harvard n becoming a physicist is not her dream, it is her mum's. her dream is to dance on ice.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Drift II 山路飘移 2.0 (2007)

Drift II

this is the second street racing film in the series "Drift" starring Shuji Kashiwabara. should probably catch the first before the second. but there are enough flashbacks to understand the movie thoroughly. it is about this guy who restricted himself from racing because his family was killed from it. the other racers use various ways to make him race again. in the end succeeded, of course.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Total Chaotic.

noticed some find it peculiar for me not to have updated posts. -Thank You- for visiting often enough to notice the distinctness.

i've been entirely tied up with school this couple of days. hecticness occupies me mercilessly. life transformed itself into a total frenzy. the only balance i have is by taking the night off periodically. get away from the environment, from school, even from the computer (n my blog .. sobs).

many reassure me that everything will go well, yet i can't help worrying if everything really will go according to plan. for i cannot - n will not - have these meaningless repetitive events jeopardize n monopolize me any further. somehow, this is the Force that keep me going ..

Go, go, me ~~
*running around the house screaming, with both hands waving in the air*

Namewee 黄明志

从朋友那里听说,- 黃明志 - 又有了最新影片,名为 - 网路大战。果然被激怒了之后,唱的更大胆、更嚣张了。