Friday, November 23, 2007

Tag: My 8 Facts

i was tagged by -shiera-, -meatball- n -lis- simultaneously, to reveal 8 facts about myself ..
  1. i'm a huge vampire fan despite my appearance. as gory as horror movies portray them, they are still as classy, as elegant, as mystical n as seductive as they can get.

  2. being a Disney "worshiper", i believe in fairytale n "happily ever after". i believe that after every battle there will be something worth savoring. god made us go through all the difficulties n in return will give us something much more valuable.

  3. my greatest addiction n getaway is movies. like that ain't obvious enough ..

  4. i find self-discovery very interesting. the most interesting class i've joined was "Professional Issues in IT". though the subject had an "IT" word but it started out as a self-discovery class. in a "know yourself better before trying to know others" kinda way.

  5. i'm an emotional person. my EQ are probably darn low. i rely on my feelings in a lot of situations. that's the exact reason i appreciate different perspectives, especially in negative situations.

  6. i'm more of a quiet/passive person at first sight. the wild side is "to be discovered .."

  7. i'm an animal lover. my favorite would of course be my punk cat - yuki. many questioned me on "why not get a dog instead". but i basically took drastic action, going through battles after battles, just to own a pet cat. my parents banned pets ever since i remembered. but sarcastically, yuki had now became their companion, their "son" as i would tease them.

  8. though i like to have my own say in most things, i'm easily persuaded. tee-hee-hee..


  1. Hi Levian! Thank you for doing the tag...
    since you are a vampire fan, I recommend you to read the novel "The Historian"... you'll gonna love it if you're into novels. ;)

  2. 宝茹: then you're a fairytale believer too !! *excited*

    shiera: sweet !! thx for the introduction, am gonna catch it this very coming holiday. *evil laugh trailing off*