Sunday, July 31, 2011


Lasagna (SE Vivaz)

so often he judged using his own standard. sideways glances he threw her way, glances he thought she was too dumb to notice, with his jaw slanted to one side n lips twitching ever so lightly on the other side, a signature facial expression of his that he never seemed to be aware of. boldly showing her his disapproval as if he owned her in any little way. same goes for the principles that he voiced out loud n clear, it applied to no one but he himself. contradictively, if the exact same thing happen on others, he most definitely has another set of theories ready n couldn't restrain from throwing out into the open. it was naturally difficult to be around him, yet he sees that as no problem of his, more eager to point a finger or two. she recognized him as the type that genuinely assumed himself correct at all times, out of naiveness or ignorant she couldn't quite make out, but it was indeed without exception.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moshidora (2011)

Moshidora (2011)

Minami became the new manager of a high school baseball team when her best friend, Yuuki ended up in the hospital due to weak health. Minami searched for a book to assist her but accidentally bought a book on business management by Peter Drucker instead. not having any more pocket money for a second book, Minami applied the lesson taught in the business management book to guide her through managing the baseball team.

the anime started out slow paced, neatly putting together the storyline that somehow felt like an advertisement for Drucker's management book. but it slowly took up its pace n going into details on why Minami who used to love baseball during childhood suddenly took a huge turn n decided to hate baseball. i was never familiar with baseball to begin with, but it was fun watching Minami applied Drucker's management in baseball, which very much encouraged us to think outside the box for once.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Eyed Peas: Just Can't Get Enough (2011)

Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough

"Just Can't Get Enough" was the second single of their sixth album, The Beginning (2010). according to the group, this electro song was an attempt to bring out the voice of their band female member, Fergie. however, the song was later described having the typical Black Eyed Peas formula, which they insisted other than sweetness that cut through the electronic studio with warmth, her voice held something even more exciting.

its music video was filmed in Japan just 1 week before the Touhoku (東北) Earthquake n Tsunami (津波) took place on the 11th March 2011. it was shoot over a 3-days period in Tokyo while they were on tour. because of the coincidence, they added in a caption at the beginning of the music video "This video was filmed in Japan one week before the earthquake and tsunami. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Japan. We love you.". the video ended with a message that encourage the viewers to donate to the Red Cross. the video received many positive reviews from critics, especially the fact that the clip was filmed in Tokyo just 1 week before the devastating earthquake gave the video even more depth n distress feeling to it. it definitely had me pay more attention to its video background, which was so often n so easily taken for granted.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Incredible Hulk (2008)

Bruce met with General Ross, the father of his girlfriend, Betty. Ross wanted Bruce to revive a military supersoldier. the goal of the experiment was to make human immune to gamma radiation. however, the experiment failed, transforming Bruce into Hulk. since then, whenever Bruce became angry he would transformed into Hulk. 5 years later, Bruce was still searching for a cure for his condition. he collaborated with a colleague on the Internet, learned meditative techniques to regulate his pulse n kept his anger controlled. it all started again when a marine called Blonsky agreed to be injected a new supersoldier serum, which enhanced his strength, reflexes n healing. Bruce was later attacked by Blonsky n he escaped with Betty. having a taste of the new supersoldier serum, Blonsky requested to be injected some of Bruce's blood as well. the combination failed n he was turned into an abomination.

this was yet another version of Marvel's Hulk. unlike the original story line where Bruce got his gamma radiation from being exposed to a bomb experiment, this one did it with a softer approach. but even without these knowledge, the film managed to capture a little bit of everything n putting it neatly into one tight package. it was fast paced but filled with enough explanations to get the film going. i was actually pleased to find Hulk much more good looking than the last sequel, n even with the introduction of the abomination, which we never expect to come out looking Hot, was absolutely fascinating!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Cake (SE Vivaz)

surrounded by so much love on her big day, it had her drowned so breathtakingly. so much attention she found it overly overwhelming to respond. she always thought herself the quiet one in all gangs, failed to notice the separated attentions they gave her at separated timings throughout the years. yet on this very special day when all the attention was on her, she was surprised to realize that she was in fact, part of all the gangs she ever hang with. it reminded of her all the parties they threw for her, bits n parts of memories they implanted generously into her past. with the stability she seek so desperately now found, she thanked Him for his leniency, knowing that He will continue to compassionately watching over her.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Break Blade: Edge of the Line of Death (2011)
ブレイク ブレイド

Break Blade 5

Girghe was questioned over his surprise attack against General Borcuse troop. Rygart learn more about Girghe's past from his father, General Baldr. from the enemies troop, Nike's ego was badly bruised by Girghe, which she desperately wanted revenge. eventually she got it, n it was revenge itself that got her killed as well. General Borcuse however, was thrilled to finally found worthy opponents to fight, particulary Rygart n Girghe. Rygart went out of control when he learned that the enemy troop planned to destroy his hometown, where his younger brother lived. he went against order but was too late when he arrived t the village. villagers were slaughtered n General Borcuse waited at the spot to fight Rygart.

unfortunately, the story had talked less n less about Zess eversince the introduction of General Borcuse in Break Blade: Scars from an Assassin's Blade (2010). the brief fight between Rygart n Girghe was in fact, expected among all the confrontations they came across. honestly, i was rather impressed having Girghe in the end sacrifice himself for Rygart. it spoke loudest for his random attitude, which was proven to be a trouble for the troop to trust him with their life. but the fact that he was so composed n possessed the ability that far exceeded everyone else made him one of the most interesting characters in Break Blade. our heroin Rygart however, became a toy in the battle field for General Borcuse, who had very little interest in Rygart, but the mecha he was riding on, Delphine.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Cats (SE Vivaz)

won't you just look at that! we could totally imagine how obsessively in love the cats were with the person inside that kitchen. clearly we were too curious to just walk away after a few shots of photographs, so we purposely walk passed the door entrance just so we can catch a glimpse of the person inside. boots echoed on the concrete, n out come a man as we approached. he was small-sized, apparently just finished cutting a chicken into smaller chunks. ah, it made perfect sense n off we went to get ourselves some breakfast as well.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretty Little Devils (2008)

Pretty Little Devils (2008)

Lana was the current President for the sorority house, together with Zoey n Mai, they were the hottest girls in the campus. one day, the former house President brought her daughter, Katie, a geeky overweight girl over. she hoped for her daughter to become one of their gang n also to be treated good. Lana was unhappy with the idea of accepting the imperfect Katie, she asked Emily to arrange the party that night to give Katie a hard time. but during the party, Katie was found dead in their house. the policed arrived n the 3 girls immediately became the prime suspects. to clear their name n reputation, they had to find out who the real killer was. but the problem was they can't remember how it happened, where they were n what they were doing when it happened.

the film had a straightforward plot, to clear their name from the murder, they had to discover who the real killer was. although the girls were pretty to look at, their attitude were mean n most detestable! most of the time, they just ran around, doing whatever things they can to cover up their tracks. they acted like they were really guilty for the murder, which they themselves have completely no idea of. i watched hoping for it to turn into some humorous teen movie, but i was disappointed after dragging myself until the very end. i guess loving the younger sister (Hilary Duff) n hoping something out of the older sister (Haylie Duff) wasn't quite a wise move after all.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Fruits (SE Vivaz)

it was difficult not to be hindered, but it has become increasingly easier to get by. she used to thought it was impossible until recently, where she embraced the induction, welcoming it as penance as well as consolation. the consequence of failing to achieve it at first strike, but also a proof that she was still breathing n fighting. it was a reminder of both her arrogance n weakness, n if she ever forgot that hard lesson, she knew she would be hammered in even more brutally than before. a sequel she had absolutely no doubt of. so instead of staying safely within her comfort zone of ignorance, she reached out for it, stretched so far until her muscles screamed silently in protest underneath her skin, with the confidence of how it eventually will become part of her to hold her in place.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Bungaku Shoujo (2010)

Bungaku Shoujo

after finishing his classes for the day, Inoue was just about to leave the school campus while he saw a girl tearing down a small piece of paper from the book that she was reading n putting it into her mouth, savoring it. the girl saw him n forced him to join the Literature Club so he wouldn't expose her secret. her name was Touko, the Bungaku Shoujo (literature girl). they were the only members of the club, where Inoue had to write a short story for Touko everyday. one day, a strange message arrived, with a peculiar drawing on it. the drawing led them to Inoue's past n the reason he gave up writing in the first place.

it was strange yet fascinating being introduced a girl who was very into reading n treated novels as snacks by really eating them! however, the anime didn't relate in any way to the supernatural, she was solely a cute character with very rich imagination. Inoue was her so-called food-supplier, an average teenage with great talent in writing. every exchange between Touka n Inoue was humorous, making it the focus of this anime. overall, nothing much happened, yet i found it highly enjoyable n beautifully light.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Avril Lavigne: Smile (2011)

Avril Lavigne: Smile

after watching the Music Video of her second single from the forth album, Goodbye Lullaby (2011), here is another "Behing the Scenes" shots captured by another camera, showing how much fun Avril was having during the video shoot, especially when she can decorate her own set, play with spray paint early in the morning, n rock the stage just the way she loved it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter n the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)

Harry Potter

the eighth n final sequel of Harry Potter (2001-2011) continued following Harry's adventure to destroy Lord Voldemort. they need to seek out the remaining 3 Horcruxes, which were magical items taking form of different objects, hidden in different parts of the town. these Horcruxes were the reason Voldemort remained immortal. by destroying them one after another, Voldemort became weaker n weaker. if all of the Horcruxes were destroyed, Voldemort would be destroyed. they forced their way into into the vault at Gringotts bank, found the first Horcrux but was left defending it without any weapons. the second Horcrux was found at Hogwarts. Harry seek out the ghost of Rowena Ravenclaw n finally found it at the Room of Requirement. Voldemort threatened to destroy Hogwarts if they would not hand over Harry Potter. with the new headmaster Snape fled, Professor McGonagall prepared Hogwarts for battle. during the battle, the threesome looked for Voldemort, targeting the last Horcrux, which was the snake, Nagini, that always followed Voldemort around. they reached just in time to witness Snape being killed by Nagini. Harry found out the reason Snape killed Dumbledore, n surrendered himself to Voldemort, because he was actually one of the Horcruxes.

with little time to waste, the film picked up the space right after it began! unlike Part 1 (2010), where the pace was torturous slow, we were thrilled n captivated with Part 2 (2011).
despite all the speed, the most emotional moment was given to Snape, especially when his memories were presented to Harry n the truth was revealed. he was a true hero, doing the things he had to do for those he loved. Harry's sacrifice finally made his character lovable. unlike all its previous sequels, the film no longer gave long explanations on things that still didn't make sense in the end. we enjoyed the unexpected twists here n there, having us leaving the cinema feeling completely satisfied.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

finally looking up from the floor, he glanced sideways at the bunch that chattered away, creating multiple layers of echos within the tightly bounded space. he adjusted his stance, filled with tiny awkward n stiff movements. that very moment, it looked like he was bracing himself to approach them, introducing himself to everyone by having all eyes focused on him. yet she was surprised that just seconds later, he withdrawn timidly back into his perfectly safe comfort zone, continuing his effort to burn an invisible hole in the cement with his intense glare. watching him caused her jaw to hung slightly ajar, for she had never quite seen him like this. what surprised her further was nor would he look her in the eye. not one greeting, not showing one flick of recognition. as if they had never met before in this life, like total strangers that just happened to cross path.


Monday, July 18, 2011

A Channel (2011)

A Channel

it was the story of 4 friends. Run, a second year student who was so blur that her friends often have to stop her from getting hurt; Yuuko, a long haired second year student who was often teased by everyone; Nagi, a second year student with pigtails n glasses who was very intelligent; n Tooru, a short first year student who just entered the same high school as them. Tooru n Run were childhood friends, with Tooru purposely applied to enter the same high school as Run. from there, she got to know Run's classmates, Yuuko n Nagi, n joined their daily lives.

A Channel felt like Lucky Star (2007) or even K-On! (2009), so simple n straightforward yet so absolutely entertaining! it wasn't all the time just plain comedy, sometimes it was serious yet not serious at the same time. among the 4 characters, Tooru stood out for me, a character struggling against jealousy n betrayal to gain back the complete attention of Run, with Yuuko n Nagi sort of like her rival. it was situation like this, which does happened in real life, together with its attached feelings, that made the anime so surreal that i felt completely connected with! another worth mentioning scenes that often took me by surprised, was the hugging scenes. it would happened at the least expected moment n had me completely melted, feeling all warm n fuzzy inside.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

she was dreaded to step back into the same old path, going through the same old conversation again n again. she believed there to be an exact answer for every question asked, but she can never get used to going through the same question hoping for a slightly different answer. it was frustrating, agitating n worst of all, it haunted her, causing her to have one nightmare after another, always the similar kind when she spent too much time thinking about it. she wanted to leave it just the way it was, she didn't want to be asked the same question no more, yet it would not leave her alone. she can't help hoping that it would, but she knew better. always hanging about, waiting only for the perfect timing to pounce onto her head, scratching n clawing at her face, leaving bloodied scarred tissue underneath those deadly sharp nails.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Final Destination (2009)

The Final Destination (2009)

they were watching a car race when Nick suddenly h ad a premonition of a car crash that killed many of them. he convinced his girlfriend Lori n friends, Hunt n Janet to leave the place. his obvious nervousness attracted a few more people to follow them. once they stepped outside the car racing ground, the accident happened n many died, with them escaping death. but Death soon returned to claim their lives when the rest of the survivors died mysteriously. Nick n Lori did some research n found numerous similar cases on the Internet. they tried to break the chain, fighting against fate.

another Final Destination sequel that didn't come up with anything new either. honestly by now, none of its viewers would have expected anything else other than watching gruesome deaths with goriness as its topping. especially with the setup that often turned out to be comical n ridiculous to start with. compared to its first sequel, the airplane crash seemed to top this forth sequel for being overly realistic n original. this forth sequel only top all its predecessors for having the movie in 3D, enhancing the viewing experience.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Abbey Dawn: Love Japan

Abbey Dawn

Avril came out with special designed t-shirt to show her support for Japan. the t-shirt was available on Avril's own clothing line - since the 17th June 2011. the oversize tee is available for $24.99, where 100% of its net profit goes to the Avril Lavigne Foundation to support the "Comfort for Kids" program, lauched by Mercy Corps. the goal is to bring help n hope to the children n youth of Japan who have been affected by this disaster, n to their heal emotional trauma.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

Gurren Lagann

Kamina n Simon lived in an underground village. their urge to explore was often limited by the village elder. one day, Simon stumbled upon a strange device, which at the same time the village was broken into by huge mecha, called Ganmen, that came crashing in from the surface. Simon was forced to explore the strange device he just found to save everyone's life. from then onwards, they explore the surface of the world, meeting friend n comrades whom they will fight many battles with.

the anime was fun to watch! the first few episodes was slightly confusing since everywhere we look were just desert n Ganmen often came charging out of nowhere. Kamina's character was extremely exaggerated while Simon, thought slightly cowardice, was much easier to relate to. in overall, the characters were easy to love, even when they switched between being the good or bad guys. for an anime of year 2007, Gurren Lagann definitely presented itself as a stylish anime. the Ganmen designs may looked awkward to some, but it was original. if given the chance, its potential was actually rather impressive. despite being an action packed anime, its bitter-sweet ending evoked a lot of emotions in us. it was beautiful, making the slight imperfection within our acceptable range.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Jungle (SE Vivaz)

the foreigners teased, causing them to burst out laughing, temporarily distracted from the exhaustion. it has always been such wonder to her how one laugh is able to lighten up the atmosphere. the path was so slippery that they were forced to slow at various point. gripping each other's hand tightly just to keep both pair of feet firmly planted above the ground after every wobbly step taken. it reminded her of the past venture they shared, into one memorably threatening dark cave. they hadn't been as close nor intimate as they are now, making the memory so mischievously sweet. things has never been the same for them ever since, a turning point that absolutely had her melted within his palm, a day that changed their life forever.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

the film was based on a true story. the Campbell family were forced to find a new house that will be nearer to the hospital, for their son to visit on a frequent time-frame. after moving in, they learned that their beautiful Victorian home had a disturbing history. it was once a funeral home that provided services for spiritual communication with the living. one after another, they experienced supernatural disturbances. the funeral house's son, Jonah, returned from the death, bringing horror to the new family.

it was one successful horror film that gave us lots of goosebumps! especially with its eerie sound effects n felt like something was always waiting to pounce behind us. the film was so suspenseful it kept us on the edge at all times. we were impressed with its effects n timing, which always scared us when we were least expecting it! to make it even more eerie, everything seemed to make perfect sense.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Werecats #6: Alpha (2010)

Rachel Vincent (Shift)

Alpha picked up after the events in Shift (2010). before any war was launched, a vote was arranged for a new council for all the Prides. Malone was determined to be the new leader, which strings he pulled in more than 1 direction behind everyone's back. Faythe suffered loss in this book like never before, including her father, her Pride, her house n her love. Marc, who promised their Alpha, Faythe's father, to help her take care of the Pride after his death, walked out on her when she couldn't decide whether it was Marc or Jace that she wanted for life. yet he did not abandon the Pride, bring Bruins (werebears) to their final battle against Malone n his men, which very much was their ticket to victory.

after finishing Shift (2010), i was dreaded to start reading Alpha (2010), because once i start, it will be the end for the Shifters series that i enjoyed so much! it was difficult to leave Faythe, Marc n Jace behind after i had ventured with them, cried with them, n felt their pain n suffering. it was difficult not to feel attached to the characters. Faythe's growth in the previous books was nothing compared to her growth in Alpha (2010). the book was a non-stop roller coaster ride filled with both emotions n actions. it was sad when some of the favorite characters died in war, but it was completely understandable n still extremely satisfying!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

after having a strange dream, Modoka met with a magical creature name Kyube. Madoka n Sayaka was offered the opportunity by Kyube to obtain magical powers if they agree to form a contract with it. in return of risking their lives to fight witches, Kyube will grant them each one wish. the witches were invisible to human, the Puella Magi (magical girls) had to invade the alternate realm to fight them. Kyube had recruited other Puella Magi as well, Mami, Homura n Kyouko. Homura was determined to prevent Madoka from accepting the deal; Kyube however convinced Madoka that she will become the most powerful Puella Magi.

unlike common Mahou Shoujo (魔法少女) series, this anime felt a lot more matured n abstract instead of blindly filling the show with exaggerated cuteness. the alternate reality space where the witches lived was dark n unknown, with buildings n objects floating around, ready to come crushing in any minute. the space would melt away, returning them to the normal world once the battle ended. the story behind Homura's cold attitude n how it linked to Madoka's past was so filled with pain n agony that it was extremely heartwrenching to watch. it turned out she did it not because she was a busybody as we would have thought otherwise, but out of love n a promise to a dying friend. the anime felt fresh n original, n sort of having a split image of Bakemotogari (2009) n Hidamari Sketch (2007), with an additional portion of pain.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Cup (SE Vivaz)

stirring the hot chocolate she held cautiously in her palm, she looked outside the window n her eyes spontaneously trailed down the street. but her mind wandered off before she was able to identify anyone she knew. her hand never stopped stirring, another caressing the cup for heat. the dream she had last night warned her much, as if it foresaw what is to come. she fidgeted at the recollection. she had made up her mind that she wouldn't worry her life away. it was what she clung to when everything else slipped right between her grasping fingers n the crushing weight of life sat firmly on her chest. he wouldn’t understand, too stubborn, too cocky to admit, which wouldn't change a thing between them.


Friday, July 08, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Transformers (2011)

during the war between Autobots n Decepticons on their planet, Cybertron, the last ship that managed to escape was the Ark. it crashed on the dark side of the moon, piloted by Sentinel Prime, n carrying hundreds of Pillars, a technology that could save Cybertron by establishing a space bridge between 2 locations. the Ark remained unnoticed until the NASA assigned astronauts to the moon to investigate. they brought back a fuel cell, which was discovered by Optimus Prime. he then launched a mission to retrieve the Pillars n Sentinel Prime. in the meanwhile, Sam received information from his colleague about Decepticons' plan to lure the Autobots to revive Sentinel Prime. while everyone was trying to keep Sentinel out of the Decepticons' reach, Sentinel revealed that he already made a deal with the Decepticons. his betrayal put the Earth in danger n the Autobots must fight to defend it.

even though the second sequel: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), received many bad comments from its viewers, it didn't stop people from flowing into the cinema for its third sequel! with Megan Fox not taking up the role of Sam's girlfriend in this sequel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was assigned as his new love interest. however, as much as Rosie tried to present herself to be as flashy (or bouncy) as Megan, she didn't quite fit in, especially not with her forever-white outfit despite all the explosions n running around. other than that, this sequel looked n felt exactly like the previous 2 films, its CGI effects were awesome with Steven Spielberg producing it. n the climax again, managed to remain long n loud, keeping us interested especially in the fights when it all came down to Optimus, Megatron n Sentinel.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Abbey Dawn: Going Global

Abbey Dawn

Avril is taking Abbey Dawn global! on 6-8 July 2011, Avril traveled to Germany debuting her fashion line at the annual Internation Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin. in 2008, Avril partnered with national retailer, Kohl. the partnership ended 2 years later, but Avril continues her effort to bring this personal brand to the next level by introducing it to the world.

Avril creates her fashion line through inspiration of life, music n travel. her love for bold color n metallic foils greatly influence the color scheme for Abbey Dawn, which mostly features loud graphics with solid white or black background. her latest design shows her support for Japan, which 100% of its net profit goes to the "Comfort for Kids" program, launched by Mercy Corps to bring hope to children of Japan. was launched in December 2010, selling all the latest additions at affordable prices, including her 2 fragrances, Black Star (2009) n Forbidden Rose (2010). by expanding her sales to international, has been so successful all thanks to the support of Avril's fan from around the world.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yumekui Merry (2011)

Yumekui Merry

Yumeji has the power to see the auras surrounding a person since he was a child. one day, a mysterious girl fell on top of him. her name was Merry n she came from the dreamworld. she tried returning to the dreamworld, but failed in her attempts. at the same time, demons tried to invade the real world by obtaining a vessel, which is through human body. circumstances led her to Yumeji n together they fought the demons with the hope of finding ways to help Merry return to her world.

the anime spent a large amount of episodes introducing different demon n their vessel/human. although it was fun watching Merry adapting to the real world, falling completely in love over donuts; the dreamworld was the only place where battles were initiated, the only source of action for the anime. the characters' n demons' designs were so impressive n beautiful i wasn't able to hate any of them! despite the draggy scenes of overloaded conversations, it was still worthwhile sitting tight waiting for the action to surface.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Love (SE Vivaz)

scrolling through the conversation, 1 line after another, having 1 person agreeing to another in a loop-like environment halted her both physically n mentally. it occurred to her then, it's true that getting one's point across to another in any relationship doesn't come easily. the more intimate the relationship, the harder it was proven to be. working together, putting in effort unquestionably wouldn't just happen. at this thought, she sighed in relief, putting her palm lightly on her chest. she must have done something right in her life to deserve him, to be truly blessed n watched over to call him hers. for a girl with so much thoughts n emotions bottled up inside, he's exactly what she needed.


Monday, July 04, 2011

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)

Madagascar: Escape to Africa (2008)

a continuation from the first sequel: Madagascar (2005), the 4 animals - Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe n Gloria the Hippo, left the first island n landed in Africa instead. Alex coincidentally met the rest of his family, but they had communication gap since he spent so much time in the Zoo while them in the wilderness.

the whole team was back, it didn't take long for us to remember what each character was about. but even for the new characters, little introduction was required. it was easy to just join in the fun n had a good laugh. there were enough actions, no complicated plot to reduce its lightness. the Penguins were awesome characters as usual, like a side-story thrown in for an even bigger laugh. it was an awesome sequel, which was actually as good as its prequel, being extremely humorous n brilliant!

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

supporting her head tightly within her palms, it throbbed fearfully threatening to burst through her skull, tainting the far wall. the pain engulfed her, echoed tremendously in her ear, she sucked in the cold air with blazing agony. she refused to fall, yet the room too, refused to come into focus. it spun around her, the screen blurred the moment she raised her eyes to its level. the pain sang deep, her pulse race, her breathing too fast n too shallow, she was shivering yet covered in sweat in the air-conditioned room. she clutched her sides, burying her nails in the process, but it couldn’t distract her enough from the pain. she needed to get up but feared she would collapsed n lost consciousness, her tongue felt thick n dry when she swallowed, she bit her tongue for distraction but not hard enough to draw blood. time seemed to halt right there right then, intentionally going against her will. he rushed to her the moment he heard, the traffic bended n submitted to his call. finally he reached, just in time to pull her from plunging into further anguish.


Saturday, July 02, 2011

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne (2011)

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne

Nao was a junior high student, while her brother, Shuusuke, was a high school student. she has brother complex, determined to gain her brother's complete attention n had him see her as a woman. she went as far as going through his room n threw away all his non-incest related porn. but during her search, she found a photo album, which she was not in any of their childhood photographs. only then did she realized she was actually adopted.

though labeled as a romance genre anime, the anime was more slanted towards the incestuous angle without being actually incest. the anime was so exaggerated n has so much perverted silliness in it that most of the time it turned out to be not really funny. especially when Nao extremely enjoyed teasing Shuusuke n planned for opportunities for him to take advantage of her. clearly, the anime weren't striving for depths, but randomly explore Nao's brother complex.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Werecats #5: Shift (2010)

Rachel Vincent (Shift)

with things finally settled down, Faythe was now one of the enforcer of the South Central Pride, under the lead of her father, the Alpha. after Ethan, one of Faythe's 4 brothers died a gruesome death in the last Book: Prey (2009), Faythe made a huge mistake when she slept with Jace, one of the enforcers. her personal life had never been the same every since, being trapped between Jace n Marc, her boyfriend. before the complication had a chance to be sorted out, the Thunderbird made their appearance, hunting down members of their Pride, killing them one by one, by throwing them high up into the air, n causing them to fall to their death. confrontation indicated that one of the Thunderbird's chick was killed by the South Central Pride. further investigation showed that they were framed by Malone, an Alpha from another Pride. the Thunderbird demanded proof n Faythe was only given 48 hours before they hand one of their tabby, Kaci, over to Malone.

being the first female enforcer wasn't easy for Faythe. she was a flawed character, with serious attitude problem, stubbornness that brought trouble to her Pride. but throughout the series, i was thrilled to see her growth. unlike her promptness at work as an enforcer, her messed up relationship with Jace n Marc was truly frustrating. the longer she dragged the problem, the harder it was for her to make the decision. other than her relationship, the war with the Thunderbird felt like a detour from the original series. so far, it hasn't showed any connection towards the upcoming war between prides. but the most possible link would have to be an ally, which they desperately needed ever since Malone expanded his influences by randomly hiring enforcers from available free zones. the final book: Alpha (2010) will be the loudest n probably the most gruesome especially when there is a war involved!