Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Cake (SE Vivaz)

surrounded by so much love on her big day, it had her drowned so breathtakingly. so much attention she found it overly overwhelming to respond. she always thought herself the quiet one in all gangs, failed to notice the separated attentions they gave her at separated timings throughout the years. yet on this very special day when all the attention was on her, she was surprised to realize that she was in fact, part of all the gangs she ever hang with. it reminded of her all the parties they threw for her, bits n parts of memories they implanted generously into her past. with the stability she seek so desperately now found, she thanked Him for his leniency, knowing that He will continue to compassionately watching over her.



  1. A birthday is a special day. All attention should be on her. :)

  2. It was the day someone special to them was born... without that day, they would of never met such a great person like her.

    Wishing you have a great day and more to come <3