Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dog Days (2011)

Dog Days

in an alternate world, Biscotti Republic was often attacked by Galette Kingdom. due to the constant defeat, Princess Millhiore of Biscotti summoned a Hero to save her country. she retrieve Shinku, an athletic high school boy from Japan. the people in Biscotti looked no different from humans, other than having dog ears n tails. the people in Galette however, has cat ears n tails. once arrived at Biscotti, Shinku received a sacred weapon called Palladion, which paired up perfectly with Princess Millhi's Excelide. Shinku soon learned that once summoned he could no longer return to his world, which Princess Millhi was also unaware of. Shinku adjusted quickly to the peculiar battle between Biscotti n Galette. instead of killing the opposing army, they were to defeat each other in sports-like activities. those defeated will temporarily turned into furballs to keep them disarmed. before they were able to find out a way to return Shinku to his world, he continued to win battles for Princess Millhi.

it was quite a letdown when what supposed to be a battle turned out to be some sports events, especially when the anime started out with a serious meeting between the Princesses n their captains. after a few episodes, i realized that it was also a Harem (ハーレム) anime. other than focusing on Shinku's love for gymnastics, there were also the love story between him n Princess Millhi. with its cute character designs, it would have been much more interesting if the battles were real. however the twist at the second half of the anime actually made it more acceptable since there were finally stories to be told.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sky (SE Vivaz)

with a relaxing thrust, the blade flew fluently out of his hand. cutting through the air in a swift whoosh as if it belonged in the air. in the trees, all creatures muffled up, as if sensing the changing atmosphere. he was familiar with the sound it would make when it tore through the skull of the false god, splitting her confident smile evenly in 2, tearing through her brain, denying her everlasting life. he knew because this was his purpose. it had always been his purpose.


Monday, August 29, 2011

The Descent (2005)

The Descent (2005)

Juno, Sarah n Beth were rafting while Sarah's husband n daughter cheered on the riverbank. on the drive back to their hotel, the met with an accident n both her husband n daughter died instantly. a year later, Juno, Sarah, Beth, Sam n Rebecca were reunited at an old cabin. Juno's new friend, Holly, joined them in their adventure to explore the cave the next day. the group were forced to move in the only direction after a passage collapsed behind them. Juno then admitted that she led them into an unknown cave instead of the fully explored one that they had originally planned for. the worst had yet to come. Holly fell n broke her leg. while they were carrying her along, Sarah wandered off n saw a pale, human-looking creature, which no one believed. soon enough, they were attacked by one of the creatures, referred to as Crawlers. the group scattered n they were left in smaller groups to defend themselves with.

at some point, especially when fighting back against the Crawlers, the group would "accidentally" killed their own teammate instead, reminded me of the Final Destination (2000-2009) series. the idea was obviously unoriginal, but it did successfully drew panic to us viewers. with its goriness at the maximum, blood splattered, torn limbs, fell out guts, etc. once it started, it never stopped until the end. it was so realistic that it actually shushed us up throughout the film.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tiger's Curse #1: Tiger's Curse (2011)

Tiger's Curse

Kelsey got herself a summer job by joining a travelling circus. one of her duties was to feed the white tiger named Ren, making sure that the circus' main attraction was well taken care of. she developed feelings towards Ren, for some reason he seemed to understand her more than just an animal could as well. soon she was introduced Mr. Kadam, whom instructed her to break a 300-year-old curse, bringing Ren back to his human form. together they fought the dark forces with magic. Kelsey was forced to risk everything to solve the ancient prophecy that could break the curse forever.

it was not surprising when i found out many stopped reading n gave up on the book soon after they started reading, i almost became one of them. but upon finishing the book, i was glad i did finish it though it took me quite a while. the down side of the book was being too long-winded, putting extreme details especially on Kelsey's feelings. i grew sick of her soon i started reading. on the bright side, the story finally increased its pace in the second half of the book, giving us more actions rather than just her thoughts or feelings. n i also got to learn about Indian culture, which was honestly more than i wanted to. the storyline had been clear since the beginning that they would obviously fell in love with each other during the adventure together. there were a lot of eye-rolling moments when it came to their romance, which were exactly where i started skipping lines just for the sake of maintaining my interest n to keep me from quitting the book all together. the ending however, was somehow did correctly! because it had me wanting to read its sequel: Tiger's Quest (2011) to find out what happened next.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black Rock Shooter (2010)

Black Rock Shooter

Mato just entered junior high school. on her first day, Yomi caught her eye. she openly approached Yomi, whom at first seemed reluctant but soon accepted her friendship. they had opposite characteristics. Yomi was a graceful girl who came from a wealthy family, while Mato was high spirited n careful. they spent time together during n after school. but things changed during their second year in high school. they were separated into different classes n started to grow apart when Mato's basketball club president happened to be in the same class as Mato. Yomi went missing soon after. simultaneously in another world, Black Rock Shooter, a girl with blue fire in her eyes was fighting Dead Master, a girl with skull n black scythe. their battle to the death in some ways represents the life of Mato n Yomi.

Black Rock Shooter was one of the 6 characters in Vocaloid. in some way, the OVA (Original Video Animation) felt like an advertisement to me. the fighting world between Black Rock Shooter n Dead Master was completely without dialogue. to make things interesting, i was more than grateful to have Mato n Yomi's school life taking up most of the screening time. however, if 2 sets of these scenes were to be taken apart, what's left would be a typical school life between Mato n Yomi n a meaningless battle between Black Rock Shooter n Dead Master. therefore the unique combination of both n how it resembled n not resembled each other was the actual attraction for this OVA.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Path (SE Vivaz)

not long after they found a comfortable position on the hard surface, his rhythmic breathing rang softly beside her. in a dimly lit night, moonlight shone weakly through the trees. the leaves danced elegantly to the soft wind, with distant flashes of lightnings striking through the horizon from faraway thunderstorms. under the faint glow, her gaze fell upon his calmed expression. the incident that took place in the morning flicked through like ancient images in front of her. it was moment like this that had her felt at ease. softly, she placed her hand in his, holding onto the proof that there really are guys like this out there.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Cowboys & Aliens

in the old west, Jake awakened in the desert injured, with no memory, n having a strange metal attached on his wrist. he wandered into the town n was identify as a wanted outlaw. he was detained by the sheriff n met with Colonel Dolarhyde, a rich n powerful cattleman. he claimed that Jake stole his gold. before he was able to lay his hand on Jake, spaceships were attacking the town. Jake managed to shoot down one of the ships with the strange metal attached on his wrist. together they set out to tract the alien, looking for the reasons aliens were attacking n abducting humans.

the film started out being mysterious. as much as Jake, we wanted to know his background. i couldn't quite hide my disappointment when he turned out to be an outlaw, but the impact of the character Daniel Craig was able to bring out of Jake was definitely impressive. it easily had us siding him back as he tried to figure out the situation while performing all the necessary heroic acts at the same time. not to mention the visual effect of the film being absolutely captivating! however, for its bold title, putting together 2 completely unrelated items, was slightly disappointing. the connection failed to mean something concrete nor smart, only plain.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Avril Lavigne: Wild Rose (2011)

Wild Rose

after Black Star (2009) n Forbidden Rose (2010), Avril came out with her third fragrance: Wild Rose in early August 2011. on 13th August 2011, the commercial for Wild Rose was finally released! together with some "behind the scenes" footage!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ciel in Wonderland (2008)

Ciel in Wonderland

one day, while Ciel was reading some reports in his room, he ordered his butler, Sebastian to bring him some tea. right before Sebastian left the room, Ciel spotted him growing rabbit tail n ear. he ran after Sebastian n fell into a deep black hole. he woke up in a world like "Alice in Wonderland". he was caught up with many strange characters in his search for Sebastian, these characters including the wise caterpillar, Cheshire cat, Mad Hatter n the Queen of Hearts. halfway during his journey, Ciel received an invitation from the Queen to visit her castle. but once he reached, he was put on trail with the Queen sentencing him to death. it was during this moment Sebastian reappeared to save his young master.

putting the beautiful Ciel in Alice's costume was simply adorable! it was easy to mistake him as a female character if not for his eye-patch. his temper was as bad as it was in the "normal" version of the anime. all of the important characters in the anime was transformed into a random character in this "Alice" version, which made it rather creative since they were transformed from serious characters into some animal representations. it followed roughly the story of Alice in Wonderland but not forgetting to add in a little familiarity to the viewers of Kuroshitsuji (2008).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (2010)

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (2010)

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (2010), was a mashup novel (classic work of fiction that combines with a popular modern genre). Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2009), which Seth Grahame-Smith wrote, was based on Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice (1813) n combined with modern zombie genre. the idea of "mashup" where 2 sources were combined are highly similar to music remixes. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" will be adapted into a film n to be released in 2012, with Tim Burton being involved in its production! "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" will also be adapted n to be released in 2013.

the book was written in a biography style, based on "secret diaries" that Abe kept n later passed to the author (Seth) through a vampire named Henry. during childhood, Abe learned from his father that his grandfather n mother did not die on natural causes as claimed, they were killed by vampires. since then, Abe vowed to kill as many vampires as he can. during one of his vampire hunting mission, he was saved by a vampire named Henry. Henry nursed Abe back to health n trained him into a skilled ax-handler. for the following years, Henry would send Abe the names n addresses of vampires, whom he dutifully killed them. one day, travelling down the Mississippi River, he witnessed a slave auction, it changed his life forever. slaves were sold to high-bid buyers, which most of them were vampires. Abe later wrote in his diaries that vampires will continue to exist as long as they can easily buy their dinner, he vowed to end slavery as to destroy the vampires.

the book was fun to read with every rumor about Abe twisted into vampire related. for example Abe's beard, legends said that he grew it because Grace Bedell (as an eleven-year-old) mentioned that women loved whiskers. but in this book, the beard was grew to hide a scar from his vampire hunting mission. the story was at its darkest approaching the end, with the country threw into chaos with Civil War n Vampire War, Abe n his family were often the target of many assassinations. for some strange reason, i find myself enjoying the historical read even though i had never been a fan of historical fiction. it was engaging n easily had me absorbed into the story!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hulk (2003)

Hulk (2003)

David was a genetic researcher. he experimented on himself, trying to improve the human DNA. when his wife gave birth to their son, Bruce, David realized that his mutant DNA was passed on. he attempted to find a cure for his son's condition. but when the government shut down his research, he destroyed the lab n caused the gamma reactor within the facility to explode. when David was put into a mental hospital, Bruce was brought up by foster parents, thinking that his real parents had died. Bruce grew up to be a lab researcher like his father. a minor experiment accident caused radiation to affect Bruce mutant DNA. soon after, the stress building up within him activated his DNA, tranforming him into Hulk. Major Talbot saw an opportunity to profit from Hulk's superhuman capabilities. he tried transforming himself into Hulk as well but failed n it led to his death. David appeared, absorbed the energy from a wire n transformed into an electrical being, challenging Hulk to a battle.

like most Chinese films, Ang Lee used the approach of constant Flashbacks n Dreams, which turned out to be rather annoying n frustrating. it slowed the pace of the whole film, broke off the current flow by going back to the past again n again, n again. instead of presenting the typical action packed n fast paced Marvel's film, Ang Lee tried to pack more details into the film for its viewers to absorb n digest. but unfortunately, many found it disappointing to have the whole Marvel's comic-movie feel ruined.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Flower (SE Vivaz)

she lowered her gaze, only to notice her hands shook uncontrollably, clenched tightly in fists. weight built in her head as she found herself near unconsciousness. "this cannot be happening!" she screamed in her head. all these shocks had given her enough strain to last her for a century. as much as she wouldn't mind being told these truth openly, she dreaded being the one who found out about them later, or worst, from someone else. her ideal often gave her a hard time, thrashing her around like she wasn't worth it. she had stubbornly refused to stand down, fighting even with a shaky fist. she had never been one of the siblings to give up without a fight. for she knew she will clearly regret it if she allow herself to back down this very instant.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Level E (2011)

Level E

the Earth was populated by aliens from all over the galaxy. they were well aware of the presence of other fellow aliens but kept the secret well hidden from earthlings. one day, the prince of planet Dogra crashed on earth. he forced his way into Yukitaka's apartment. Yukitaka was a freshman that just moved out on his own. his exciting first year turned out to be out of his imagination when 3 bodyguards of the prince landed soon after the prince forcefully moved in with him. n worst of all, the prince's problematic personality often brought nothing but trouble to not only Yukitaka, but everyone the prince came in contact with.

with such an intense plot, we were thrown off guard when this science fiction anime turned out to be more of a comedy than action packed. its comic/manga (漫画) was actually released from 1995–1997, making its visual rather old school. its main attraction was the prince, who often appeared out of nowhere, making something serious into a joke, all because he was a genius that can easily turned any situation around n easily solve everyone's trouble. the humor was definitely something to look out for, because in the end, these were truly some characters that one couldn't help falling in love with.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Far East Movement: Rocketeer ft. Ryan Tedder (2010)


Far East Movement (FM) is an American electro hip-hop group. the group was formed in 2003. its 4 members are KevNish, Prohgress, J-Splif, n DJ Virman. the trio (without DJ) were high school buddies. they performed their music online n in local clubs. DJ joined the group in 2008, as the official DJ for FM. their first album "Folk Music" was released in 2006, where one of its single "Round Round" was featured in movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006). the FM tried to bridge the gap between underground n mainstream hip-hop n pop, blending it with electro n dance to create an original sound they called "Free Wired". Rocketeer (2010) was one of the slower songs they featured in their debut album, Free Wired (2010).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Crow (1994)

The Crow (1994)

Eric n Shelly were waiting anxiously for their wedding. the night before, some guys broke in. Shelly was beaten n raped; Eric was stabbed n thrown out of the window. Sergeant Albrecht were assigned for the case. 1 year later, Eric awakened from death n climbed out of his grave. he returned to their apartment n had a flashback of what happened back then. he realized he knew those guys, n when he discovered that since he was back from death, he was immune to physical damage. guided by the crow, he set out to find their murderers.

this old film is one of the best Classics, containing the most original Goth ever! so far it was said to be the best out of its sequels, with mesmerizing performance from Brandon Lee. the visual especially, were awesome. it was action packed, dark, somewhat bloody n violent. the additional darkness that was added to this film, was Brandon's death during a gun accident while filming The Crow (1994). it happened when they were shooting that part where he walked into the apartment n saw Shelly being raped. the team was running behind schedule, which caused them to neglect the preparation for a gun shot. instead of firing an empty cartridge, Brandon was shot in the abdomen. he fell immediately. after the director yelled "Cut!" n he still didn't stand up, they realized that he was really wounded. he was rushed to the hospital, followed by a 6-hour operation, n was pronounced dead after. like his father, Bruce Lee (1940-1973), Brandon (1965-1993) died young, but lived forever as a legend.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Candies (SE Vivaz)

with money getting harder to earn n the increasing debts stacking threateningly in the account, he started to look for close ones for advantages. it hit her big, he used to be responsible, eagerly taking care of them without them requesting for anything, nor did they actually needed anything extra to begin with. but his irregular pampering had them felt warm at heart every single time. the drastic change took her by surprise. she had never knew he would one day ask something in return in spite of all the kindness he showed that she thought was out of goodness. it had her felt foolish, naively deceived, believing that he did it out of love towards his family. it was nothing but a big fat lie.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season (2011)
君に届け 2nd Season

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season

Sawako was a timid n sweet girl. but because of her long straight hair that resembled a ghost girl, she was often misunderstood by her classmates to have malicious behavior. actually, she longed to make friends n live a normal life. she was drawn to Kazehaya, the most popular guy in class, whose sunshine personality attracted many admiration from girls of their class. what she failed to notice, was that Kazehaya was also attracted to her. he started talking with her n a sweet love slowly blossomed as they overcome all obstacles along the way.

the anime was a straightforward romance, no surprises n a rather typical shoujo manga (少女漫画) that targeted the teenage female audiences. it was a little awkward for me especially when neither of them knew that they liked each other, circling around even though it was so obvious that their friends noticed right away. it would probably remind many of their teenage love story, the secret that wasn't so much a secret. with Kurumi's character appearing, she was a complete opposite of Sawako. she was pretty, loved by everyone n an extrovert who dare to voice out her feelings towards Kazehaya. the only downside was Kazehaya paid no attention to her, which led to her failed confession during Valentine's. what i didn't quite like about Sawako's character was her angelic figure. she was portrayed to be so sweet, so shy, so positively optimistic, which caused Kurumi's character to be reflected as somewhat mean. which she in fact wasn't! like Sawako, Kurumi also struggled to show her love for Kazehaya, especially with him ignorantly accepting her love n not giving anything in return. perhaps this is one anime that we get to decide who we love since each character stood out on its own way.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sunset (SE Vivaz)

one cool afternoon in the middle of the woods, he secretly taught her a skill right before he departed. a skill so powerful it could throw the world off its balance, a skill he warned her to never reveal to another. she made the typical mistake, she did not listen. n to make things far worst, she revealed it to the wrong person, someone she thought she could trust, someone obviously going to betray her. she was wrong, so wrong. she vowed to atone for her mistake, but he would no longer be there to witness her effort nor compensation. she only got herself to blame, a choice she failed not to rebel.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Will was a scientist who tried to develop a virus to cure diseases by testing on chimpanzees. the virus mutated n gave them the intelligence of human. one day, one of the tested chimpanzees went on a rampage. after it was shot down, Will found out that it had delivered a baby secretly. with the project being canceled, all the tested chimpanzees were to be killed, but Will quietly sneaked the baby home n named it Caesar. Caesar inherited the intelligence n learned quickly. but after an incident of hurting one of the neighbors, Caesar was forced to be held in a facility, where apes were treated cruelly. in the beginning, Caesar was picked on by the other apes, but he soon gained dominance through his intelligence. he then planned an escape from the facility, freeing all the enclosed apes n fighting against humans for their freedom.

as much as i enjoyed watching an animal themed film, i'm not a huge fan of monkeys. i went into the cinema halfheartedly, not expecting to enjoy the film completely. but i did! the film wasn't bad at all, it was absolutely captivating! i have not watched its previous sequel nor knew how they were connected, but the film stood perfectly well alone, with sufficient explanations to keep us on the track. sometimes Caesar looked so much like human that it sent chills down my spine. the film was fast-paced n very believable, we were completely absorbed into the film before we noticed!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Avril Lavigne: Wild Rose (2011)

Wild Rose (2011)

after Black Star (2009) n Forbidden Rose (2010), Avril came out with her third fragrance "Wild Rose" in August 2011. the fragrance was based on a floral n fruity smell. its commercial took place in a gothic garden, where she entered the garden n found a single purple rose. unfortunately, with my allergy nose, i am not a fan of perfume, not even talcum powder that many uses to reduce their body odor.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari (2009)

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

Kenshi was a boy living in Japan, until he was summoned to the land of Geminar. Geminar has been going through endless wars. they fought using Seikijin (聖機人), a bio-mechanical weapon controlled by warriors called Seikishi (聖機師) by using magical power. even though the magical power wasn't found in Japan, Kenshi was able to pilot the Seikijin (聖機人) perfectly. someone seemed to have a reason for Kenshi to be in Geminar, but the details remained unknown.

the anime wasn't really captivating in the beginning, but as the episodes progressed, it was easy to get drawn into the story. the storyline wasn't something new, with the main character getting placed in the middle of some unknown world, fighting the villain. the element that kept the story alive was despite being a Harem (ハーレム) anime, the characters weren't as annoying as was typically expected. the anime focused mainly on its comedic situation between Kenshi n the rest of the characters, with battles thrown in from time to time to spice things up.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Scenery (SE Vivaz)

he grumbled as he didn't fit in, struggling to fend himself from their offensive gestures. every taunting glance, every rude motion deliberately shown, used to cause her to cry herself to sleep that very night. it took her eons to realize, but those glances n mistreats will turned into something insignificant the very next day, not to mention never owning a spot in the future. seeing herself in him brought back precious memories, now merely images that no longer hurt nor haunt her. yet she knew that it was essential for him to experience the process himself to truly grow out of his shell. from her experiences, embracing made it easier to cope with. a little ignorance, plus a little acceptance went a long way for her. for it will be forever difficult to be different.


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hancock (2008)

Hancock (2008)

Hancock was an alcoholic, but he has superpowers. he used his powers to stop crimes for the city but his actions indirectly caused million of damages to the properties. he was often scoffed by everyone because of that, but he continued his doing n ignored everything else. Ray happened to just finished an unsuccessful meeting, trapped on the railway with an incoming train. Hancock saved him but again, caused the train to derail n almost hit another driver. Ray was one of the first man to thank Hancock for his effort. he offered to improve Hancock's public image, which Hancock hesitantly accepted. he first started out by asking Hancock to allow himself to be jailed for a certain period of time. when the city crime rate rose, the Chief of Police came n contact Hancock himself. with a new costume, Hancock stopped a bank robbery n was applauded later. he became a popular celebrity in the city. Hancock later met with Ray's wife, whom he discovered to be a superhuman as well. she claimed that they were the last of their kind, he had to find out if that's the truth.

Hancock wasn't like any typical superhero film, but it started out strong, having us completely following the story instead of criticizing its abnormality. the down side of the film was not having a main villain to create its climax, giving us a feeling that something was missing, that we were still hoping for something to come out n fight. but it was truly wonder what Will Smith can do for the film. no matter how awful his character started out to be, his charm n likability never did reduce throughout the film. instead, we found ourselves laughing hard n enjoying the humor!

Monday, August 08, 2011


Seahorse (SE Vivaz)

thinking he was god, he took everything into his own hands, wanting to set things right in his favors. every matter regardless big or small, bossing around like there is no tomorrow. she watched on helplessly, powerless. she knew that it was best to steer clear of his path, yet she knew deep down by letting him get his way could only further worsen the situation. those who were indecisive, fell obediently in place like chess pieces under his authoritative influence; the remaining showed clear signs of resistance, looking for every tiny loopholes to turn the table around.


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Deadman Wonderland (2011)

Deadman Wonderland

set in a futuristic world, Deadman Wonderland was Japan's private operated prison. it was opened to public n tourists, in a massive theme park-like facility. it was a popular attraction, with cruel games of survival where prisoners were forced to participate with the risk of losing their lives. wealthy viewers also had the chance to watch a secret game called Carnival Corpse, where death matches were arranged among prisoners. the defeated prisoner will have part of their organs removed for scientific research. winners in all games or matches were awarded large amount of Cast Points, to use as money in the prison, or in exchange of life-saving candies. one day, while the students were attending school like usual, the whole class was massacred by a strange man covered in blood. Ganta was the only survival, with a red crystal embedded into his chest. after a quick trail, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in Deadman Wonderland.

despite having the anime looked slightly "dirty" n unattractive, it managed to capture our whole interest just by watching its very first episode! it was nothing less than tones of crazy ideas put together, like one psychological thriller with whole lot of actions packed into it! to get rid of particular prisoner, the wardens followed a standard of "accidentally" killed them or removed all candies from them, for these horrible tasting candies must be consumed every 3 days for them to stay alive. Ganta obviously had a far harsher experience than other prisoners, especially after his power was activated. he also met Shiro, an innocent looking girl who was so skillful she was able to keep Ganta from being killed in many situations. her claiming to know Ganta kept our interest flowing, for together they hold the secret to the earthquake that happened 10 years ago. the anime was so fast-paced n gory, it kept us on the edge at all times!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Abbey Dawn: Spring 2012

Avril Lavigne

just earlier this month, Avril posed for her Abbey Dawn's Spring 2012 advertisements. she mentioned expanding Abbey Dawn this spring by introducing a broader lifestyle collection to the world. it will focus on denim, dresses, skirts, handbags, footwear, as well as eyewear. it will also feature full men's collection. by mentioning Spring, i assumed the new collection shall be available by March-June 2012!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America

during the war, Rogers was determined to join military service. however, he was rejected many times due to his weak health. Dr. Erksine from the underground Project Rebirth noticed his good will n recruited him. right after Rogers underwent an experiment, Dr. Erksine was assassinated by a Nazi's agent. the Nazi was led by Schmidt (Red Skull), also undergoing a Hydra research, creating powerful weapon to destroy all countries to make the world his. after the experiment, Rogers became very powerful but misused by the president merely as a mascot. during one of his shows, he went on a solo rescue attempt n destroyed one of Hydra research center while rescuing hundreds of their comrades. he then gained the respects of many.

seeing Tommy Lee Jones after such a long time was an awesome surprise! rough but always so lovable on screen, his acting skills were certainly up to our expectations. the way the film managed to pull off dressing a guy in tights during the depressing WWII was absolutely perfect. part of the screen time was spent building the characters, not only Rogers but also many of the supporting casts. thus, it added weights to their actions, making us feel the depths of their heroic acts. for a comic adapted film, it was so much fun yet intelligent! it made us believe the wildness of the whole concept by placing it neatly in realistic angles. the film was so mesmerizing we left the cinema feeling completely satisfied.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Flower (SE Vivaz)

he pestered on, still giving her calls n texts whenever he found fit after all these years, even when it was in fact the middle of the night. to her, he was merely a past, a person she once thought would spent the rest of her life with, a person she thought to walk down the path hand in hand with. the dream remained perfectly shatterproof, until he decided to disappear for about a year n returned asking to be back in her embrace again. as tempting as getting back together seemed, she remembered the pain of being left aside for most of the past year, while he remained out of range, enjoying a second life elsewhere. the absurdity hit her, it was definitely not a life she was looking forward to, nor would she accept not being part of the life of the man she were to spend her life with. she held her ground, the choice was an easy one. n since then she knew that it would be a choice she won't regret making.


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ao no Exorcis (2011)

Ao no Exorcist

the story took place in a world where human lived to fend themselves from the demons. humans lived in a world called Assiah, while demons in Gehenna. traveling between 2 worlds was impossible. however, the demons can passed over to the human world by possessing the humans. Satan was the god of all demons, he was so powerful that he needed a human powerful enough to contain him without bleeding to death within minutes. humans that are able to fight the demons were known as Exorcists. Rin was created by Satan, a son he had in the human world, also his medium to passed over to the human world. Rin was adopted by a Priest/Exorcist, who constantly pointed Rin in the correct direction. unfortunately he was sacrificed protecting Rin from a demon attack. to avenge for his foster father's death n also to proof himself, Rin decided to follow the path of an Exorcist.

Yukio, Rin's younger brother was a completely opposite character compared to Rin. Yukio was smart, earning his Exorcist license at a young age. Rin, on the contrary, was mostly physical. he was active, straightforward n always rushed head on into fights. we were simply impressed with the anime, which looked n felt so classic, yet was so well paced with some catchy points to keep us completely hooked from its beginning. despite the supernatural n action genre, it contained large amount of decent humor. n i definitely had not anticipate shedding tears for some unexpected progress of the plot!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Cabinet (SE Vivaz)

she watched on quietly as he tried to persuade her. she gasped in horror when she saw her being convinced way too easily, deceived completely by his half truth. she couldn't quite comprehend how did it all started, to have things bend to his way in such impossible angle. she used to be one of the most capable person taking care of herself. he used to be the most genuine person she knew, not the kind of guy who went around deceiving others with lies that filled with so much loopholes. he changed so incredibly that she found it difficult to believe he was still the same person that approached her with such radiant carefreeness when she was once trapped. pushing forward a hesitant step, she braced herself, not knowing how to cope with neither of them.


Monday, August 01, 2011

District 9 (2009)

District 9 (2009)

a large alien spacecraft came to earth n hovered in the sky. a team entered the ship n found many sick extraterrestrials. they were given food, shelter n care on Earth, n was assigned to live in a confined area called District 9. as the time passed, some aliens n humans showed discomfort of having each other in their territory. the MNU (Multi National United) was hired to relocate the aliens to a new area called District 10, led by Wikus n Piet. 3 aliens was secretly searching for an alien technology where mysterious fluid were stored in a small bottle. Wikus later discovered the bottle n accidentally sprayed some onto his face. the mysterious fluid made Wikus felt ill n soon he transformed into one of the aliens. Wikus was later forced to test out the alien weapons. he escaped in the process n seek refuge in District 9. he found out from that the fluid was able to reactivate the mothership. to do that, he had to steal the bottle that MNU took.

the best part of the film was being truly original. we waited for it to go wrong any minute, but was surprised to find that it didn't! it managed to stay fresh n surprising until the very end. although the film started with aliens being the bad guys n humans the good, Wikus transformation changed the whole view. like every man, he tried to survive the best he can. him being the connection between humans n aliens was a drastic turn that we didn't see coming. for a film that filled with more unknown faces than known, it was brilliant! it was entertaining n surprisingly humorous.