Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tiger's Curse #1: Tiger's Curse (2011)

Tiger's Curse

Kelsey got herself a summer job by joining a travelling circus. one of her duties was to feed the white tiger named Ren, making sure that the circus' main attraction was well taken care of. she developed feelings towards Ren, for some reason he seemed to understand her more than just an animal could as well. soon she was introduced Mr. Kadam, whom instructed her to break a 300-year-old curse, bringing Ren back to his human form. together they fought the dark forces with magic. Kelsey was forced to risk everything to solve the ancient prophecy that could break the curse forever.

it was not surprising when i found out many stopped reading n gave up on the book soon after they started reading, i almost became one of them. but upon finishing the book, i was glad i did finish it though it took me quite a while. the down side of the book was being too long-winded, putting extreme details especially on Kelsey's feelings. i grew sick of her soon i started reading. on the bright side, the story finally increased its pace in the second half of the book, giving us more actions rather than just her thoughts or feelings. n i also got to learn about Indian culture, which was honestly more than i wanted to. the storyline had been clear since the beginning that they would obviously fell in love with each other during the adventure together. there were a lot of eye-rolling moments when it came to their romance, which were exactly where i started skipping lines just for the sake of maintaining my interest n to keep me from quitting the book all together. the ending however, was somehow did correctly! because it had me wanting to read its sequel: Tiger's Quest (2011) to find out what happened next.

author: Colleen Houck
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy

Tiger's Curse series:
- Tiger's Curse (2011)
- Tiger's Quest (2011)
- Tiger's Voyage (2011)
- Tiger's Destiny (2012)
- Tiger's Dream (2014)

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