Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tag: Incremented Questions


was tagged by -akira- to answer his new self-created tag. the answers incremented by 1 for each of the question asked. an intense challenge !! but i ain't gonna back down.

  • 1 name?
    (1) levian

  • 2 nicknames?
    (1) levian
    (2) ady

  • 3 books you often read?
    (1) vampires/psychopath novels - the intense dark side triggers my curiosity.
    (2) self discoveries series - there are always more powerful skills to develop.
    (3) animals related encyclopedias - the fluffy thingies i can't resist to cuddle.

  • 4 things gained from blogging?
    (1) buddies - heart to heart friendships are the treasures of all time.
    (2) discoveries - am always curious with what i don't already know.
    (3) supports - emotional support is what i hungered the most.
    (4) appreciation - putting emotions into words clear out misty thoughts.

Monday, September 29, 2008



being a first timer, we obviously do Not have the upper hand. two teenagers at the average age of a high schooler, had been fondling with these particular arcade racing machines for quite some times. looking sincere while requesting for a match, almost too eager they bragged after noticing the difference in skills. the look on their faces caught me. winning against newbie is something to be proud of ?? would they stomped away slamming the machine if the table is turned ?? they continued to amuse me. they have yet so much to learn, n to grow up ..

人お軽蔑 で止めよ ..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


not that it is the first time, but he always managed to impress me whenever a prey is brought back. does he really looked proud, or is it just me ?? ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008



not many chance were i exposed to these sorta group outings, insecurity battled inside me defensively. tried to force my head back into the game; had lotsa fun while i'm at it, but soon looses its charm after each game ended.

moo-moo chan, which he won from the arcade's claw machine (toy catcher) soothes that anxiety almost immediately. sweet moments stacked over these couple of days filled my mind like an ecstasy. i was soon loosen up n smiling at ease. a little Reassurance that matters a Lot.


Friday, September 26, 2008

kitty battle..

as we watched in amazement, the lazy afternoon was immediately brought back to life. still can catch me laughing every time it was replayed. sharing with Cat Lovers out there !! =3

(courtesy of -piggy-, for sharing)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fruits Basket (2001)

Fruits Basket

finally get to finish the anime, stuck years ago due to the licensing .. thingy. a beautiful anime with a unique theme that evolved around the 12 chinese zodiacs n a cat. some members of the family are possessed by the soul of these animals. focused mainly on family n friendship. but somehow, the way the main actress presents her gratefulness toward life, makes the anime .. a rather depressing one. remembered as an anime that turned my day blue ..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



just when you thought that someone is important to you, you kinda Assume that you are as important to them as well. yet little signs n actions of theirs, cruelly awaken you from dreaming - you may not be as important after all.

me being around too often is probably the main reason she kinda took me for granted. i was left feeling like some backup. well, it's not like i'm gonna do anything about it in particular, but it does hit me rather harshly. an unavoidable punch straight in the face. n somehow, i find myself purposely ignoring her need, things i noticed n would usually respond to it ..


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

friendship park ( 马中公园)..


courtesy of the colourful fishes used in the earlier post (endurance), here are more details of them. Friendship Park is a very popular fish feeding location in town. -piggy- did the feeding (n chanting for a "baiku") while i busied myself with my mobile phone of course. ;) not easy capturing nor portraying the colourfulness of the fishes, since majority of them are black in colour. as we lured the colourful ones, which is also the bigger ones, nearer to the shore, some perfect shots were taken .. :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tag: 31 Questions


tagged by -akira- to answer the following 31 questions related to myself. a long but definitely Fun tag !!

  1. where is your cell phone?
    within reach most of the time. now it lies quietly in my jeans pocket.

  2. your significant other?

  3. your hair?
    long n still planning for a new style, if i come up with any, for next year.

  4. your mother?
    at home with my dad.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gundam Seed


received the surprise parcel from -akira- yesterday. not surprising in a way since he had me informed of the parcel's arrival couple of days earlier, but surprising in a way that it was the Gundam Seed anime that fall out of the box. together with a Death Note strap, there is also a leo club pin (he is an all too active leo member) n a small bookmark that came together with his hand written letter .. or note. :p


Saturday, September 20, 2008



when things get a little agitating n disappointing, it is wise to have a change of pace. as the positive emotions arrived, it soon replace the bitter emotions that stacked for days. a humid afternoon ended much merrier than expected. indeed when one happens to be a physical person, every intentional hug soothes the anxiety. allowing the sensation to flow through the souls as the flame ignites, all resentments vanished in thin air.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Anamorph (2007)


"every kill is an artistic product."- the film portrays a very interesting point of view for a not-so-typical killer. concentrating in killing the people around this particular detective, he has to find out who amongst the people he knew, has connection with the killer. the film received many negative comments from its reviewers. but the phrase n the whole idea of "anamorphic" enlightens me in a whole new area !! *excites* the main actor seemed familiar at first glance. looking through his filmography records, he was the green Goblin (harry osborn's father) in spiderman (2002) !!

Thursday, September 18, 2008



slim n elegant, wealthy n branded, a mother of 3 at the age of 30+ .. just when everything sounded so Perfect, she isn't happy .. a husband that is able to fill her materialistically, but not emotionally. lonely n depressed, she drown herself dangerously in the obsession of drunkenness. in no position to hold her back, we watched in dread, fingers crossed n hoping for the best.

神様、彼女う助けてください ..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zodiacs: Sushi


Lucky Star (2007) started by triggering my interest towards sushi horoscope, which i later stumbled upon the "sushi according to zodiac" page, stating which sushi suit each zodiac. half of the time, i don't know what the sushi mentioned looks like, so .. just for the sake of sharing, here goes !!

ARIES (march 20 - april 19)
you're a fire sign, and you like your food spicy hot. order what sounds good, then ask for extra wasabi, a magical condiment that turns any type of sushi into a red-hot delight. Then scan the menu for the word "spicy", "volcano", "fire cracker" or "heat," it will tingle to your taste buds.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



a simple yet genuine question launched over lunch, i was left stunned, snapped out of my misty mode almost too abruptly. touched but speechless, the concern that reached straight into the heart drew a smile on my face. a smile i clumsily tries to hide without appeared too obvious. a friendly question may not be able to completely turn the day upside down, but definitely has the power to slightly remove the emotional hangover from the previous day.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Death Note デスノート (2007)

Death Note

courtesy of -akira- for getting me the anime, together with the Death Note (pronunciation: desu no-to), for my birthday. ありがとう、明さん!

it was quite disappointing when Kira (Light) died. but it actually took 3 Ls to fight against Kira, which probably means 1) kira is at the advantage here, or .. 2) he is simply Better !! although the anime is kinda long, especially the repetitiveness among the 3 Ls, it was still worth a watch. kira has to die for righteousness sake as predicted, but it's cool to have the original-L tagged along. obviously i'm biased towards kira, whose side are you on ??

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival.


the headache worsen as my thoughts ditched me n started wandering wild without leash ..

i do have difficulties in understanding the dialect, especially without explanation. but more than anything it felt worst to be left out completely, both physically n mentally, during these few short tormenting hours.

on the other hand, it must be me focusing on the negativity that is actually "nonexistence". unconsciously i fought my inner self that "i used to be invited along". with the switching of scenes, dwelling became almost too natural, i soon fell into the pit of blaming myself for "what have i done wrong this time .."
me continue to complicate myself, drown in this humid n quiet festive season. the invitation of celebrating this festive day together, is left abandoned in the night, unsaid, unrevealed .. hidden ..
彼氏がいるの時まだ寂しいで、へんな ..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Typing Mania


heard about the addictive n Insane game from -rollakid-. n i don't call it "insane" for nothing .. typing a whole lot of alphabets in a lengthy manner, which doesn't mean a thing .. is a Challenge with a capital "C". high focus is required .. almost essentially.

a small laid back though, is the unmatched hiragana n romaji. meaning, relying on the japanese wording (or singing) will definitely lead to Failure. you rely Only, n solely, on the alphabets listed at the bottom of the page.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Award: Daily Blogger


was awarded the Daily Blogger award by -akira-. it was mentioned that the award "is to be given to blogs that have at least 3 posts per week". though 3 posts per week doesn't lead to the definition of "daily" in any forms .. a little contradicting but am glad to receive the award nonetheless.


Thursday, September 11, 2008



a 4-years relationship broke off without a concrete reason. just when i thought my last broke up was inconceivable, hers turned out to be unimaginably absurd n heartbreaking. a distanced relationship being difficult enough, an unreasonable breakup is furthermore unbearable.

the soreness resurfaced as i listened to her struggle to rephrase her misery, my heart continued to ache as i imagined the suffering she must have felt - the sadness, the disappointment, the betrayal ..
"everything happened for a reason", despite the sadness n anger felt, we believe god has everything well planned. now more than ever, we hold on to faith. n more than ever, i clang on tight for the happiness within reach.

Hang in there, dearie ..
皆は幸せ成りたい ..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..


discomfort with coldness, my punk loves to lean on us for heat. he used to struggle n gotten aggressive whenever i squeezed him tight in my embrace, but not anymore. he who was once a tiger, now a kitty .. :p n yes, he actually fell asleep on us n we can't get up, or .. maybe we didn't bear to get up when he's looking all so sweet. *roughens up his fur*

Tuesday, September 09, 2008



zillions of people trying to control the way you're living Your life, being all mighty n powerful n frustratingly .. trying to act like they are highly above you. "you shouldn't do this, you should do that .." why not just say "you should live your life the way i said so" ..

i ended up doing the "deep inhale-exhale" routine throughout the rest of the day. never failed to ruin my day, making me frown uncontrollably n blasting extreme loud musics solely for distraction, n also to remove my instinctive move of dwelling in negativity.

be helpful if you must, give life example if you want, but piss off if you're trying to push me around or even get the slightest idea that you can lead me by the nose. you lived yours, let me live mine; thank you very much ..
n a sincere thank you, to -rollakid-, for listening n crapping n .. ended up conflicting with me for the rest of the day. you're the hero of the day !! :p
じゃましないで、お願い ..

Monday, September 08, 2008

High School Musical 2 (2007)

High School Musical 2

the romance between 2 main casts isn't as beautiful n pure as the first High School Musical (2006). the evil siblings, however, are still as adorable as ever. the mischievous bunch that you can't grow to hate !! had been a fan of Ashley since the disney series, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. her extreme confidence n expressions makes her sparkle in the crowd.

the plot proceed from their high school life in High School Musical (2006), to their summer holiday in HSM2 (2007). lastly HSM3 (2008), soon to be released, shall be based on their graduation. the second film isn't as good at the first, but worth a catch, especially with the third coming soon !!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

GN-005 Gundam Virtue


my first gundam turned out to be Virtue from Gundam 00. this little fellow was nicknamed -ahpui- ("fat" in hokkien dialect) by -piggy, n -sissy gundam- by -prim3-, soon after i bought it. the 1/100 scale model GN-005: Virtue is transformable into GN-004: Nadleeh. its weapons include a GN Bazooka, GN Cannon, n 2 GN Beam-Saber.

the drawing of lines took up most time n focus. majority of the pieces was coloured by -piggy-; while i assembled n did the final touch-up. posing n photographs taking are definitely easier with an experienced gundam-enthusiast around. :D

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Car Accident.


standing in the pouring rain checking out each others' cars, both parties became defensive, filling the air with highly unpleasant mood, throwing accusative words in each others' face. we felt minimal impact in the car, the result said otherwise. the moment i stood out of the car, i started calling numbers. though we are non-barbaric, backup n support are essential during time like these. mechanics n car towers came, hoping to earn a business or two. none succeeded. by-passers watched, amused. standing in the middle of the road last night, we were like animals trapped in a zoo. a time consuming procedures, but a whole new experience for me. leaving only to know mummy knew the driver's husband. he was my senior in primary school, only 3 years apart. the girl who threw harsh words at us just minutes ago, stood behind him looking ashamed, unable to look at her husband's ex-teacher in the eyes.


Friday, September 05, 2008



as "demanded" (in my previous Graduation Post) by some of the blogger buddies - you know who you are, here are some more photographs. yes, with Me in it !! i know you Love Me .. it was quite a let down not having my Mentor with us during graduation as he is in Australia. but am glad to catch up with the rest of the red-cape gang nonetheless. a perfect day.

Thursday, September 04, 2008



as time slides by, we unconsciously get accustom to each other. the difficult side, which is obviously the challenge; as well as the adorable side, which never arise as an issue.

as i discipline myself to pay conscious attention to these challenges, forcefully switch n take another approach instead of the instinctive move, it does occasionally turned out to be much easier. applies in all forms of relationships i suppose - friends, family n lovers. but of course, it doesn't come easily. well sometimes, we just need our share of magic dust to perceive it. ;)

まほがいる !!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 機動戦士ガンダム00 (2008)

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

my first gundam anime turned out to be "Gundam 00" (pronunciation: double oh) instead of "Seed or Destiny" like everyone else. a newer area for me to explore, much complex than Macross Zero.

the battles between flags n gundams started out to be a mass confusion for a gundam newbie like me. with -piggy- 's explanations, it slowly became clear enough for me to get the big picture to enjoy the anime.

second season cm (commercial)
- trailer 1
- trailer 2

- Comparison of Mobile Suits n Meisters

Tuesday, September 02, 2008



-bun- is leaving for a short trip the next morning. she observed as we hugged n kissed for bon voyage, a scene she didn't get to see very often. surprisingly, she hugged me before bedtime that night, for she is leaving early tomorrow as well. i was stunned. for me to hug or kiss her occasionally seemed normal, but vice versa ?? it was astonishing !! n heartwarming .. mummy trying to be my sibling ?? how sweet ..

抱擁が大好き !!

Monday, September 01, 2008



the hectic day began early on August 25th, 5 a.m. as sleepy as we were, the day was filled with fun n excitements. flowers, plushies, congratulations, cameras' flashes that went on n off filled the hall. there were only 10 in our gang (batch). making our red cape exquisite n eye-catching.