Friday, September 19, 2008

Anamorph (2007)


"every kill is an artistic product."- the film portrays a very interesting point of view for a not-so-typical killer. concentrating in killing the people around this particular detective, he has to find out who amongst the people he knew, has connection with the killer. the film received many negative comments from its reviewers. but the phrase n the whole idea of "anamorphic" enlightens me in a whole new area !! *excites* the main actor seemed familiar at first glance. looking through his filmography records, he was the green Goblin (harry osborn's father) in spiderman (2002) !!

the explanation:

anamorphic is a distorted image that regains its correct proportions when viewed from a particular angle, usually from a steep slant. following is 'The Ambassadors' - a drawing created by Holbein the Younger, Hans, in 1533.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Henry Miller
- released: 2007
- casts: Willem Dafoe, Scott Speedman, Don Harvey, Clea DuVall
- language: English
- genre: Thriller/Crime


  1. He looks quite young in the movie... Gosh, his face is like killer, hahaha...

  2. anamorphic..

    Reminded me of those drawings on the street where it looks like the real thing when look from far...

  3. akira: i can't really recognize him at first, only somehow looked familiar. XD

    rollakid: ahh !! you're referring to those street drawings, aren't you ?? yes, those are anamorphic as well. :D

  4. Haha, that's why I said he is young inside the movie...

    Hehe, I'm downloading the movie now...

  5. kill4lov3: herm .. thanks ??

    akira: is he suppose to be young or old ?? well, you're right about him being older in spiderman though. XD

  6. Haha, that's right!! He is so cool in the Spiderman movie...

  7. akira: i remembered laughing at him being all green as well. can't help it, it doesn't occurred to me in animated version though. :p

  8. Green goblin's suit supposely to be green right? Hehe... The way he talked in evil way, is kinda cool!!! (During the conversation with the mirror)

  9. akira: ah that part is still clear in my head as well. he's not too flashy or evil until he's in the suit though. that's when he shines. ;)

  10. I wonder, hmm, what other movies did he act also? Just cant remember it...