Saturday, November 10, 2007


"free candy floss for everyone .."

somehow, the bundled clouds kinda resemble the candy floss .. wanna reach out to grab it so bad !! n let it melt in my mouth ..


  1. Yup, yup! The clouds look like they come from a painting! :D

  2. The cluds look awesome..I love watching the sky;the combinations it produces for the human eye are wonderful-rainy clouds,sun with white clouds,etc..

  3. lee chien: thx !! hehe. so glad you enjoyed them. ;)

    lukxiufung: thx again !! hehe. i seriously want some candy floss. n i do mean like erm .. Now .. :D

    宝茹: after all, it is picked from at least a dozen of photos. haha. :D

    Sriram: i can't agree more !! nature is beauty in itself. nothing is more relaxing n effective than bathing in nature's embraces. very glad to know you. :)