Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Avril Lavigne: Hot (2007)

Avril Lavigne: Hot

have you ever listen to somebody's music -without watching the music video- n found that it still has the effect of inspiring you as overwhelmingly ?? well, she has that exact effect on me. the video is simply a tool to amplify it. :D

enjoying this post with some of the known avril fan: n.c.yathindran, lukxiufung, aron wong, vincent boey, hiew, imagica, beck lim, wersp .. :)

some background on the video:
- song title: Hot
- artist: Avril Lavigne
- album: The Best Damn Thing
- released: 2007
- genre: Power Ballad


  1. like her, my 1st song from her was Complicated, Just love it. I bought her 1st album too...nice...She is pretty too..I like her lips.. :)

  2. she is sexy!!!! of coz the song also nice lah!!1 hehehehe

  3. 我挺喜欢她的 很有个人性格!

  4. Avril lavigne song was really kick ass. Super love her song.

  5. n.c.yathindran: sure thing !! would love to blogroll you. ;)

    lukxiufung: hehe. i love the way she rocks !! :D my recent favorite is "when you're gone". such a heart breaking ballad. :)

    aron wong dot com: n let's not forget she've got attitude. ;)

    beck lim: 是哦,超有的!不注意她都不行,呵呵!

    fattien: yup yup !! she sure does !! ;)