Friday, November 02, 2007

Total Chaotic.

noticed some find it peculiar for me not to have updated posts. -Thank You- for visiting often enough to notice the distinctness.

i've been entirely tied up with school this couple of days. hecticness occupies me mercilessly. life transformed itself into a total frenzy. the only balance i have is by taking the night off periodically. get away from the environment, from school, even from the computer (n my blog .. sobs).

many reassure me that everything will go well, yet i can't help worrying if everything really will go according to plan. for i cannot - n will not - have these meaningless repetitive events jeopardize n monopolize me any further. somehow, this is the Force that keep me going ..

Go, go, me ~~
*running around the house screaming, with both hands waving in the air*

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