Sunday, November 18, 2007

Senses Cleared.

as difficult as things get, the fyp (final year project) had finally come to an end. he said "all of you will at least pass", which after translated into simple English, would be "you probably won't get HD (higer distinction) or D (distinction)". but the torment finally ended. 2007 had been an extremely long year to endure ..

what a Wise Man once mentioned, about half a year ago, was indeed right. doesn't matter how hard it gets along the way, you just have to focus n hang on till the end, remembering the light at the end of the tunnel.

at that time, it seemed absurd to even believe there is an exit to this tunnel. but now that the struggle has almost reached its end, things fall neatly into place. my clouded senses are once again cleared, the tunnel's exit has become unmistakably visible ..


  1. just try your best!

  2. congrats! welcome to the dark side! (work life).. Soon! :P

  3. This seems to be a common theme in a few blogs I read.

    But glad to know that everything is ok! :D

  4. johnny: i'll make sure i do that. hehe. thx !! :)

    allen: *ready to pounce* !! ;)

    宝茹: oh is that so ?? then i guess a lot of us are pressured in our own way. haha. :D