Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tag: Desktop

i was tagged by -Imagica- to reveal my desktop. my desktop are pretty simple. i love to have the icons "leaving my desktop alone". those remaining 2 would definitely be removed if it weren't forcibly set by default. well, since everything else is within reach (start > all programs). as for the wallpaper, i fancy anime's mostly, most preferable to be darker in color.


  1. I like your wallpaper!
    you also love anime!
    as for me, I love Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, in no particular order. hehe

  2. Hey, u have so many anime wallpaper huh? post up some of the best :)

  3. I have that wallpaper too! And many more. Visit my blog for more wallpapers!

  4. Funny tag .. nice desktop :)

  5. shiera: oo among the 3 i love bleach the most. :)

    lukxiufung: sure thing !! will definitely update some soon. ;)

    apple: thx !! glad you liked it. :)

    kljs: its basically taken from the Internet as well. hehe. :p

    sani: haha fun nonetheless !! ;)

  6. yeah, everything is taken from the internet.... hehehe ;0

  7. Shokugan no Shana
    one of my favorite anime >.<