Tuesday, November 06, 2007

night view..

took a walk by the riverbank -of the Sarawak river- last week, while giving myself a night off. didn't have a great camera but still finds the views pretty mesmerizing .. ;)


  1. Ooo, spending some quality time with ur **ehemmm** other half is it? Nice... =p

  2. Woot? Nvm, quality time with your mum also good.. =p

  3. It's just like Cometh to complicate things~~ haha

  4. The scenery looks good..This would indeed be a very nice place for a date..!

  5. 宝茹: at the riverbank. the Sarawak River. a pretty cool place especially at night. ;)

    cometh: sorry to burst you bubble, but i was actually, erm .. hanging with my mum that night. :p

    cometh: hehe true. usually "date" her during daytime instead of night. overall, it was a great night !! :)

    宝茹: one of his "qualities". ;)

    sriram: hehe yup, it is quite a popular place for dates. or for family to just stroll along the river. :)