Thursday, November 22, 2007

puppy love..

thanks to -devil- for sharing one of the most touching forward mails. a scene of a dog not leaving its companion behind. its canine companion, apparently being ran over, was unconscious. poor little fella .. even animals are so filled with love, shall human be any less ??


  1. I saw this before...... Affection between animals...

  2. .. and still .. the human didn't give any help .. keep on taking the pictures all the way ..

  3. the other week, as I was driving around, I saw dead dogs (on different locations) on the streets. hit-and-run victims. poor dogs.

  4. So pitiful... why is it nobody's doing something?
    If I were on that scene, I also couldn't have done something. I find dogs cute... but I'm afraid of them.

  5. lukxiufung: i wonder how things turned out ..

    cometh: forward mails too? ;)

    sani: n the people that took photos kept on increasing. sweat.

    lazarus: the society has become so cold-hearted. sighs.

    shiera: oo ?? you're afraid of dogs ??

    queer ranter: *nods* :(

    宝茹: poor thing ..