Sunday, December 30, 2007

hot spring..

it is located a little further from Borneo Highland. a mini-sized, pretty much undeveloped area maintained by locals.

the so-called hot spring, is actually part of a river, flowing with icy cold water from the mountains. heat rosed from within the grounds, causing part of the river water to be heated up. by trapping these warm water, the "hot spring" is formed.

lets just call it the "Mini Onsen (温泉)" .. :D


  1. Hot spring? Ain't hot springs only available at volcanic places???

    Don't scare me Levian! haha

  2. Hmmm, I heard bout this one...Been wanting to go but haven't had the time...

    Guess you beat me to it.... =p

  3. prim3: beware prim3 .. beware !! *evil laugh*

    cometh: wait for a couple more years n hope they would thought of developing it. haha.