Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wolfling #2: Lone Girl (2014)

Lone Girl

Rose ran away from home with her lover Tom. being her formal teacher and almost twice her age, Tom was being hunted by the law for kidnapping his student. the duo was initially determined to make their relationship work despite being on the run, but when Rose secretly kept a smart phone in her possession, she ruined the trust Tom had for her. after a painful decision, Tom decided to leave Rose, freed her from the danger he put her in. the duo later met at the Silver Moon facility. It was originally advertised to be a free environment for all werewolves to live. but upon arrival, they realized that it was a facility that experimented on the werewolves.

having loved the first installment, I was slightly disappointed the moment the story ended up in a facility. while being on the run presented potentially interesting happenings, the labs often went down one path. after the introductions of different groups of werewolves, I allowed myself to hope. different interactions could create different outcomes, but unfortunately, that aspect wasn’t explored and I was led down the exact hallway that a typical plot usually ended up in when it came to labs and experiments. despite the lack of surprises, the book remained a fast read and had me interested in the coming installment nonetheless.

author: Kate Bloomfield
published: 2014
genre: Supernatural

Wolfling series:
- Alpha Girl (2013)
- Lone Girl (2014)
- Wild Girl (2015)

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