Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Girl from the Well (2014)

The Girl from the Well

the story followed a young girl, murdered in a well many years ago. she wasn’t able to pass through, thus seeking the world, hunting for child killers, helping other dead children to pass through. one day, a young boy moved into town. Tarquin had strange tattoos all over his body, said to be put there by his mother since he was five. his mother was put into an asylum, for she screamed whenever she saw her son. what the normal people couldn’t see, was a masked woman hiding behind the boy, revealing herself only through mirrors. the girl killed in the well followed Tarquin, figuring out his secrets while trying to save his life.

the book was an absolutely delicious read. it was easy to read, fast pace, and very captivating. Tarquin was quite a character. particularly matured for his age, having the ability to see ghosts. it was easy to sympathize with his situation, where his mother kept the masked woman in him, doing all she can to make sure the woman couldn’t escape, but also putting her son in the spot. her determination had others labeled her insane, broke Tarquin’s heart. the girl killed in the well was another very interesting character. while we see the world through her eyes, it was also difficult to learn more about her, which pretty much stirred up more curiosity along the way! the book was definitely a fun read, something I don’t ever remember coming across. now that I’m in love with the style, i will start looking out for the author’s book in the future.

author: Rin Chupeco
published: 2014
genre: Supernatural

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