Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Doppelgangers #2: On The Run (2014)

On The Run

after Citrus found herself in a weird situation where some of her friends and herself had a doppelganger, she was captured and woke up in a cell with her friends all looking at her. they formed an escape plan that failed terribly until doppel-Aedan decided to help them. Citrus and her friends were on the run ever since. having found out that the Aedan that she was with all these while was a doppelganger instead of the real Aedan was such a shock, but did nothing to stop how Citrus felt towards him. his offering to help only further complicated the situation.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. soon after the book started, their escaping journey started as well. it was such a hectic experience, I almost felt as tired as Citrus and her gang. every night they stopped for a goodnight rest, they received a call from doppel-Aedan telling them to run, that the doppelgangers found their location. soon, they suspected that the bump on their back was a tracking device for them to be tracked. it was only natural for things to get spiced up from there onwards. despite the tedious repetition, the book remained a fast read. it was impossible to not get absorbed completely into the storyline. the only downside of the book in comparison to its previous installment, was how little time were now spent on character developments. most of the time, I found myself doubting one character then another. while I was originally rooting for Citrus for her bravery and often taking initiative to be the lab rat when everyone else was hiding in fear; I was also annoyed with some small decisions of hers, such as rescuing whoever she felt pity towards. her levelheadedness was just odd at times, like her maturity could go up and down. fortunately the pace was extremely fast, giving me little chance to get further frustrated over more found reasons. the cliffhanger on the other hand, was truly a mind-blowing twists!

author: Milda Harris
published: 2014
genre: Supernatural

The Doppelgangers series:
- Doppelganger (2012)
- On The Run (2014)

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