Tuesday, October 07, 2014

E #1: E (2014)


Eden woke up in a metal box, with no memories. she pushed herself forward, scavenging for food and collecting coins with the hope of changing her current situation. starved and threatened, she did all she could just to survive. one thing led to another, she ended up at a card game, fighting against the dangerous people. Apollon was there, a guy who secretly understood what she was going through. upon winning the game, he brought Eden back to their shelter, shared among a handful of people. together they formed an unlikely family, supporting each other through the harsh lifestyle.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. when I started reading the book, I was skeptic for I was no huge fan of highly detailed descriptions that tend to go on and on, losing me along the way. but as I progressed further down the page, I soon found myself hypnotized by the exact details and fell head over toes over Eden. despite the highly imaginary backdrop, Eden made everything relatable. I felt her pain and fear, shedding tears while she bawled her eyes out. every time I was forced to part with the book, my mind remained in it, as if I was walking the same street she walked, visiting the same bar she frequented. her relationship with the men she met were such mysteries, Jonah and Apollon, even Matt was a very attractive character. although being labeled as the villain, like Eden, I couldn’t find myself to hate him. I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on the second book. this is most probably one of those series that i will find myself reading until the very end.

author: Kate Wrath
published: 2014
genre: Science Fiction

E series:
- E (2014)

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