Saturday, May 16, 2015

In Your Dreams #4: Beyond Your Dreams (2014)

Beyond Your Dreams

Kieran went through with the treatment for his peculiar condition and was left with amnesia, its side effect. unlike his friend, Cooper who went through the same thing but regained his memories in just a few weeks, Kieran’s came back only little after months. Zip, his girlfriend before he lost his memories, struggled along with him, trying to deal with his condition. but it was a situation that tested their relationship, pushing them towards breakup. while Zip tried to focus on her basketball to lessen the pain, she had an injury that stopped her from playing basketball anymore.

I received free e-books from the author in exchange for reviews. last book of the series was the most natural among the four. It was like any other romance, where the duo got to know each other and slowly getting close, lastly fell in love all over again. unlike the previous 3 books, this installment had little to no surprises. fortunately it was still an easy read. the happy ending added to the satisfaction of the overall series, putting a perfect closure to the lengthy storyline.

author: Amy Martin
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal

In Your Dreams series:
- In Your Dreams (2012)
- As You Wake (2013)
- Before You Sleep (2014)
- Beyond Your Dreams (2014)

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