Sunday, May 17, 2015

Divided #1: Divided (2014)


Arya had lived with the tribe for all her life. they often changed location due to the horrifying Hunters, who killed every survivor that they came across. the tribe lived in constant fear, avoiding the Hunters on all cost. from her childhood memories, Arya remembered having a twin sister Kayra, whom she assumed had died with her parents. When she found out that Kayra was alive and living in a safe haven, known as the Compound, Arya was determined to seek her out. the twins secretly held telepathic ability, being able to communicate with each other with their mind. however, once they fell in love, their ability would be lost.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book was surprisingly engaging the moment I started turning the pages. the unfamiliar backdrop took some getting used to, but Arya was a character so charismatic that I rooted for her after only a hand full of paragraphs. Kai’s character however, wasn’t as lovable for being all heroic and sacrificing. it was so captivating to see if Arya would choose Kai over Kayra. Kayra’s side of the story was far more familiar when it came to post-apocalyptic backdrops. she was equally relatable and intriguing compared to her twin. I was pleased to have picked out the book, it was so entertaining that I was able to enjoy some delicious goose bumps along the way.

author: Eloise Dyson
published: 2014
genre: Science Fiction

Divided series:
- Divided (2014)
- United (2016)

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