Thursday, May 14, 2015

In Your Dreams #2: As You Wake (2013)

As You Wake

right before Zip left for her father's place in Chicago for the holiday as it had been over the years ever since her parents divorced, Kieran decided to run away from home. despite Zip's effort to do everything she could to escape from the trip in searching for her boyfriend, her mother was determined to follow the rules set years ago. however, the adults' plan didn't go according to plan when Kayla decided to "kidnap" Zip from Zip's father and drove themselves all the way to North Carolina, where Kieran's journal showed he would be.

I received free e-books from the author in exchange for reviews. I dove into the book with high expectations and was greeted with a somewhat distracting graduation. fortunately, after the slight drag, I was pleased to have the chance to spend time with my two favorite characters, Zip and Kayla. the road trip was such a feast, with delicious back stories especially about Kayla that I looked forward so much during the read of book one. definitely much more appealing than the repetitive parental talks Zip had with her parents. I didn’t enjoy the increased number of people having conditions like Kieran, but am still intrigued with the direction the story was going to take for its next installment.

author: Amy Martin
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal

In Your Dreams series:
- In Your Dreams (2012)
- As You Wake (2013)
- Before You Sleep (2014)
- Beyond Your Dreams (2014)

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