Friday, May 08, 2015

The Ghost House Saga #1: Ghost House (2014)

Ghost House

Chloe just recently lost her mother. her ability to see ghosts stayed hidden for the last 10 years of her life. but after her mother’s death, Chloe started to see them again, some more ghastly than the other. to have some time alone, her father sent Chloe and her brother, Rory, to live with their grandmother in a country estate in England. but on the very first day Chloe reached Grange Hall, she met with a mysterious stranger. Alexander was supposedly dead, keeping dark secrets of the Grange Hall but held a lifelike presence that fooled even Chloe. as they gotten to know each other more, it awaken Isobel, the vengeful spirit of Alexander’s lover who would destroyed anyone who threatened to take him from her.

the book took its sweet time to elaborate on every single little details. although it gave precise description of its backdrops and characters, it got a little repetitive and tend to drag the focus a little more than usual. the idea of having Chloe being able to see ghosts to its utmost details were the most intriguing attraction of the book. it was understandable but still a little disappointing to find her shutting them off instead of interacting with most of those that appeared to her. I found myself skipping lines just to get to the juicy part, reading only paragraphs or conversations every now and then just to not miss the main direction the story was heading. the intimacy between Chloe and Alexander was also too cheesy to my liking, making it less believable and engaging that even half way through the book I found it difficult to root for them.

author: Alexandra Adornetto
published: 2014
genre: Supernatural

The Ghost House Saga:
- Ghost House (2014)
- Ghost Hour (2015)

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