Sunday, November 18, 2012

10 Weeks (2012)

10 Weeks

Kay-Kay had new Alex since she was nine, attending summer camp. he had always been her friend, leading her and understanding her more than anyone else. now that she turned nineteen, Alex had became something more, but he was forty. she way she wanted him had her struggle whether giving her heart will be worth risking her future over. Jody wasn't the type of girl who went after the good-looking guys, she enjoyed the company of her steady boyfriend that she had been together for years. but when he dumped her out of the blue and the hot Irish bartender seemed interested in getting to know her, the summer became anything but expected. Sam had bad experience with love. meeting Nate, the perfect guy for her was terrifying. she ran, but he followed with texts and finally forced his way back into her life, forcing her to confront her fear by opening her heart.

though everything took place during that 10 weeks of summer camp, it was actually 3 separate romance. all 3 girls were different and had their own strength. Kay-Kay was the most daring of all, flaunting everything she had just to tease Alex. Alex failing to reveal that he had an ex-wife threw Kay-Kay off her balance but soon regained it as she was unable to bear with the thought of losing him. Jody was the only virgin among the girls, causing her to be often teased. getting the hot guy was never her intention, yet her firm personality drew him in. Sam was the one that had the perfect guy. being dancers, they fit into each others' arm so perfectly that it was painful to see them spending time apart. while it was fun to read about these romances, it could be even more engaging if they had more connection between them.

author: Jolene Perry, Janna Watts
published: 2012
genre: Drama/Romance

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