Sunday, November 04, 2012

Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape (2012)

Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape

the day Lucy got her PhD was the day Paul broke up with her, admitting having another relationship. she hung out with Will and Jen, whom she had been best friends with for ages. they were so involved in each others' life that it was difficult to imagine going through the heartbreak alone. but out of the blue, Lucy signed them up for the Extreme Adventure Race that Paul was passionate about, at first was to get Paul back, but soon became a mission to rediscover her confidence. at the same time, she was offered a place in a popular research university, possibly leaving the college where they currently taught.

Lucy was at a dramatic point of her life, where everything doesn't went as it was expected to, but taking drastic turns for a completely different direction instead. Will and Jen were truly the miracles of her life, the guardian angels that we all desperately needed. from wanting Paul back for herself to pushing him out of her life, Lucy's growth made her inspiring and lovable. but of course, without Will and Jen there to banter and force the truth out of her, Lucy wouldn't be such interesting character. Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape (2012) was often humorous, even at critical or supposedly nerve-wrecking moments, making it somewhat sweet and relieving at the same time. it was a fast and absolutely adorable read.

author: Claire Matthews
published: 2012
genre: Romance

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