Friday, November 30, 2012

I Love You to Death (2012)

I Love You to Death

Ash faced too much death in her life. the recent death was her boyfriend Sam. previously was her brother, father, mother, even grandparents. she was consumed by grief and loneliness, feeling so guilty over their deaths. she became withdrawn, spending days reliving the nightmares and fearing for those she came to connect with. then she met Luke, who was so interested in her. despite Ash trying to push him away, Luke stayed and slowly entered her life. at some point, she was forced to face the truth, she had fallen for him.

the tragedies were seriously too over the top! it was not only exaggerated but ridiculous that i found it impossible to connect with Ash. the story traveled between Ash's current life, that was working at a cafe and spending off days at home, and her past, elaborating especially on each and every of the death of her loved ones. it was maddeningly frustrating to read and it took me forever to finish! i had to force myself to read until the end, just to see if it was Ash or Luke that died. honestly, i was slightly disappointed that she didn't.

author: Natalie Ward
published: 2012
genre: Romance

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